I didn't know that was a "Hendrix chord". But I do believe that it plays a central role in the song Outside Woman Blues by Cream, so maybe look into that
If the madcap were here I bet he'd laugh
nicotine gum?! thats some srs bsns right thurr, its basically chewing PCP.
Old Spice - Assorted flavors.
What can I say, I'm a sucker for fun advertising.
Dimoxinil is better.
Vans Deferens
Otto von Van
El Burro
Big 'n' Veiny

edit: ^holy shit you already said Mcgillicutty, I should read things through more thoroughly... crazy yo.
Illuminati shit, 99% shit, garbage about how they'll never find love followed by a post a week later about how they've found "the one" followed again by a post-dump post (yeah, thats right) on how all wimminz is bitchez.
Alabama Shakes - Hold On? I hear it daily up here in Canada land, kinda Black Keysesque in a way.
Are you an american citizen or are you and your parents Snowbirds?
Maybe you could pull off some sort of: "in my country we don't buy into the whole imperial measurement propaganda" etc
Where I live, "boom boom out go the lights" is played on a daily basis on classic rock stations, I can't stand it personally.
Thats really all I have to contribute.
Well, you could maybe resell it back on craigslist for $100 if your lucky, but GC or a pawnshop is only going to pay $25 for something like that.
The Goodbye Girl, I've never seen the whole thing, but I remember a conversation about an episcopalian kangaroo... I mean, thats a win right there innit?
Quote by Sullinger
So, my friend has a Fender Pawn Shop '72, and I like it a lot. Enough so, that I've decided that I would like one myself. BUT, you know, basic guitar etiquette, I can't get it 'cause he has it. Anyways, does anyone know of any semi-hollow bodied guitars with a similar feel? I would prefer both a humbucker and single coil, but I don't need it.

shit I must've missed that memo.

Anyway, perhaps the 72 thinline reissue? although its a Tele, made in mexico, and 2 humbuckers... best I can think of.
only voter for Alex Mac representin'.
Gonna be honest here, I cheated... this was not the first, but goddamn its the best:

All the haters should go piss up a rope.
I think you are correct, those things listed do in fact exist.
El Moustachio
They go for what... $500 new?
$325 seems like a pretty average used price, not a steal of a deal, but if its what your looking for then the price is fine I guess.
Quote by Andalus
What exactly am I supposed to find amusing?

Lars on drums
Your recipe needs more üp-døg
^ And to hell with purple people. Unless they're choking, then help them.
Sees thread that I posted in months ago is active again, quip about necro-bumps, batman and the holiness within.
Behold, the chugalug 3000:

It's called a disco ball. You're neighbors are swingers and thats the international symbol for a car-keys party.
At first I was mad that House was pre-empted by Nascar, then all that shit asploded and now I'm cool with it.
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By the way, i live in the desert

Then the answer is simple:
Peyote Safari. (shrooms are an acceptable substitute)

1. bring water
2. go in desert
3. ingest psychedelics
4. get lost
5. ???
6. FIND INNER SELF!!! / profit
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Haha, I'm not a multi I have no idea who purplehaze is.

I thought it was a reincarnation of this thread:

.... and I jumped the gun and posted before reading.


I regret nothing.
Oh, its that time again is it?

Edit: nvm you're not a purplehaze multi (I don't think) .... ah well
Quote by Jackintehbox

Edit: Wait, shit! UNDER the forearms and OVER the shoulders. I'm a failure.

don't sweat it, thats still classy.
Quote by Jackintehbox

Good good,

now flip her legs under the forearms and over the shoulders,

Do it.
and a happy derka derka mohamed jihad to you too.
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Yup, except where you jack off, of course.

Find some cool glass jars (look at thrift shops, you're bound to find something awesome) fill them with water and put the inside of a highlighter pen inside and let the ink saturate the water. That looks cool. Especially under/in front of a light.

To add to this^; "tonic water", due to its quinine content, actually glows under black-lights... and is quite cheap and very cool.
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I think you're out of your element here...

Touché necro-bumper.
It's enough to make you wanna leave your home
It's the kinda sound that you can't leave alone
Enough to make you wanna get a bearcat of your own
And make him go...

Do the bearcat