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So, I'm getting my first tattoo today or tomorrow.
Sunday after graduation I leave for a cruise to the Bahamas.
My question is, could I go swimming with it by then?

you wont be able to no
youd be able to take showers...but PAT it dry after
got my feets done this weekend by Simon Erl
theyre really puffy at the moment
and i was bawling my eyes out when i got them done :S

. well i booked the Terror tickets before i planned on my feet and then the oppotunity came to get my feet done by Simon..and hes REALLY booked up. So i took it
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ill trade my chest for your arm!!


you gonna get your arm done to be similar in the future?
im getting my feet done in.....nearly 2 days:P

btw whats the best thing to do to keep them covered

im gonna wear like flats (shoes) so theyre really open...but im going to a show...and i dont wanna keep the clingfilm on coz it will slide off.

any suggestions?
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That is an amazing piece of artwork. Even with a high tolerance for pain, that would be pushing my limits for sitting in a chair. Congrats

it was weird the actual tattooists in the shop couldnt work out why i couldnt feel it haha

it was when he started colouring the ship in...THEN it REALLY started hurting...i couldnt take anymore

i really wish i could have ha
i wanted him to try a patch of sea...but if couldnt have taken anymore i would have been stuck with like one blue patch haha


to anyone else getting a chest piece...i REALLY wouldnt recomend trying to sit for six hours!!
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I'm getting STAY GOLD across my toes.

thats gonna hurt dude
i havent seen them since the new album though
i just sat through 6 HOURS getting my chest tattooed today

and i come back to find i have ANOTHER ****ing report to do for uni.....and its ALL got to be in tomorrow for graduation!
least i got to see them!
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Lookin awesome.

Whats under the boat?

cheeky git! :P

i was gonna say...water thats not ben coloured in yet haha

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I can't believe you could tolerate 6 hours of a needle over all those chest bones!

tbh i didnt really start noticing it too badly untill he did that shading on my sternum...and then we started with the colour and iwas like

"dude just start in the middle and get it over with"
he got as far as the ship and then i was physically shaking so i had to stop...i wanted to get it all finished but ..

he freehand drew it all as far as i didnt draw from any referances...poor guy was SO jetlagged getting back from japan, but he was up at 5 30 drawing it for me

6 hours later :P

still not done though
haha yeah i hope he remembers...he was really jetlagged today :S!!

i might just pop in around lunchtime tomorrow if he doesnt phone me and see whats happening
crazy CRAZY day
the guy i wanted to do my chestpiece messaged me this morning and he flew over from Japan (where hes been on tour) to say that he was coming back to the shop where i go for a few days....they didnt know it was a suprise getting my chest piece started tomorrow...i think its just gonna be the outlining, but ill get pictures up
my bf has his knuckles (both sets upper and lower)
his palm
back of his hand and both sides of his neck done

but hes doing joinery..hes an apprentice at the moment due to graduate around the same time as me

id like to get my hands

neck/throat done eventually.................waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay into the future
why do you want to rush into getting full sleeves?

you dont even know what youre going to be doing after you leave school yet!

sleeves will cost a BOMB

my half sleeve was £500
so i dont know where youre gonna find that kind of money
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Stop getting so much awesome ink!!!!!

its actually called "Being a spendahollic" LOL
anyone who is willing to tattoo minors is breaking the law and not worth going to

why do you just wait it out?
so many kids just rush into getting something coz they think its "cool" or whatever
honnestly if you wait it out....look around at some artists and save up...its totally worth it
im getting my feet done soon (2 weeks) by Simon Erl from Hope and Glory tattoo studio
he also works at Jane Doe in london which is where im going

hes a sxe vegan artist

im getting old school roses and then STAY on one foot and TRUE on the other...CANNOT WAIT!
lol i have a lionheart song as my profile song
and i talk to Simmo from The War quite alot ha

im getting my feet tattooed in 2 weeks by Simon Erl a famous sxe artist...he also did band work for a few hardcore bands

im getting old school roses with STAY on one foot and TRUE on the other
im getting my feet tattooed in 2 weeks
by Simon Erl !
oh haha i thought you were saying you got a tattoo
my bad
xafbx have split up now :/
(that was just a side comment)
i HATE that

Dai that happened to me one time before ¬¬
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yeah i got one yestrday

what did you get done?
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Yes! Awesome, win, awesome. I love it, I wish I had the balls to get my hands done, its not the pain, its just the job thing what does your bf do by the way? Whats his livelihood, or his plans for the rest of his life if you dont mind me asking?

erm he does joinery so he kinda works behind the scenes

he gave up ages ago...he already shot himself in the foot when he got the one side of his neck done LOL
hes got both sides now...and tons on his hands

thats the style im getting my chestpiece done in when the guy comes back to the uk from touring
i cannot WAIT!
lol at the answers

you missed out the ep
i havent had any
im getting writing on my chest in 2 weeks

my chestpiece done by Tyler from Blessed By a Broken Heart (in the autumn)

and my feet done by Simon Erl 23rd May

i cannot WAIT
i have SO much coming up

I have my writing on my chest in 2 weeks

my feet now by Simon Erl-Hope and Glory tattoo- www/myspace.comsimonxvxedge

and Tyler from Blessed By a Broken Heart is doing my chestpiece in the Autumn

he did this on my bfs hand

ah okies

you said you went to university with Alex Beard? I used to go to school with her, but she was a few years ahead of me

its a small world!
ahahahaha no i wasnt, but that made me laugh.

Wheres Craigo at these days?
all my friends drink (well actually, my bf doesnt)
i just join in....minus the drinking and everything
i still go to clubs and stuff
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does anyone know what the legal age to get a lip peircing is? because no one seems to know for sure...

should be 16 without parental consent

18 for genital piercings

(thats the UK)
id rather look like a skinny 12 yr old

than a fat 50 yr old looking blob
JxD those photos are awesome, looks like a great show
if i decide to break edge
its in a place where people wont see it
i dont see that happening any time soon

i think id be more ****ed having a huge X on my leg,arm or some where more visible

and im female. thank you, but this is about being straight edge, not my gender
laugh all you want
i dont really care

everyone has their own opinion
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I'm getting a history degree with a minor in classics. I doubt I'll be qualified enough to work in a cafe.

that made me laugh

im being a dork and going back to Uni again next year

6 years of uni altogether woo
ill be 25 then when i finish :/
a shirt?
which one

i got the long sleeved grey sweatshirt
dude stage one caught him...........BIG ow
dude thats ****ing awesome (the morissey picture)

i like For Today. i have a shirt of theirs

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Chill out. Jesus, people say all mods have a stick up their arse.

Dai does....and he likes it