kitten in a basket

i dont agree with dressing your pets up...theyre not babies or humans
cant remember who i was seeing, but i got a black eye once.........

from someone throwing a cup of water, it hit me square in the eye lol
dont fiddle with it, no matter how annoying/tempting it is to do so
that would be it, yes.
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yeah but dont worry its cool there'll hopefully be other times if youre up for it when youre less busy.

can you not get inks online or anything?

yeah i could. I'm gonna do that in future, but I needed some like right now.
I dont really have time to wait around for them to be delivered at the moment.

I need my book pretty much made by next Friday, and i still have 7 pages to draw up. Ha
looks like it was meanmrmustad
im just going by when the posts were posted
i saw a cd of theirs in HMV the other was tempting, cd collection is actually taking over my room now :S

its rediculous
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Does this mean I gotta beat myself?

errr no

i just mis read METAL as MEAT for some reason
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^ I was asking after both I'm going to stick to standard blue ink for now because I've heard from a lot of people that getting white ink somewhere were you get a lot of sun, it can go yellow =/

I'll look into the UV place though, cheers...

i THINK hes getting it at Seventh Day in Derby
well thats where hes got the rest of his sleeve started and i presume thats where hes getting the UV part done as part of it thats one of the guys and thats Tom's the guy doing my bfs tattoo, if you wanted to message him about it
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i read about this is hell and paint it black in revolver. im guessing kerrang covers metalcore stuff?

yeah they cover some pretty decent bands once in a while in Revolver
aw i wish i could draw some stuff for you, but i have this lame book to do
which i had to get a bus and travel for 30 mins to the next town to get ink for ¬¬

nowhere in derby sold drawing inks...i mean, what the hell!
i personally actually quite like them
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whatever happened to metal kids beating emo kids?

i totally miss read that as

whatever happend to the MEAT kids beating emo kids?
i got The First Steps cd today
havent listened to it yet.

Anyone else heard of them?
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That's the basic idea but I want to play around with it to make it look a bit more interesting first.

It's gonna be in blue ink ^__^

thats pretty!!

was it you who was asking about places that did UV tattoos...or was it white tattoos you were asking about?

If it was UV i found a place in Derby that does them. My bfs getting something done

if it was white tattoos...sorry still no lead on that one
no problem ha
glad to help
yeah Big Cheese is a good one

Revolver...occasionally has some hardcore bands in it, but theyre usually like mainstream, more well known ones
i like 'The Things We Carry' but im unsure about the new album
and yeah Caffiene isnt included in being edge

I personally chose not to take it in because it makes me pee alot LOL.
hahaha dude what did you do that for?

i havent eaten anything all day except for chocolate in various forms :S

OI dai! i most certain have NOT resorted back to being a baby thanx.. I shower everday and wash my hair every other day.

And our house even has a rota to clean the kitchen, bathroom, living room and put the bins out
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That's because Newport is a cesspool and the arse of the world.

yeah i can second that
my evening was topped off once by being followed by a guy with his head gashed open.....he later beat up the train guy who was trying to order us taxis.

second time i was there....some guy was threatening to bottle another guy
spending it with my mum and grandma
my dads got to be with my grandad, becuase he has to have major surgery and is gonna be in hospital for 2 weeks over xmas :/

whats the most random thing you've watched on tv?
i just looked them up for you
and theres a Jen and an Erica??

Jen Johnson-Bass/Vox


Erica Daking-Guitar/Vox
i dont have one. I dont like them

What are you doing for Christmas this year?
because i wouldnt have chosen to go to the show otherwise
i use shaving gel and shave
my legs and armpits
some werid music on a tv programme
aw sweet, i gotta wait till 31st jan

what you getting done?
i cant really think of any sorry
but im interested aswell if anyone knows of any.
If not....were gonna look like a bunch of dumbasses HAHA

oh well. I need a good laugh
i never really heard them before, untill i saw nfg

theyre pretty good. Heavier live than on the cd i think
i still think this kid is taking the piss
coz thats one of the funniest things ive heard this week
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I'm going to PWD on my own, and I'm pretty sure I'm seeing Carpathian/Verse on my own too. I don't care if I get beaten up and molested on the 2 hour train on the way home

i do. i dont wanna get raped thanx, thats why i dont go to shows on my own

just coming back from seeing NFG we had about every drunk possible in Ripley on our was horried.

And ive had bad experiences in Newport aswell
saliva would be ok....but i can think of a better lubricant to use than saliva though.
oh yeah rub it in LOL

i had my 80GB one for pretty much a year
last mont hwas when it started doing werid ****....its been completely fine untill then

thing is i dont know what to do. I didnt buy it, my mum did for me for xmas last year and she got it off amazon i think, Im guessing shes gonna have to fork out for a brand new one for me

my bf has gotten through about 5 aswell

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Skep: I use to used vit. E oil before I stopped using it and they ****ed up.

E45 cream works well aswell

massage it into your lobes
36 crazyfists for me

as you guys who already know me probably know HA
including my dedication towards them aswell