one of them xafbx
they just split

i wouldnt go crazy over them, but i liked them
i knew it was coming....but the shock still gets you, you know?

Im hoping to get it the 9th now instead
im not getting my writing on my chest done this weekend anymore :/

my grandad passed away this morning so i have to go home...i hope to get it the weekend after though


i dont know if you guys know the band Blessed By A Broken Heart?
Tyler (the bassist) came over to my friends shop for a week to tattoo
and hes coming back soon, so im gonna get him to do my chestpiece....i love his work so much. He did my bfs hand on fri. Its awesome
facebook is good to get photos off your friends if you've been for a night out etc
dont worry
my ex got a japanese sleeve done (which included a straight edge X on it so no drink drugs yeah?)

and it had some on it...but before he got them filled he got loads of people going

which is really actually quite ironic
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lol im on there right now
they're maple leaves

japanese maple leaves

japanese maple (real ones) have bright red leaves
that link doesnt show for me
university in the UK due to graduate in 3 weeks!!

im studying Illustration
whats with that Twitter crap?
LOL easy one


most people dont give a **** about the music...just that Ollie is covered in tattoos

**** i saw Emarosa a while back...and we were talking to them....and this girl comes up to my bfs friend and is like "are you signing stuff?"

he said no...were talking to Emarosa.

and they go "OMFG EMAROSA NO WAY!"

i still stick to myspace
i think its boring talking to people you already know. (on facebook)

Why not actually meet up with them?

i HATE that myspace is trying to become Facebook though.
Why not be completely different?
used one

as soon as you buy a new one and put it on the road
its value drops a HELL of alot

bane-swan song
ebay can be pretty good tbh

just have a browse
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Getting my first piercings tomorrow after work . I'm getting 6mm gauge piercings. One in each ear!

Anyone else just gone and had this sort of piercing done rather than stretching over time?
Will it hurt?

Still, am really looking forward to it!!!

dont get it started off at 6mm
thats HUGE, plus it will run the risk of scaring
and scar tissue is hard to stretch

get your ears pierced normally and stretch over time...its worth it, let them rest between stretches and massage them

plus stretching isnt a race to see who can get to 247892648732648mms the quickest
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i graduated 2 years ago and still work in a cafe. not to put a downer on anyones expectations of leaving education.

hey my friend graduated last year....and he still works in Sainsburies

BUT he go promoted the other day

big WOAH!!

im going back to my craft shop back home and living with my rents till january :/
dude thats ****ing impossible to decipher which band

its like looking for a needle in a haystack
erm crap i would give you the one i got my For Today shirt from but i forgot

oh i think its Merch Now

but also going to shows
a guy from my bfs work lost his middle finger...when i first met him i went to shake his hand and i saw it was missing and it was like.."dont look at the stump, dont look at the stump..."

I looked at the stump
thing is...all those bands even claim themsleves as being metal kids SURELY must know that ?
Simon who tattoos for Hope and GLory
has X V X tattooed on his finger webbing

that must have hurt like a BITCH

check it!

that was just after it got done though
its stayed in pretty good..getting it redone next saturday when i go for another tattoo sitting for some writing

(thats pretty big..sorry) and it is done straight, im just pulling my lip down wonky. He used a stencil and everything
i should update mine sometime
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high fives for me dropping out of college!

i graduate in june :/
i love his work, theres another french artist who does stuff like that

and mh400nt
Gerrys work is AMAZING hes in derby where im at uni
my bf started getting some work by him

hes good....but he tends to slag alot of other artists off whilst hes talking which gets annoying...i dunno

but his stuff is MINDBLOWING
so are his paintings and stuff
theyre shops got a nice atmosphere to and his wife is lovely

my bfs got praying hands done oneside (that really famous picture with the rosary beads???) its really good

and an angel that Gerry started to do for him

he wants Jeff Gogue to do his throat...trying to get a booking at the Derby convention...but he hasnt got back to him about that

i want to get another sxe piece done by the Simon who works for Hope and Glory...coz hes vegan/ would mean alot more
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Very nice! I like little odd tattoos like that (albeit maybe not for me haha), tongue tattoos are even cooler though!

Oh anyway i was browsing through a tattoo magazine the other day and saw this artist's stuff I liked, and it inspired me for my plan for my next home tattoo!

I think I may get this on the side of my calf area, sort of above the ankle

The right one is best really, especially as it would be hard to do block colour dot by dot. The heart i might wapp on someday though, but as somebody said to me "maybe a bit emo?"

haha thanx

was that artist a French guy by any chance?

mh400nt-youd get on with my bf so well...hes obessessed.
hes getting his other sleeve finally finished this weekend
but hes got both sides of his neck done

just got his chest and knuckles done last time
they say "SINK SWIM" and the lower ones say HANDSOME (hahhaa)

hes gonna get his hand done next time hes in on sunday
and he has his palm done...and other weird **** on his hands.

he wants Dawnii to do the other or Paul Smith
aussie_steedy i think you might need to re think
people will argue about them being hardcore or whatever but

the cruise-parkway drive
thats a lovely instrumental

and Bane have a few as well
for a scar like he said (and with it not being that deep) it should be ok to tattoo over
i think it is possible to tattoo over scars

but they just have to do it alot harder and probably with darker colours

i know people who have self harmed (and stopped) and got tattooed over it
im looking forward to hopefully seeing them next month

dont like the new album that much though
oh and hi guys

been a long time
is Dai still on here

is anyone going to the Terror show 24th May bham

trapped under ice and stick to your guns (and some other band i forgot) are playing

and bound by blood

plus local bands
long time since ive been on here guys

i got my lip tattooed about a month ago
and i had a sitting next weekend for some writing around my collarbones

i got my lip tattooed about a month ago with

but its been nearly 4 years for me now
i never saw that advertised anywhere
i got my half sleeve finished this weekend
ooh ooh have you put more pictures up?

I havent been on in ages to see
have they ever been to the UK?

If they did , it cant have been a big tour
DUDE my ex just told me (not dave) the one before (shut up Dai)


he just told me that his bands getting to play with No Turning Back on their Leeds show about nice one!
hey guys
sorry i havent been on ages! ive been busy with so much and i failed a module at uni

i have a tattoo sitting this weekend so ill get pictures up for you