personally i would say Plagues
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Yo help me out

lamb of god thread???

thats where
hey guys

sorry i havent been on in ages, whats been going on ?

I got my university results back for the term just gone and I failed one of my modules so im really bummed out about that, as if i dont have enough to deal with
cant wait
im so getting it
this bands great
im a pedo
but its actually spelt

Paedo-its Latin can spell it either way. my bad
chucked my water glass in the sink (which consequently smashed)

andpoured the water into the bin

The boy in the Striped Pjs- best book ive read and that was before it was made into a film


If you can get ahold of it...its VERY rare

"H the story of a child prostitute and drug addict" - its all about a real life story of a German girl who becomes addicted at age 9...and it goes through her life seeing many other children around her dying of it...its set in the 1970s and has been made into a film

getting an english copy is VERY hard
i managed to for quite cheap...but i knpw they go for like £70

I never got into American Gods...i found it very hard going
cant wait for the film of Coraline though!!
is the guy/girl who started this from the USA?
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Hey guys, i've noticed that I liked to consume salt, it's like a craving that comes in and I just have to have it. Is that normal? Is it unhealthy?

if you consume ALOT of salt everyday

yes thats VERY bad for you

£15 a month (you can pay more for more free minutes)

unlimited texting and i think its 200mins free a month

perfect for me

AND you get orange wednesdays..FREE cinema on a wed

i was with T mobile before and they had some VERY good offers too
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Zero-Hartman - 26
redh0tchillip3pp - 17
Minkaro - 16
Fishyesque - 4
La Qotsa - 6 hurt (ive never seen them post)
LMAFO i only jsut realised what you ment by B and Q

all this time ive been reading it as BBQ
and i couldnt work out why you wanted to go to one in this weather


blonde moment for sure (i am actually naturally blonde)
yeah theyre not very preachy about it, you dont really realise untill you read alot into the lyrics

most are about Brandon and some girl using him in school

theyre really good friends with Throwdown aswell, and i think Brandon appears on their live DVD
i have one of their older cds

but im not really a big fan
yeah i really hope i can get it done
but the holidays gonna cost near £3000!!!

then theres the cost of getting to london/fiding somewhere to stay/ and getting the tattoo

i think im gonna have to wait till next year :/
er family friends bf(that all counts as one to me)

and my to rabbit ive had since i was one...ive had him 20 years now

and ive tken him EVEYWHERE..all the holidays ive been on...both schools ive been to ive put him in my bag (he just comforts me, and makes me feel safe)
lame as it sounds

im usually thinking about my bf and how much i miss him
dont cheat on your gf in the first place

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it varies depends on your tollerance
and well body. Skinny people will find it worse

Lower back isnt that bad actually

collar bone, dip of the elbow/elbow, feet, ribs (theyre pretty bad), and especially palm (thats the worst) are all painful

but any tattoo is going to hurt if you have a good few hours on it, something small wont hurt at all really
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Argh D:

What date is it compared with the dates you go to and from America?

welll actually
my bf told me the convention is in Sept and ill be back then....its jsut a case of getting down to london :/

I Dont Love You
when you get a Japanese tattoo with Kanji in it...MAKE SURE THE KANJI SAYS WHAT YOU WANT IT TO SAY CORRECTLY!
bleeding through are pretty much an edge band

the song "rise" is about being edge

and "city of the condemned"

im pretty sure on "this is love this is murderous" one of the live songs (bonus) one of those songs is about being edge aswell

i lost my cd so i cant check
dude theres a ton of threads on them

you cant have been searching right :/
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^^^ Oh damn when else could you see him?

no where lol
he doesnt go anywhere else except london

ill have to hope that he comes again in 2010...knowing my luck, he probably wont
alright guys break it up!!!
i like it when bands do the odd accoustic song

it can see more emotional then

(god i sound emo, shoot me.)
im aries but im more like Taurus
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A polystyrene carrot.
No idea why...


i wouldnt even know where to go to find one of those
french or spannish
coz theyll be of most use to you
coz then i could reach/see things ive never been able to before
i voted "your mom"

the other two sounded a bit too enthusiastic either way
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Then when I go swimming I can freak everyone out

"d00dz got less toez!"
"Sweet huh?"
"by golly yes it is"

he said no toes or fingers
i know they wont

but i cant put my cds anywhere else

ive moved to 3 houses in 3 years :S

hopefully im gonna look at something more permanant at the end of the year....when i move...>AGAIN
a sweet from the pick n mix in woolworths LOL

7 1/2 stone
about 98lbs
and 44kg
btw..people who have HUGE collections

how do you store yours?

ive had to take mine out of the hardcases and put them in the soft like plastic pockets

and i have them all in a huge box, but im still running out of space :S

i dont know what to do, coz im at uni, and never in the same house for more than a year
dont go looking

theyll come to you when the times right