LOL over 800
i message Zsolt on myspace last night about my geisha
hes gonna be at the 2009 convention

he seemed really into it aswell

so was i........................till i got "the lecture" from my mum¬¬
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i was about to say the same thing, ha

im sober and eating a packet for crisps and raw pasta...

i reall dont get the edge kids who go around inflicting it on others

thats not the point of being edge, i dont know why its come down to this.
i have their album

great band
Philli is philadelphia

BUT people usually abreviate it as Philly

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Just a general wondering for all you tattoo guys in here.

how old were you all when you got your first one?

Did you go by the local law? or did you do it before you were allowed to?

Im 17, and im planning on getting my first one in March sometime, what do you all reckon?

i was 20 (i am 20) and i started my half sleeve#
i waited because i didnt want to rush into anything just coz i was legal to get one

i think too many kids nowadays rush into getting them coz theyre "cool"

it makes me sad seeing so many underage kids getting them nowadays...all those tattooist should be shut down for allowing it
that sounds an awesome show
thats the album of theirs i dont have
i need to get it at some point

( i already have another 5 cds waiting for me when i get back to uni :S
i gave up counting how many cds i have and i always get yelled at my rents for having too many
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What's up with all the bands with x's in their name? Jesus.

because the X symbolises being straight edge

was this a joke?
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does anyone know if kuri sume ink is vegan?

i dont know dude i was just looking

but its "sumi" not sume
haha sorry ive jsut been doing alot about japanese prints recently
and the ink the use is caleld "sumi" ink

but a lot are picking up "Kurro Sumi"

i found this though

i dont know if its any help
btw bit late

but the new album is awesome i really like it
Reva Should Be On 45 Not 4!! LOOK AT THE PREVIOUS PAGE!
^^Reva should have 45 on your list
i dont know if i did this already

but Univeristy of Derby
i have one term left
im studying illustration
smb - 15
Metaldud536 - 28
Gunpowder - 27
freedoms_stain - 32
RevaM1ssP1ss - 44HEAL
noxiosimitator - 16
Xiaoxi - 8
Jackal58 - 22
Jack Off Jill - 15
Portuguese_boy - 7 HURT
Kiyiko - 22 DEATH
Wiggyisgreat - 9
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Yeah.. I'm posting in it.. ?

oh haha

just after i posted that above thread
i did search and this was the only one that came up

but i couldnt be bothered to edit my post
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I've got 'Dedicated To Babies Who Came Feet First' and I think I've listened to it maybe five times at most. It's no Ice Grillz but then again I don't think it was meant to be.

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beci caught cold world sometime last year when they came over

up in leeds
i wish id got to go

oh and yeah Dai thats the one i was meaning

i dont have the other cd by them though
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ive got a question concerning tattoos. If i ever get one (possibly more than one) i'd like to get it/them on my arms. My arms aren't exactly asian arms, in other words, kinda hairy. Not INSANELY hairy, but enough to where it wouldn't let the tattoo look as good. So my question is if i get a tattoo on my arm, would i have to keep my arms shaved or something? also, if i shave my arms before getting the tattoo, would the hair coming back disrupt the tattoo itself at all?

thank you for your time, i appreciate it

it wont affect it

but it is best to keep shaving the area of your tattoos....becuase well it makes them stand out more, and looks better#

but they will shave you before they tattoo, becuase whilst tattooing even the tinyest hairs can effect how the ink goes in

but its fine afterwards

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Yeah the neck sounds nasty....I would love to get mine done, but for now, working at a law firm, I have to keep it below the shirt level

hahaha errrr yeah i can see their point
i guess hand tattoos are out for the moment aswell then
yeah theres been lots

theres even one a few above yours about their new song
i think theres a thread on them already dude

but theyre a really good band
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Twice that I've seen them and I think once that I missed. So in short, yes.

Anyone want to hook me up with the new album?

i actually have it?

the one with the kid with the dog??

they have it in powerplay in hereford i think
this is one of my favourite bands at the moment

i have the album, its awesome
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Had my elbow tattooed....its not AS bad as people make out, but its definitely not fun! It was worse in the evening afterwards actually. Ill post pictures when its not swelled up like a tennis ball.

ooh yeah i heard that can be bad

my bf said his hurt

oh you got more done!! i cant wait to see it when the swellling goes down

hes not looking forward to getting the other side of his neck done...the first time with the othet side, he got a massive headache from it
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i think poison the well is comin out with a new album as well so i'm excited about that

that will be awesome because Versions cmae out in 07...its time ofr another album from them

plus theyre touring with 36cfs in maybe they will use that as promotion
i saw them years ago! they were so good but i forget who it was with though
i SWEAR bun dem out noooo they didnt
some famous london band came and played hereford once it really awesome because hereford so tiny

oh it was My my cross to bare forget that
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lol that reminded me of when I got lots of snow a while back but I was ill. I was standing stark naked, all dreary with a camera in my hand at the window. (Y)

Has anyone used at all?
I tried it tonight, you need an Adobe ID. (you have to use it when downloading trails for Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

I don't know how much things you can do on there because my PC's to slow to get anywhere with it. It has a 2GB upload thingymabob though and edit menus!

i managed to buy a student edition of photoshop CS3
it was about £19 i think no it must have been more than that.....anyway its great coz i can have it permanantly on my laptop now

and also install it on one other computer
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I got this finished a couple years ago. It was originally a lithograph that my grandfather did in the late 1920's.

that is beautiful

i love lithography
weve done i bit on my uni course but no where near as good as that haha
Ringworm are playing 2 days before im back in derby
shes getting there, but she went to the doctors today....and hes completely stumped

i just really hope its nothing more serious and theyre overlooking it
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It's just vinyl, not vinyls. It's already plural.

oh ha my bad

is that one of those words where its the same for the singular and pural then?
yeah i could if i wasnt in my last term of uni
which is gonna be NUTS
i need as much free time as i can get this term:/

then theres never any bloody trains back ¬¬
i saw Sworn enemy were planning a UK tour soon
ice wanted to catch them for a long time, but theyre not playing anywhere near

its like scotland middlesbrough sheffield (kind of nearest) and london
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XCount Me InX: I really like those. The colours in the bottom one give the photo a nicer feel to it but still looks wintery. I didn't get a chance to get wintery pictures.

I'm going to learn to give more in-depth crits. :/

yeah i wish the sky had been like clear blue
so that it would have given more definition between that and the tree

i wish i could have gone outside, but i was still recovering from flu, but i desperately wanted to try out my i was hanging out the bedroom window taking them HAHA
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That's pretty but.... but.... buffalo? ;__;

i had a plug made from either buffalo horn or bone i cant remember
ive never worn it though, coz i got the wrong was too small

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Red is the only ink they are unable to make hypoallergenic. So some people are allergic to it and cannot take it. I only have black work so I don't know how well I can take it yet.

ahh that must be it then
i wonder why they cant make it so people arent allergic to it :/
DUDE im so so sorry :/

ive been worrying about my mum aswell
she got really sick new years eve and shes still not better

shes been getting severe headaches and like distorted vision and hallusinating

weve had the doctor out 2 times
its been a week now, and shes not any better, the only thing making her better is really strong painkillers, which technically isnt doing anyhting

man im so sorry to hear that :/
when i get back to uni and see how much money ive got

i might order a few more
i have a rediculously long list of vinyls i need to get
i cant remember the dates

alkaline trio 14th feb
A day to remember 23rd feb ( I THINK)

then im seeing Emarosa and 36cfs /w poison the well and Gwen Stacy
i think the names Brock and Alex are nice names for guys

and for girls i love the name Ivy
haha some random links there
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Yeah it was crazy up here last night. It actually burst the cold water in-pipe on my grandads house. The place is a serious state.

OH NO!! thats one of the worst things

My dad was going around insulating all the pipes down the cellar with socks the other night HAHA

i think our heating comes on automatically if it gets below a certain temperatuer though, so were good


oooh Dais getting a bit chubby these days
HAHA im kidding

im still about 7 1/2 :/