im in my 3rd year doing illustration at the University of Derby

1) How many lectures do you have a week and how much free time do you have? Is it all down to how well you manage your time?
2) What about guitar playing? Do you find time to practice? Does your amp bother your roommates or neighbours?
3) Food: are you served lunches, or do you have to cook/lurk for burger joints yourself?
4) The stereotype is that students are always poor, even if they have a job. How true is this? Or does this depend on the individual and how well he/she manages their munneh?

1)i get ALOT of free time now that im a 3rd year
in the first and 2nd years we used to get one full day off and then a few half days
it varies depending on your course

2)i dont take my bass to uni
in halls i think its a bit dodgy
in a house you can get away with it, but becaful of the neighbours, you dont wanna fall out with them

3)at my uni its all self catering, you can order food in and stuff (pizzas chinese etc)
get in with some of your housemates and one of you can cook for everyone each night.
I live of pasta and baked potatoes
OR i make enough of one thing to last 2 days
and then you can have microwave meals aswell
SOME unis provide dinners
lunch- is served at all our campuses

4)it depends how much you wanna blow really
they will look at your financial needs depending on your parents income
and you will get some kind of grant usually
you do need to budget a bit and take things easy

i dont have ajob, i cant work it between my course, although id love to
and for the first two year becuae my dad earned too much i didnt get much from the government, and even now i have to live off money my rents give me.
i get £320 a month and usually go £100 over drawn

GO WITH NATWEST, theyre honnestly the best bank for students.
i took these the other day outside my bedroom window with my new camera
(it was the first time id used it, so sorry if theyre not so good)

this is up to our garden from the front door
nope never im not a slut

and i think sex is something special that should be shared between you and the on person you love
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I designed my own tattoo last year, I wanted it to be a mix of my two passions in life - hunting, and playing guitar.

I would get it on my right upper bicep, total length would probably be around 3-4 inches.
I think it turned out pretty good, what do you guys think?

EDIT: I have to wait until at least March 22 to get it, because my state doesn't let anyone under 18 years old get a tattoo, even with parental consent But once I can get it, it's a high priority lol

that much detail that small wont work

it will merge over time and become a blob

Quote by nebiru
Some tat artists suck or use crappy ink and they don't heal or stick well. If it's crappy ink then it will look washed out even though its fairly fresh.

Also, everyones body heals and accepts ink differently.

yeah and red ink (especially if used for outlines or thin lines) is a bitch to heal
alot of people have problems with it. Usually it just stays raised for ages.

mines healed quite quickly saying that

it must be the pigments they use in it
i have about 5/6 now haha
i only just started

but im playing it down. My rents alreay go nuts about my cd collection, so when they hear about the vinyl collecting, i'll probably get yelled at
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Haha, you would die and leave a hard, frozen corpse doing my job!

youre about as skinny as me ACTUALLY
and youd be mean and probably run me over aswell, just to add to the effect of it ¬¬

it got to -13 in errr Sennybridge last night
i got their cd late last year

good band
no dude
i wish i could, but i live really far from there
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emarosa (their old album), The Devil Wears Prada, Oceana....thats all I got for now.

im seeing emarosa soon#
theyre my bfs favourite band

unfortuately theyre playing with youmeatsix ¬¬
Quote by nz_matt
They just toured Aus a month ago. And it was as if they'd never split up. haha

i hope they come to the uk again, but i doubt it
i thikn that might be it for good now
that picture needs to be resized me thinks
haha not unless you want sheet ice over it no
i was working in that art shop untill saturday

even though i had the heater on full and the one near me, my feet were like blocks of ice all day

ive got chillblains now and they itch/hurt like hell
oh no thats been added to my collection
i got it for xmas

sorry i should have said
HAHA i LOVE that line. Thats gotta be my favourite in that song

thats a good question though.
hey Dai
bracing yourself for the "BIG FREEZE TONIGHT"

i heard Brecons gonna get to -9/10

Hereford they said was -9
I think id say Bold and Judge for me

oh yeah and Gorilla Biscuits of course

have they split for good? coz they did that tour last year
yes i have all the knuckle dust albums
no ninebar stuff yet. i cant find any

well i could get it off Rucktion

I have a six ft ditch album
and i wanna get some TRC stuff

hey guys
i have to add 12" limited throwdown

clear grey limited to 250
to my collection now
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I would gladly do it..... although I'm sure it comes as no surprise

I was wondering about a new thread sometime soon, s'a fairly large thread and all.

i think thats a good idea
but i think this one should be kept, but locked or soemthing
otherwise, to some extent were all just gonna be repeating ourselves over and over
yeah every artist charges differently
Quote by Robbie n strat
Right up until I was 10 or 11, me and my friends would have contests to see who could wee the furthest in the school toilets. We'd stand about 10 feet away from the urinals and wee from there. The place always smelled of piss, unsurprisingly.

When I was around 7 or 8, we had a swimming lesson once a week at school. In the changing rooms we'd all jump around so our dicks and balls bounced all over the place, which we found hilarious. We'd also grab the end of our penises and pull them between our legs, then we'd either close them to make it look like a females bits, or leave them open so that a testicle would hang from either side, making it look like some sort of alien.

Another thing which has come to my mind, but isn't really "horny", is that I used to shit along my back street. It was hilarious when it got blamed on peoples dogs.

There was a girl in the year below me when I was around 7 or 8, who when asked to show you her fanny, would happily do so. Me and a friend made the mistake of asking her outside her house, with her mother watching through the window. We've never ran so fast.

this is one of the funniest things ive EVER read

mine when i was at school were main regualr kids
Jake used to be hot

but i dont know now...hes kinda gone downhill a bit to me
i think im not that bad
i come out better in black and white than colour though

that sounds REALLY vain
i dont particularly "dig" them on guys
the guy who plays Sean Slater in Eastenders
Robert Kazinsky


to carry on being edge (4 years this year)
get more tattoos

but mainly to start a diary and keep it
lame as it sounds

a 1860s childrens book when i was in florida for $9 and its worth $90

and a 1st edition enid blyton for £10 wroth £70
i cant WAIT to get my lip tattooed

its booked for 18th april
but my bfs pretty friendly with one of the tattooists in derby so we go there for like 'after hours' sessions, so im hoping i might get it done before then
i listen to some bands that are christian#
well i found out there were Christian afterwards

but im not bothered
haha tattoos and piercings always make good presents

that shouldnt effect that fact that you like their music
music i think is a big part in a relationship

and me as a girl i always do look for guys who have a similar music taste to me
OOH OOOH i was an expert at this one

click your ankles (usually works best in a room that echos)
build a ****ing tower from your stationary
line up all your penciles etc in height order
trip up the teacher as they walk past (oops)
add to the messages already scribbled on the desk about how bored you are and how the exam sucks
i did **** all

went to bed at 10, then i was on here till about 12

then read and went to sleep

fun fun
happy new year from Hereford in UK hahaha
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ok for my next piercing i'm getting my tongue done...i don't know what this piercing is called but my piercer did this piercing.... just wondering on the healing time and how i would take care of it.

Theyre called VENOMS

and you should be told aftercare for it at the piercers
if you dont ask about it .

If they dont tell you thats pretty bad practice
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I get a BME account... and they're not letting me sign up to IAM because there are too many members.

i tried to join once and they said my photos werent good enough

so i gave up
dear god tonights so boring