limmited throwdown vinyl from bf, blue planet series on box set

and then my main presents were a new camera and phone
and a £50 note which was awesome coz ive never seen one before
i read all my emails everyday
but its usually junk so it gets deleted right away
that would be too many letters

over time it will mege into a mess

im getting xXx inside mine 18th april WOO
i was wait thats warped tour, never mind
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Preordered tickets for them, TDWP, and SEA on April 18th

day before my birthday haha

i cant wait to get my lip tattoo then

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I cant name a band i hate more than ADTR

Edit: Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne isnt a band, hes a solo artist :P

I personally love his stuff but hey
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riiiiight, i have a question. i have a tattoo all set, and some ideas of where to put it, but im afraid that it will hinder me getting a job in future. where would be a good place to have it. by the way im a guy, and the proffession is mechanical engineering

well my bfs in the joinery industry
and well he gets picked on by people at work
but generally the dont mind

and hes pretty covered

but then...joinery is like a "behind the scenes" kind of job

but maybe some part of your chest. Well torso, becuase that can still be easily hidden.

Or you could go for half sleeves like im doing. You can still cover those, and then it leaves your arms open for extention in the future if you wish so.
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my brother had flu yesterday, didnt open his presents.

he gets them today though. plus another turkey dinner tomorrow, woo.

yeah i felt like ****, but i was like "i cant not open my presents" ha
i was starting to get better yesterday
but ive had the whole temperature and aching thing
yeah i know but....i PERSONALLY just find it really extreme

same goes for suspension aswell (is that how you spell it?)

i think tattoos and piercings are ok but thats as far as id go personally.
i wouldnt be prepared to put myself through all that pain for something
i seriously hate scarifications

i know its up to the individual......but WHY? :S
sorry i havent been on in AGES guys
ive had flu
been ill since monday

my bf got me the 12" of Throwdowns Haymaker for xmas limited to 250
pretty pleased with that
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I got my septum pierced a week and a day ago.

I'm in love with it, more than I thought possible, and i felt like sharing.

yeah dude get some pictures up
Sigur Ros are so relaxing to listen to
grr i have a throat infection
errr sounds like thats infected dude
take it out and use salt water soakes

you may need ti go back down again :/

that happened to me and it was NOT nice

and Reva

i guess so, and also that youre walking on your feet all the time, it wouldnt get a chance to heal
er no not quite yet...i think hes going 13th feb when he goes to get the rest of his sleeve finished, but you can tell where the inks gonna lift

they really have to whack it in HARD. For some reason ink doesnt take well to palms
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I've always enjoyed Jose Gonzales for my nigh nigh soundtrack.

i LOVE his stuff so much

mine would be Damien Rice
he needs to get it touched up, parts are getting rejected

believe me......IT HURTS................ALOT

bf getting palm tattoo

palm tattoo complete

haha "Under my umbrella ella ella EY EY"
it hasnt been long for me and my bf
but we can definately see ourselves together in the future, which will probably lead to marriage

either way i want to get married
My bf got his palm tattooed yesterday

it looks ****ing AMAZING
but he was whimpering so bad
most painful place you can get tattooed :/

we filmed him haha
Tom (the tattooist) was putting all his body weight on his fingers coz your natural reaction is to curl them up, but Liam was still managing to fight him off HAHA

hes getting "Stay gold" around it
and getting the other palm done hopefully when he goes for touch ups on the first

when he uploads his pictures ill put one on here

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I just got a tattoo and was wondering a bit about after care. Before putting ointment on 3-5 times a day should I clean it with soap each time?

for the first few days i would
use warm soapy water
id put some on a flannel and GENTLY dab at it

and what game?
theyre awesome

the new albums great aswell
yeah he is.

He had a serious operation to remove his lymph nodes coz they got infected
and hes been doing well

but now for some reason hes stopped eating and their having to feed him with a tube :/

which means
ill have to sneak in later and add it, i hope i dont get caught or ill get disquallifed
my dads not even gonna be here
hes gonna be with my grandad who just had a major operation, and is now refusing to eat, so they have to feed him with a tube :/
Anyone else but me like them?

theyre hardcore/southern rock from Alabama
are dude i HATE that on ebay

i usually linger around for the last like hour or so
i got this really rare book on there once and there were like 14 people bidding for it
i have 7 and a half sleeve
i think they suit me
other beg to differ
so what.
everyone likes to be different.

my bf has huge ear gauges and is heavily tattooed which i love, others dont

its peoples tastes

some people hate tattoos others dont
the royal variety performance thing on BBC1
i want that kinda of area done on me, but i dont know what yet

plus i dont know if i want kids yet or not, so i dont want to ruin it
thats the first band my rents went and saw as a couple

and they couldnt hear for a week after LOL

and yeah his black and grey work is STUNNING
i want him to tattoo me SO bad
my tickets for next feb came the other day
theyre a good band
and i cant believe theyre still going
Mum coz im English and we spelling it MUM
****ing hell
not another one

from the past ones weve had

size C is what most guys like
lower stomach???

groin is where your leg goes into the socket connected to your pelvis
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you can get a licence to own a gun. Like game hunters and what not.

my dad had to get a license for his antique disarmed guns ¬¬

had the ****ing police around in their squad cars and florecent jackets and everything :S
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Are you all talking $ or £ ?

My first car (and current unfortunatly) was £1900

yeah i dont know what mine is in $ either haha
yeah he wont do his full one ever does
well hardly