it always has been for many years, why should we change it now?

we dont make people of other religions change the names of the festivals they celebrate
ive only ever had one car
and it bought it for £3000 about 4 years ago
im so pleased they found the ****er

apprently he still shows no remorse when he was being convicted
my friends hotmail got hacked

ive been ok thank god
but im now using Firefox

ive been using IE coz my firefox kept freezing and shutting itself down
haha if you got a barcode say (of a tin of beans)

and it was done exact.....would it actually scan?

man the weather here today has been SO depressing
its just been dull and wet ALL day :/
and you could atleast have put a link in with your first post
i dont have aim sorry dude

only msn
thought it would be a too long post
this is some of his work. SO ****ing beautiful

Quote by DigUpHerBones
Lionel Out of Step

I will go to France for my blue flower


I think he wants him to do the tooth on his other palm

Theres a guy from Hungary whos work i fell in love with. He does the most beautiful realistic geisha....but i cant afford to go to Hungary to get work done, so imma wait to see if he comes to a convention in the UK

hes called
Zsolt Sarkozi from Dark Arts studio
i LOVE his black and grey work, and usually i HATE black and grey i think thats the site but i need ****ing flash player 7 or some bollocks to view it

he does ALOT of religous work
yeah i think you need parental consent if youre under 16 and want your ears done
i dropped my bass on my foot once
bloody hurt!
^ and boys
i was thinking this for quite a while actually
i ALWAYS buy my cds
mine were
Coldplay-X and Y
Gwen Stefani-sweet escape
id go for the dawn of the dead one
Quote by Mistress_Ibanez
Has he had it done yet? it sounds cool...

not yet no, hopefully thursday

i wont be able to hold hands with him though

and my bf said hed pay for it
theyre good, but it really shouldnt be in this section
dear god i hope the moderators understand my disertation
even IM getting confused with it LOL

and got my lip tattoo booked in for my bday and my bfs gonna pay
^i read that as "i touch my dad" AHAHHAA
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It even seems like the hole on the insde of the lip is higher than before...Is it migrating ? I'm freaking now !!! If it did do i have to remove it? Or is it a one off thing ? The hole on the outside doesn't look like it has changed. The piercing is like sloping, the outside is lower than the inside.

if you got pierced with rings

then thats normal
the holes are goning to gradually tear because of the shape of the hoop

when i say tear that sounds ALOT more dramatic than i really mean

the holes kind of bend to fit the curve of the ring
uni work
endless browse tinypic
Quote by GodofGuitar1991
Fahrenheit 451

ahaha that was amazing

"I decided to write about Fahrenheit 452 for a change"
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Does this happen to anyone else? If I start to think about the fact that I'm breathing, I have to manually breathe instead of my body doing it automatically. If I try to forget about it, It starts to become more and more annoying until I feel like I'm gonna break something. And if I don't consciously make an effort to breathe, I just stop breathing until I start to make myself do it again. Am I alone?

I do that with my walking

back in school i got told by the nurse that i need to put my heels down when i walk

now i always think about it when i walk, and i get really paranoid
why lol

im quite worried
im glad Chris Hoy won it

i personally felt he deserved to
berks my favourite word

always makes me laugh
i have a thing for beards and sideburns
so i voted other
i dont agree with this
ive had 3 bfs and only slept with one
and i dont go around sleeping with people
well im female

but i think beards on guys

well facial hair, is attractive

but i dont mean like full on bushy old mans beards
it wouldnt get infected that quickly i dont think

its probably coz its still quite fresh and the jewelry spinning around in the night probably didnt help

keep using salt water solutions on and it dont fiddle with it
thats so not fair
i wanna go out but damn uni works keeping me in
i liked the artwork for Suicide Party

simple, but effective
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I recognise Count Me In more than you


*feels special*
i THOUGHT that was a BS song (war pigs)

this band i listen to called Freya covered it
is it me or are there ALOT of Canadians on here?

(thats not a bad thing by the way)
Llloyds tsb advert/ X factor
i cant!
i have no camera and i dont know how to upload from my phone
i tried before and it wont do it

you guys will have to wait till after xmas i guess :/

I did a kinda of tattoo flash Virgin Mary with 3 roses surrounding her and like this weird swirly stuff coming from her mouth