apparently its 3C here right now

feels WAY WAY colder...feels below 0

oh this is Derby UK
i cant be arsed wasting like 579539857 hours of my life TRYING to find an avatar that will fit haha

AND im must be one the of only ones on here WITHOUT one....that makes it easier to remember....haha i kid
lol no ones remembered me even though ive posted pretty regularly since April
i couldnt list all the ones ive been to
i cant even remember them all

yes you will have to take it our for surgery

i think its standard procedure

oh its no where near your head im not sure
i think you have to take off all jewelry though for hygine reasons
i got told i look like the vocalist by someone on here once :S

ok im not looking forward to that so much now

but poison the well are supporting aswell, so that should be ok
OMFG i dont wanna sound like im being bigheaded

but i just put the picture i did for Liam in its frame

and it looks so ****ing amazing...i nearly started crying about it :S

im so proud of it
hahaha thats one of the funniest things ive read all day!
haha Kensai i think

Geez hes had alot of proposials on here

a few times ive come on here and people have been talking about them haha

Quote by Mistress_Ibanez
Whats the significance of an umbrella?

i have no bfs mind works in mysterious ways lol
he wants a like "Pop Art" tooth done on the other palm

Im sure it means something to him, all his tattoos mean something
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Just realised who you quoted. They've been split up for quite a while now haven't they?

Who what where ?
Quote by nebiru

Every shop and artist is different.

yeah they usually are

and sometimes you can pay large ammounts to book a whole day, which i want to do, but cant afford :/

i THINK dont quote me on this...most tattooists in the UK charge £60 an hour/

my bfs getting his palm tattooed next Thursday. Hes getting an umbrella done on it haha
i head alot of stuff from it off their Myspace

it hasnt grabbed me as sounds the same as alot of other bands out there to me.
im getting to see them when i see 36cfs with poison the well

should be good, ive never really heard any of their stuff before
good band. i like them
Quote by waldorphPRS41
I just finished my final essay for my last class. No school for me again until Jan. 15.

lucky ****]
i dont finish till next fri

then i have to come back 20th jan

im not sure when we actually start though...i should really find that out haha
i think if theyre born in captivity its ok
All in
Down to nothing
Everytime i die
Get Back up
Left for Dead
New Found Glory
Open Hand
Parkway Drive
Raised Fist
Sworn Enemy
Ten Yard Fight
Warriors (the)
Youth of Today
my favourite band Himsa (RIP)]
the singer John gets in a fight with some dickhead
lol Exit Ten tommorrow....................................................................woo
Quote by badgerific
I lol'd, pretty strange tattoo though

best tattoo ive seen, was a guy got is body tattooed to look like someone had done an autopsy on it.

and my bfs hoping to get the palm of his hand tattooed next week.. Cant WAIT to see that
Quote by kryptonite22
just got pulled over for overtaking a bus at 65 in a 30 zone, somehow managed to pass the breathaliser and the copper could easily have taken 6 points off my licence but for some reason decided not to.

bit of a wake up call i guess.

edit: will watch your film later jordan but im tired and family guy is calling me.


i miss my car
My dad keeps driving it, and he has to go see my grandad alot in Norfolk
so i STILL wont get it when im home ¬¬
Fanta for meee

but the red one
i agree with kryptonite on both accounts haha
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I've posted it several times. It's a wolf.

ooh yeah i remember that
i didnt realise it was on your shin though
Quote by PiNk_ThE_pUnK
All the merch at the NFG show was stupidly over-priced. That record was probably £20, the t-shirts were £20 and hoodies were £30. Fuck that!

my shirt was 15 they reduced the prices coz it was the last date of the tour :P

but yeah i think the record was about 20
i thought you were gonna put one up of your shin tattoo

what is it by the way?
i would too
err i think it was four years strong who had one for sale at the nfg show
i was gonna get it, but we had to rush for the bus and the queue for merch was HUGE

id get alot more but........i perfer not to buy online coz i always get carried away, and there arent any vinyl shops in Derby, only in Notts
Quote by Mistress_Ibanez
*looks at bony wrists*

Ooh, can't wait.

3 days, by the way.

Yes I am going to post 2 days tomorrow, and 'omg omg' etc the day after. Just feel grateful it's 3 days away and not 3 weeks

i REALLY wish i hadnt read that

i have a HUGE phobia or wrists, even the word sends shiers down my spine
i need to save my money SO bad
but i buy way too many cds...i dont even wanna know my total now.

Sometime last year was when i last counted and it was over 400!!!!
****ing love them

not so sure on the new stuff though

the split with the Red Barron was ace too
reach the places that you cant quite reach
(oh this was to Gremlins)

i like both, theyre both disturbing but jeffs stuffs got like a softer friendlier feel to it.

I really want that book haha...well xmas is coming, hopefully ill get a bit of money maybe.
to guitar

1) get up....usually around 11 45 AM!
2)go and check the post in PJS
3) SOMETIMES have breakfast/get ready
4)go into town, usually to buy food shopping, but i end up getting distracted and end up spending money i DONT have.
5)make lunch and sit down to watch Neighbours
6) Start uni work (usually about 2 10pm)
*7)do work till about 5 30
*8) make dinner
9)Potter about on TINTERNET
10)2/3am BED

*steps7/8 variy on wednesday. At 4 10pm i go and meet up with my bf and go to a coffe shop and drink hot chocolate with him till he gets the bus home at like 8 30