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You can break a table committing acts of filth on top of it.


you can try a new sexual position

Pineapple upsidedown cake"


you can "rain in blood" to it


edit my laptop was being SO slow at posting...that was to the Slayer CD
jesus christ some of you guys out there are really specific haha
better way to get rid of a boner than having sex

a sheep
i didnt do it.
Because my boyfriend ordered them to his NER lol

and Kryptonite22 no that was a guy called Jeff Soto
hes just let out a book aswell, I want that one too haha
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Who's Kensai?

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Some homo.

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this gay swedish photographer

with a peado tash

I dont fit anyones criteria
well i have a posh english accent.................i have my boyfriend anyway
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Acording to Kerry King the one on the top of his head was the worst, followed by the ones on his fingers.

I also hear elbows.

yeah elbows hurt

especially the dip of the elbow
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whos alex pardee?
hes done stuff for In Flame, The Used errr lol Aiden, but i just love his artwork

and craigo and dai

you could also do you know they didnt do it? Might have been one of their cureors( cant spell that for ****) who just threw it in with the rest of the other stuff the company had to post)
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hmm idk for some reason i thought they were. idk i just started listening to them so im probably wrong. anyways, such a good band.

i only searched online, and nothing came up when i associated them with being edge
LOL basically im ****ed...I have no fat
im all bones....arm didnt hurt too much except my shoulder blade and my colarbone

my next big project is my ribs
i just wish i had money
i dont think they are actually
im SO pissed off.
My bf and i spent over £20 on these books that Alex Pardee let out of his work, and theyre signed by him.

Anyway they came today and apparently ones damaged. ****ING POSTAL WORKERS!
Im gonna email the company we got them from and ask for another one. Why should we accept what someone else did
¬¬ great so ive been done out of jobs

i can maybe see why it would be....but its not like im rubbing my face amongst food or impliments in the kitchen HAHAHA
i still have yet to see them
LOL my grandmas got me a subscription to NG for xmas

i get it for the Photography
oh i was talking about the magazine ha

the documentry channels are usually pretty good on Sky
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Im a cook so no one but other employees see me.

i was told i couldnt work around food with other piercings other than ears, becuase it was unhygenic :S
yeah theyre not the best looking band
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Actually, there would still be nothing worth watching.


but im sure i could atleast find some pointless crap to watch

youd have thought out of 999 channels there would actually be something worth watching.
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Band rules hard. I just found this Slapshot write up for one of their Euro tours and thought some of you may dig it:

If you want proper laughs skip to the right hand column and read on. It involves Nazi's, dropkicks and brawls. I love Slapshot but still not as much as Judge.

Judge were awesome!
I wish they could reform so Icould actually get to see them

"I see you on the streets, you hide in your packs,
You push and push and no one pushes back,
Its time you own up to the things you say,
'Cuz Judge is on the move and we're starting today

I'm bringin' it downm this hammer I've got,
This ignorance has got to be stopped!"
Im seeing them next year, I cant wait

Theyre also doing a one off accoustic set in Manchester on one of the dates of their tour.

Ive listened to them alot in the past, but never really thought anything of them, then I've been listening to them recently, and theyve started to grow on me ALOT
ive seen them 2 times
last time was with 36cfs and they were good

im seeing them in Derby next Thursday, should be pretty good
haha its ok, you know im only joking.

Man tvs boring as hell tonight...i wish i had Sky, then maybe i could find something worth watching.
im Aries, but i was ment to be Taurus, and I think I'm more like a Taurus

My birthday is 19th april
my friend was a huge geek when it came to Maths

so we found her this HUGE calculator (like a4 size) and gave it to her HAHAHA
woulda coulda shoulda-bane
as in youve stretched your ears???
should be yes, but over time my ears got allergic to acrylic and they started to i suggest after a few months changing to something else.
errr for me. I found it hard to get a job with my piercings, but now i found a job in an art shop and she lets me keep my piercings in, and doesnt care what i do to my hair

as for my half sleeve....she hasnt seen that, but then i usually wear long sleeves anyway
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My sister subscribes to Revolver and I think it's just trend-chasing garbage. I mean, there's a 'hottest chicks in metal' section, and there's another section where once a month they take someone from a band and go over their outfit and what they wear and how you can get their look...

I mean, yeah, occasionally there's a good band or two in there, but most of the time it's Slipknot or My Chemical Romance or whatever the newest scene band is.

they used to have like pin ups in the center
but got told to take them out
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Nah, I've been on, just posting less as less catches my interest. I was raging it up for 3 hours last night in the Religion and Philosophy thread

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yeah, verse broke edge. yay.

thats quite old
i read it on here somewhere before.

someone put up the link aswell
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It actually says bape ...

Short for Bathing Apes - clothes that are only worn by rappers and people who make more money than professional rich people. Worn almost exclusively by rich black people who want to flash their swag, and rich rappers who won't settle for less. Worn by Pharell and more expensive than my first daughters wedding.

i thought it didnt quite look like an R
Pharells clothing line is rediculous aswell

T shirts cost something like $45!!!
and your display picture is really sweet
i like it, because im away at university, it means i can come home and see my parents, and i get to spend time with my Grandma and Grandad
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Lil Wayne is a UGer at heart.

I KNEW i liked that man for a reason
you can get Savlon mouthwash??? WTF
i only knew you could get cream
i thought you hadnt been on as much as you used to Craigo.
ive never heard of using savlon :/

id stick to salt water and alcohol free mouthwash
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Am I the only person who thinks he looks like The Rev from A7X?

Hang on, what am I doing in this thread?

i LOVE Mastodon, theyre so funny
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I'm a guy but i always wanted to look like Justin Bobby off The Hills (by the way i don't watch The Hills but my sister does and she fancies him :p)

and Justin Bobby is FIT. Even my boyfriend agrees haha

and Lil Wayne mmmm I love that guy