i hate disturbed but i like this song, good cover
props for the attempt
tune her up some...
yeah the tempo is slightly off but it sounded really good to me, I love buckethead!!
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I'm gonna go with hot damn. That sounds exactly like the recording. And I love it. 10/10.

i agree that sounded amazing man
I never used these programs so i wanna get peoples insights on them, which one do you prefer? Also i have windows vista, i just want something that is compatible.


that was pretty badass actually!! i digged the vox. Honestly i thought it was gonna be a HIM rip off but I like this better than their cover and Chris's original.

I recorded this a while back and want to share it with you guys since that time of the year is right. Leave some feedback.

Halloween Theme
not to bad, everything sounded good

check out my master of puppets cover, on my profile.
i didnt care for it, sorry
the recording is complete, vocals, guitars, keys, but the guitars still sound a little rough, but to me this is my best recording. Enjoy guys and lets hear some feedback.

Carry On Wayward Son
thanks you guys

oh, and

I finally finished my first attempt at puppets. I've still got a few things to master down but i figured id let you guys hear the rough copy.

let me know what you think.
Master of Puppets
hell yeah, beautiful tone
i dont lie i wasn't big on this song but your tone sounds pretty dead on. Lower the volumes a little. Btw Nice ****in Pinches
interesting...all i can say.
Full cover here, vocals, guitars, bongos lol
Also, it starts low and gets loud so watch for that

let me know what you think...OH and its on my Profile too

of course it's nothing special
oh and did i mention?

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the ramones are one of my fav bands...what song. PLease not the blitzkreig bop....

Shouldn't down a song because it's overrated. Just because one band is known for that "one" song doesnt make that band any different from the others. Every band has that one song. Plus that song may even change your outlook later in life.
im a ***** about the misfits so yeah i had to take a listen. The quality honestly is not that bad, well if your trying to mimic the Misfits sound atleast. I still enjoyed it man, but to me man. The quality even made it more better. Didn't care much for the vocals but yeah

good job dude.
American Jesus

its just guitar, bass, drums

enjoy i guess...

Ps. its on my profile.