ah that makes sense! i gave up cigs a few weeks ago, so i guess its the tobacco i love in them too! which is worrying haha, i'm definitely gonna hit one up soon though any good show recommendations from america? i've seen eastbound and down, dexter and breaking bad, loved them all!
wassup dt, i'm a long time lurker and just wanted to say hi, blazed as anything just watching the tv haha, was just wondering i've heard from various people that its different smoking out of a bong? like the high? i can't see how it would be but i only smoke j s as i smoked rollys for a while so it's just easy.

hope everyones having a sweet friday night
Hey i'm new to playing bass but have recently joined a band where i have taken it up, found i genuinely enjoy it maybe even more than the guitar, I am a student and need an amp because playing through the band's PA is sounding terrible...

So i need a cheap as anything amp, been looking on gumtree and there's a few amps for under 80 pounds ish, obviously they aren't gonna be incredible but wanted to know if a 40W stagg solid state 10" combo would cut it in a band with an electric guitarist and a fairly loud drummer?

Also has anyone had any experience of Carlsbro amps? as i could get a 100W one of those.

Thanks for any help or advice

yeah i know what you mean, might try and cut down on the amount of tape but my brother had already covered it with stickers and i guess at some point i might drill a hole for the jack but i dunno when.
over this summer i've modded 3 of my guitars, 2 strat copies and my acoustic.

both strat copies looked like your bulk standard strat like this:

i modded my main guitar to have a humbucker in the bridge and i changed the controls to 3 on/off switches for the pickups and just a master volume and tone, and i changed the pickup covers to be black for the middle and neck pickups.

With my brothers old guitar i made th epickguard black using black tape and changed th epickup covers of the bridge and neck pickups also i changed the strings to 12s so i could have a guitar in B standard :P I also wrote some stupid stuff on some white tape i put on!

Then i put the bridge pickup i'd taken out of my first strat in my acoustic using some blue tack then wired it into a jack that i put into some cardboard i'd bent around the outside so i could have a jack but didn't have to drill the guitar.

and how i shimmied the jack on:

i'm quite pleased with my work really! considering i'm quite bad at this kind of thing and really my main electric was the main part of it and it came out pretty well

any advice on what i could've done better?
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Drop for drop more caffine than red bull, with 15% ABV

old bucky

absolute poison.
yeah i know what you mean from my coursee i know it's to be expected from a maths degree but things like we were lectured on odd and even numbers and when it's quite that theoretical it feels very pointless... but sometimes can be interesting i guess.
that purple one is sexy. do it.
what you're describing is, by definition, an hss strat you just may not like the fender brand of hss strats so look at some of the good quality copies around i'd say.
obviously parents have to be a bit overprotective but i used to have a mate whose parents would never let him do ANYTHING and he's turned out OK but both his older brother and sister have got into all sorts of trouble because they just went a bit crazy when they turned 18... it's all a bit sad really because the parents were only trying to help :s
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Hey, im thinking about retiring my Boss DD3, selling it and getting a Melekko Ekko 616, how much do you think i should expect for a 1 year old DD3?shops seem to offer like £40 (im in the UK)

I also read the Ekko 616 needs a 'regulated power supply.' I just have a cheap multi plug power supply:

Will that be ok? or should i get an independent one for the 616? I don't want to risk damaging it! Andertons describes it as a regulated supply, but it was only cheap!


hey just a heads up, i don't really post in here at all, but i bought that exact same power supply like a year ago, broke in weeks pretty much just wouldn't work :s so i guess you do get what you pay for it might be worth the risk as i got mine for like 15 quid.
just an additional point i think dunlop or someone make a rack wah system? might wanna check that out if you feel you'd miss it.
hey drugs thread, if you don't mind i have a few questions especially for anyone in the UK?

SWIM is not really a weed smoker himself, not that he's really against it he's just never got into it, a friend of his has recently got a plant that he says is about 7 foot, he asked him if he wanted to redistribute the cuttings of said plant amongst his drug taking friends. He was wondering what the general price for this kind of stuff is and how he could best prepare the leaves for selling.

cheers for any help and advice.
nearest major city would be London or Brighton and budget would be under £200 realistically because i've got uni and other stuff coming up :S

i play a wide variety of music anything from acoustic style songs through rhcp and muse and only really as heavy as alice in chains or queens of the stone age.

and i preferred the look of the v5 because it was cheaper and had such low wattages available, which is really all i need.
it's my birthday soon and i wa slooking for small, inexpensive and hopefully valve amp to take to uni with me next year.

I've been looking around and one of the best deals i can find is the bugera v5, i was just wondering how everyone found this? i play a wide variety of music anything from acoustic style songs through rhcp and muse and only really as heavy as alice in chains. just wondering if any of you think it'd be worth my while buying this amp

i've emailed a shop near me that bugera said stocked their amps but they said that they didin't actually stock bugeras, which is weird. this means that if i bought it, i'd probably have to order it online which is annoying because i'd much rather try out any new amp

cheers for any insights or alternative amps
Hey bugera thread, it's my birthday soon and i wa slooking for small, inexpensive and hopefully valve amp to take to uni with me next year.

I've been looking around and one of the best deals i can find is the bugera v5, i was just wondering how everyone found this? i play a wide variety of music anything from acoustic style songs through rhcp and muse and only really as heavy as alice in chains. just wondering if any of you think it'd be worth my while buying this amp

i've emailed a shop near me that bugera said stocked their amps but i don't know if they'' stock the v5

cheers for any insights
i made a quite bad overdrive/fuzz for my GCSE sys&con coursework, it KIND OF worked but i designed it with no knowkedge of other designs so it was kind of hit and miss. But it would be fairly straight forward for A-level just rmemeber to go for a boutique style switch instead of a proper pedal switch like in a boss pedal....much simpler.
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I'm truly sorry for quoting something from kind of far back but I must ask.. How?
He is pretty much my favorite vocalist of all time..
Huge range and so much emotion in his voice..

And to contribute, any bands without vocals..
For some reason, it seems to bore me without vocals.
If anyone would like to recommend any instrumental bands to me, that would be cool .

rodrigo y gabriella are fantastic. but i agree with you the majority of the time :P
on that kind of topic, when i was sitting trying to eat my lunch in this square in valencia, with a mate from school, it was las fallas so there was quite a lot of people and this girl ran into the middle and just pissed in the middle of this square (it had like a fountain and maybe 100 people in it) i was like... i do not want to eat anymore...

worst part was when her mum came over and didint mind her doing it...
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Drink a shot of it. If you survive, drink another dozen shots.

it's definitely not poisonous cos he said he drank some, but yeah i think i'll be on it big time next weekend
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Just drink a lot of it and see what happens.

i'm definitely going to do that, just wondering if anyone had any prior knowledge cause i don't really understand how the effects could be THAT different...
i wa sjust wondering if any of you experienced folk could help me out, my sister recently came back from a holiday in bulgaria, with a bottle of this odd spirit as a present for me.

no pics im afraid, and i cannot read bulgarian for the life of me, it is 47% alcohol, so far so normal... but her boyfriend was telling me how you have to drink it straight and that he'd heard that if you had it with like a fizzy mixer, it would heavily f uck you up, to the extent of not being slightly fun just vomit etc.

does anyone know if there's any basis in this?

probabaly not, but you might aswell take it and if the work load gets too much just drop it, it was as flexible as that in my school
the denying the holocaust bit is amazing hahaha

and it does sound EXACTLY like ring of fire cause in my limited experience everyone has quite different ring of fire rules anyway
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Jump on a trampoline.

done it. it was surprisingly fun, no regrets :P
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word. if the snow disrupts mine they get pushed back leaving me with NINE A level exams in june. FML.

i have 9 A2 + retakes in january and my summer ones i really hope i can make these ones...
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De-Loused is being released with Ambuletz now? I wasn't aware of that. Anyway, either Amputechture or Octahedron.

i think something like a UK bonus track or something *shrug*

i'll think i'll go for amputecture at some point tis half the price of octahedron on amazon :P
i've dressed very female twice now, both for parties but one wasn't fancy dress... i have to say i find it quite fun :P

first was a bit half assed for the fancy dress i didint have a wig so i wore a burka hahaha

and the second was almost scarily realistic (for an ugly girl) haha
i bought de-loused like maybe a week ago and i must have listened to it straight therough about 20 times - incredible album

my question is that because i don't have much money but would like to get another TMV album which would be recommended i like a wide range of music other than de-loused but the only real things i can say to help cut it down (because i understand all of their other albums are amazing too...) is that my favourite song on the album is televators and my least favourite is ambuletz the rest i can't really decide between... i normally like bands like rage, muse, alice in chains and a lot of stuff like elliott smith... thanks if you can help :P
goldie looking chain did it o r i think they just re released their first album as greatest hits before they made a second, god knows
i have to say
The Hazards of Love - The Decemberists

closely followed by
Muse - The Resistance
Arctic Monkeys - Humbug
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - It's Blitz
Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue

and im going to see 3/5 of those in the next month happydays
not much point in expenisve wood if most of it is gonna be weighed down by pedals and gumballs, and pedals are easier to switch on with your foot. sounds good otherwise and im not sure on best because i'm sue you could pay A LOT of money and get close to perfect parts
go as opposite sex, hilarity for all, and it might make you feel sexy

cheap too
im not saying its fun buit it helps with some subjects, it is absolutely necesarry in maths because you need to enforce the techniques and methods

and year 9 is kinda not as much work as yr 13 but i do suck at actually doing any homework
I should be going to one of the london dates, if the tickets are like under 20 quid and my friend wants to go... don't really know anyone who loves AiC to the extent i do

will be my first time and should be excellent right?
i've got the drive, it sounds ok just as a distortion on my awful SS amp, but should work even better when i finally buy a nice tube, win-win
gabriel garcia marquez

im reading memoria de mis putas tristes at the moment, it's good but hard for my spanish skills hahaha :P but easier than como agua para chocolate

i recommend him because i think he has written lots of fairly famous books

good luck
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we do cover songs like dirty deeds- acdc, and pinball wizard (those are with him) and basket case and dammit without him

then you need to think of some decent three piece bands that you like

i personally think bands like muse, rage against the machine, audioslave and the red hot chilis are possible with 3 instruments and are good, but its up to you

edit: you werent cmplaining about it - my bad