The Clash! Watch the documentary on Joe Strummer, its incredible!
I'm happy I came here this morning, I laughed my ass off. I always joke with my girlfriend, that she's a cougar.. Now I know she's a puma haha! I dig!
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The salvation of out Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

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Can someone please remove Milan Lucic

...from life

This. Oh and Marchand too, I hate that prick.
Sublime - Summertime (Doin Time)... Feelin good, got the long weekend in my sights.
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Its a shame Stephen King himself didn't like it. I can't believe he disagreed with casting Jack Nicholson, I think he was perfect for that role and he pulled it off amazingly.

Really? I had no idea, Stephen King didn't enjoy it. That's pretty crazy, kind of disappointing in a way. A lot of King's work has been on the big screen, and although a lot of them were great, I couldn't say any of them were as good as the Shining..
My favorite movie of all time is The Shining.. The way Kubrick portrayed, Stephen Kings novel in that movie was nothing short of being incredible. Jack Nicholson was pretty genius, as well.
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By all means, this is a serious thread and a serious topic. I'm not exactly what you would call "tough". I'm more of a nice guy who let's people step on me when I don't deserve it. For example, I got an A on a test last week and this girl that I talk to sometimes was like, "You're a fag", and I just merely laughed and played it off. Another time someone was arguing with me and I just let them win and told them "whatever." These are bad examples, but basically, I'm not tough enough emotionally and physically. As stupid as this may sound, I many times tried to mimic tough guys in movies (The Outsiders for example) but acting In real life only goes so far. Music doesn't help me either when I want to be tougher. I'm a sophomore in college by the way (I'm 19.)

Any way I can train myself to be more of a man and step up to people?

Just because your a "nice guy" doesn't mean you aren't tough. I hate that perception, and I feel like I get it all the time.. That being said, although I don't get mad often, when I finally do, I do get a little carried away.
Oh, I'm drinking... Got myself an Innis & Gunn on the go as we speak!
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No, but I lose feelings / desire for any girls that I'm interested in at the time.

Feels good, man.

Hahaha! I'm pretty sure, this guy nailed it. I burst out laughing, when I read that.
I was extremely repulsed by the idea of having pineapple on my pizza, until a girl who I was seeing at the time, convinced me to try it. Its honestly, so good. I've only ordered Hawaiian style pizza since.
u cheeky knt, u say that again, I swaer on me mum ill cut you. Discard that, personally here in Canada everyone says cheers, but instead of mate, my friends usually use buddy/bud or "cheers eh." I know it sounds stereotypical but its pretty damn true.
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What about Scotland? Where are all the Scottish bands?

Do you really want England to beat you again?

Scotland has the Baycity Rollers! Weeeeoooooo!
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Patrick Roy. GP 1029 W 551 GAA 2.54 S% .910 Winning percentage 53%
Martin Brodeur GP 1132 W 625 GAA 2.22 S% .913 Winning percentage 55%

You can not say one is better than the other at all. Only edge Roy has is 4 Stanley Cups to Brodeurs 3.

Brodeur has also won a Gold Medal in the Olympics for team Canada. Something Roy has not done. Too many hardcore Hab fans who like to believe Roy is the greatest. Sorry that title belongs to Mr. Martin Brodeur.
Absolutely awful when I had first heard about this I couldn't believe it.. This is a case that made it to the press. How many don't? How many go completely unheard of? Now I don't believe that the majority of Soldiers support this kind of non-sense, not at all. But I would not doubt there being plenty of more cases similar to this. There was also the awful treatment of the Prisoners in Iraq a few years ago. Which wasn't nearly as bad as this case in Afghanistan.
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My and mate where smoking on our way to the bus after a night out when this really fat drunk girl started shouting abuse at us.... apparently we're going to die

There's certain people whose medical advice I'll listen to; morbidly obese alcoholics are not on that list.

hahaha well said man, I've had friends with similar stories..
Damn , I have this talk with my buddies all the time.. My favorite being Russian/Ukrainian/Polish woman something about them drives me nuts. But hell, I love em all.......
Every time the ladies pass the ladies be like (Hi Will). Can y'all feel me? All ages and races? Real sweet faces. Every different nation, Spanish, Haitian, Indian, Jamaican, Black, White, Cuban and Asian... Welcome to Miami. - Will Smith
A friend of mine is coming back to Canada from the US (Pittsburgh) tomorrow and bringing me back a pack of Dunhill smokes.. How are they and how much is a pack? I'm excited to try! As for my favorite smokes in Canada is gotta be Belmonts or Regular DuMaurier's.
I spend every weekend in a grocery store, working... On top of that It's our busiest days of the week. Soo I must say I hate weekends hah, unless i'm off ofcourse.
Molson Canadian... I AM CANADIAN
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So post your awkward injuries.

A week or so ago i was doing the routine check for ball cancer, and i got kind of worried cos i felt kind of like a kink in the tube leading to my right nut, so as i was checking the left one to make sure that was normal, i sort of, accidentally pinched the tube just where it meets the ball, a rush of pain and sickness shot through me, followed by panic because i thought i had cut my ball off and was worried about all these things like having to have them removed or whatever, and i was in pain for that day and i think for a bit the next day.

Luckily i don't have testicular cancer and i didn't cut my ball off.

You poor sap
Molson Canadian on tap
Man you guys are brutal on here... It was pretty good man, you looked tense. But **** i'd be too. It takes balls to get up there and do that, and I'm sure many people on this forum wouldn't have the courage to get up there and play any song.
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Machine Head - American High
Metallica - All of their instrumentals.

Woah really? I loved Call of Ktulu and Orion... Such kickass tunes
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I saw Rush almost 2 years ago.

It was just...there's really no way to describe it without first inventing new words just to describe the amount of win contained in an arena with Rush in it.

Man I seen Rush at their Snakes and Arrows tour it was really good.. Neil Peart's drum solo was great. I was sober and with a family so I really couldn't rock out. I'd love to see them again though.
Alright I usually don't start threads and I used the search bar so don't be an ass...

Anyways what bands have you seen that put on incredible shows?

The best I've seen would be Iron Maiden and Megadeth... I've seen Maiden twice and the shows they put on are absolutely incredible. Bruce Dickinson still has such an incredible voice, McBrain still rock's the drums. Bruce still runs around that stage like hes 20 years old, the show's the band put on will never be erased from my mind. At the end of the Caught somewhere back in time show McBrain stood up wearing a Toronto Maple leafs jersey which really got the crowd rocking... Second, Megadeth was opening for Heaven and hell when I seen them and the set list they played was incredible I was shocked to see She Wolf, which is my favorite tune by them. Anyways what great concerts have you all seen? It would be nice to here for future reference... Thanks!

No way in hell, I may be 19 but this guy is still twice my size...
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Does anyone know if Mackeson's stout is still being made? I haven't been able to find it anywhere lately.

If you've seen it anywhere in the UK (Scotland in particular) let me know! I know there's (or was) an American version called XXX as well so if anybody on the other side of the pond has seen that, it'll at least be a good sign that it's still being brewed.


Not trying to sound like an ass but XXX by Molson is Canadian...
Yes he needs the liqour bottle's/ beer can's that you were drinking as evidence.. When I got caught he took my empty bottle of Johnny Walkers scotch.. Go to court and fight it, or at least get it reduced.. $360 is just insane.. I wonder if you guys actually could have gotten criminal records if you hadn't gone.. I doubt it. Sounds like a power hungry cop..
Wow shouldn't it be class of 09? Talk about an epic fail...

Oh sorry didn't know it was an English thing too do... Just a small cultural difference I guess
Oh buddy I completely agree.. Just another reason to love this beautiful weather, Women.. This thread has inspired me to go for a drive through town.
Hamilton is pretty greasy... Barton Street is just a mess at night
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Seem's right
I hope anybody who voted Atheists is joking
Wow they test your for drugs in school down there? That's awful, I think 90% of the people I went to school with would have failed that one
Sal Governale from the Howard Stern show, singing "I pissed on a girl." It's pretty hilarious, Howard's the man
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Tell your Dad he is being an idiot.

Seriously just say it to see his reaction.

Then come back and make a thread titled "My Dad hit me... what do I do?"


Haha that's hilarious man