meh, the Line 6 Spider II series ain't too bad.
The Ibanez is really good for thrash and shred and all that stuff.
damn, $200 ain't gonna get you ****. try and scrap up $100 moe and get an Ibanez RG321 or Schecter Omen 6.
you must be one rich bitch! one of them Agiles sounds good for you. or you could go better and get a Gibson LP.
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i like the JEM better. the seven string JEM, aka Universe, is amazing!
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the word metallica reminds me......

if trivium wanted to be like metallica why did they go dean instead of ESP? im really glad they did dean but it doesnt make sence to me

anyway, does anyone have any deans?

i gotta a Vendetta 1.0, probably gonna fix it up a bit soon. new pickups, etc.
probably one of the gibsons would suit your style
stong tie between zakk and dimebag
alder body > basswood body
duncans > stock pickups
floyd rose > edge trem
the new razorback v! the razorback ml is cool too.
my friend plays in a punk band with a Schecter Omen 6. he says it works really good for their music. only $300 USD but i'm not sure how to convert that to cdn.
if any of those two, get the Epiphone V. Squiers are no good hucks of crap! duh!
probably the soloist.
I know i'm at least getting a Dunlop Crybaby Wah. Maybe something else, too. I'd like a new amp, a Peavey ValveKing 112, but my parents probably don't have the money for it.
i dunno. it's mostly just a decision if you want seymour duncan pickups or EMG pickups. whatever suits you i guess.
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Dont go spend your money on that one a majority of the price is in the inlays and name theres serveal esps that have what your asking for such as the m or mh series

the LTD 400's are just about as much. plus, the hellraiser comes with an OFR besides just a crap liscenced one.
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umm, this is a 8 month old thread, what the hell?

anyways, the 333 is a kickass guitar they already come with the bill lawerence pickup

lol, i have no idea.
I heard Peavey 5150/6505 is good for that. And it's 120 tube watts so I'm sure it's loud enough for shows.
Schecter Hellraiser C-1FR has everything you just listed for $650 i think.
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later Pantera: Far Beyond Driven ML
they're pretty much evenly matched. both great guitars for the price.
Save up for a Schecter Hellraiser C-7 and you won't be disapointed.
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I'd also recommend the Digitech Metal Master over the Boss Metal Zone. Definitely check it out, has a HUGE range.

yeah, the metal master has the metal zone tone built in it along with 6 other metal distortions.
Digitech Metal Master
Gibson Faded SG Specials are down to $580 now.
they both look awesome! either one of em would be great. i personally would take the Z tho.
I'd go for the DV8R
the ESP EX's are sweet! get one of them, with the black diamond plate!
i use ernie ball power slinkys 11-48. they're pretty good, but i'm wanting some DR Dimebag Sigs 9-50.
neither one of them are that great.
hell, i'd take the ESP.
get the Jackson and switch the liscensed FR for an original FR and the HZ's for real EMG's. then you'll have one hell of a guitar.
3 words, not worth it!