^ i was answering to the other dude.
that's like somone asking you what's so special about ESP's. no offesnse, they're great guitars as well.

you can shred with any guitar you want. it's all about personal preference. i like Ibanez because they feel and sound great i'm sure that's what Vai, Satriani, Gilbert all think too.
the "dime squeal" was a natural harmonic combined with whammy bar. not to be confused with his pinch harmonics.
yeah i've played a couple of their guitars and a bass of theirs. they aren't bad. i think they're from right here in St. Louis along with crate amps which i actually played one of them through a blue voodoo half stack. =P
i agree with the used 5150(II), after all you said you like the 6505(+) and they're virtually the same thing. and may i ask why you feel you need a half stack? the combe is 60 all-tube watts. plenty loud enough. and if you need it for shows just throw a mic in front of the speaker and have the PA help you out. but if you insist on a half stack you better look into a used 5150 cab as well.
the Schecter Omen 6 is pretty good, i played my friend's. i haven't personally played any of the Roland Cubes but i've heard great things about them.
my 2 Ibanez guitars were made in Indonesia, and the Dean was made in China.
a flying V. an Ibanez V-Blade in particular. and i prefer a hardshell case. does anyone know of a site with one? if Ibanez has a case designed for this guitar that would be excellent.
yeah they're nice, but i'd recommend getting something other than a signature series. you can usually get more for your money.
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i have came to the conclusion that alder is usually better, but even so, higher end ibanez and schecter use basswood.

i just wanted to make sure you all agreed. i am really leaning toward the ibanez too.

pretty much all ibanez except begginer ones maybe are basswood. and schecters mostly use mahogany except their omens, damiens, etc.
they're heavy cuz of the mahogany, which is the best sounding IMO, in addition to their big bulky shape. i like them, but i probably wouldn't buy one myself. not quite my style.
gotta learn several techniques first. back-and-forth sweeping, two-hand tapping, etc.
Ibanez ftw. My Squier crapped out on my more times than i can count, when i still had it that is. I've had this dicontinued RG model for about 3-4 years and it hasn't done so yet.
you could ask around and see how much you can get for you're current amp, sell it and combine that money with your $250 and maybe find a good used amp.
i've got 10's in my Ibanez V and Dean, 11's in my Ibanez RG.
i'd go for the dave mustaine sig. if they're anything like his old ESP it should be f'n sweet.
here's one of them at least. Jackson KV2 w/ black ghost flames.
the V-Blade is a nice guitar. i just bought one recently. i'm really happy with it. i hear some people have had problems with Ibanez X series, but mine seems to be fine so far. don't really know much about the other ones.
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Go out? No.

Bone? Yes!

i second that
go for the white one
#1 is pretty badass, #6 was cool too

i'm 17
i believe i sent you a message yesterday. check it out.
hmm, i'm not currently looking for a bassist but i might be able to help you out there. or we could just jam sometime if you want. drop me an e-mail.
i play guitar/vocals in a thrash metal band called Fateful Hour. we're in the Florissant/Hazelwood area. we're looking for a 2nd guitarist and a drummer. preferably around the age of 17. so reply to this or send me an e-mail if you're interested.
i'm loving the sound of that. i'm in a thrash metal band out of Florissant/Hazelwood called Fateful Hour. i do guitar/vocals and Carlos does bass, we actually just canned our other guitarist and we still need a drummer. we're both 17 if you don't mind about age, but we're not into pressuring people into doing stuff they don't want to. i've been playing for about 6 years also and left a band but about a year ago for those exact reasons. i'm not exactlly sure how long Carlos has been playing, but he's played in a recording/live performing band previously. we've got some material written but we'll have to go back and work out some of the 'little' stuff our former guitarist wrote.

well drop me an e-mail if you're interested.
sounds like a great deal.
both. the movie was just on A&E, but i read the book and watched the movie in 8th grade. and the cops shot Dallas cuz he had a gun, don't matter if he fired it or not.
Sepultura - Under a Pale Grey Sky

it's a two-disk live album. from what i hear it's pretty rare, as the band does not consider it an official release. it was released by Roadrunner Records after they dropped them from the label. it was also recorded the night Max left the band.
8 strings have a low F#, i don't believe i've heard one before though.
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Metal is mostly in the amp.

that too.
Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhoads, Chuck Schuldiner, Zack Wylde
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, got metal written all over it. $650 in USD so if i'm correct, it's about 450€.
Well guitar wise, i got a $150 gift card for Guitar Center. Not quite sure what i'm gonna use it on though. Probably gonna save some money and put it towards a new guitar.
their Hornet V looks pretty nice, but i wish it wasn't made of agathis. same with the AG-3000, but i wish it didn't have the middle single-coil pickup. damn i'm picky >_<
i would so buy one if it didn't have the reverse headstock, ibanez makes ugly reverse headstocks imo.
the new Dean Razorback 7 string looks pretty badass in my opinion. and i'm a metal guy. so i'd probably get that one.
6505's are pretty much the same as 5150's. i believe i played a 6505 at GC once and it was pretty awesome. and it's great for melo-death, in flames uses 5150/6505 amps.
get the jackson
stock pickups? they're EMGs! i wish they still had that one with the black diamond plate. well anyways, go for it.