i have no problems with my metal master.
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i should add, she left her amp at my house, maybe i should destroy it..... but then i'm no better, and i'm not gonna kill i don't wanna go to jail and get raped

i say destroy it.
try some simple Black Sabbath, AC/DC type stuff.
suing the bitch is probably the best idea. probably have to buy a new one.
The Thing That Should Not Be?
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I have one too!!!!!! X50PRO!!!!

i don't actually own one, but i've used it before.
No! X50's rule!
10-52. lite top heavy bottom ftw!
Yeah, it's an OFR. I know cuz I just played it the other day at my local Guitar Center. Get one of the C-1's. Floyd, hardtail, your choice but they're both great guitars. Avenger's are just, ew looking.
Schecters are excellent guitars indeed. Probably my next guitar will be a Schecter. I wouldn't say they're the best though.
jackson rhoads by a mile. and try out some nice tube amps.
stick with your SL2H. you could always get an SL3 later if you want.
bad idea, there's a reason behringers are so cheap you know. stick with your peavey.
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its a marshel in a starter pack lol... im using a black stratocaster now, and a gibson epiphone

you need a new guitar AND a new amp.
Guitar Center don't have ESP's, sorry. Don't worry though. They usually have some nice Jacksons. And yes, LTD's from the 400 Series or higher are good guitars. You should definetely check this one out though if you have $950
Save it, the GRG is pretty lame. My friend owns one and I've played it before. Needs a lot of woork. RG321 is pretty good, but it has no trem.
main problem with mine is the pickups are horrible.
Eh, i'm not to big a fan of the inlays on the C-1 Classic. Pretty much all the same features besides finishes and inlays, and $200. So I personally would actually pick the C-1 Artist (prepares for flamage). I might actually be getting that one soon. If you want EMG's though, get the C-1 Hellraiser without the Floyd Rose.
i don't know. looks probably about the same as my RG220B, which is just okay. plus the trem is kinda whack on mine. you can do better. what's your price range? i'll give you some suggestions.
sure, why not. i actually played some maiden on an epiphone les paul custom ealier today and it sounded pretty good.
My main guitar (soon to be equiped with Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickups), my amp (soon to be replaced with a Peavey ValveKing 112), and my effects.
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isn't it propane? unless you are talking about the existing band?

yes i was. Pro-Pain, i probably should've mentioned that. my friend suggested the name "Harm-Ony" and i was thinking i need to find more names like that.
so my friend and i are trying to think of some names for are new band. does anybody know what those words are called with other words in them. for example, pro-pain, harm-ony, mans-laughter, etc.
are you sure it's not your amp picking up the radio signals? it happened to me before.
dunno if it's exactly built for metal, but peavey makes good amps so check this one out.
get the second one. it's got a lotta stuff the first one didn't have like multiplayer, choice of lead, rhythm, or bass guitar, etc.

and i'm hoping to get an RG1527 this summer.
that washburn on music123 for $150
they're the pussies if it takes 20-30 people to beat up two.
I like my women like I like my hot fudge sundae, with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on it.
i use the side of my pick.
sounds cool, thanks.
The Crate Blue Voodoo 150 watt head I used a few weeks ago had some pretty heavy distortion on it alone, I didn't even need to pull my out Digitech Grunge pedal. It sounds great, too. Far better then those other piece of crap solid state amps they have.
I was looking at some digital delay pedals and i was wondering. What exactly is the difference between the Boss DD-3 and the Boss DD-6, besides like $50? Is one better than the other and if so, which one?
never heard of the first two but the 006 is pretty good.
Hellraiser for primarily heavy stuff. Blackjack for a slightly larger variety of sounds. I haven't played any Washburns so i dunno how they are, but Schecters are excellent guitars.
try looking for some good used shit. or you could maybe play some small shows with that acoustic at a coffee place or smething, lol. the ibanez jumpstart package looks okay too, not sure about the amp but the guitar is decent. that's only about $250 USD.
The ESP Eclipse-II FM comes with Seymour Duncan pickups, get that one. The finish looks vey nice, unless you ablosutely insist on getting a white guitar.
it's all about personal preference. i prefer having all 24 frets, but get whatever you like best.