i love schecter. they make the best mid-hundreds priced guitars out there.
sounds good to me. most metallica songs aren't too hard to play rhythm-wise.
they're great guitars, but it sounds like a load of bullshit if you ask me. that's a $2,000+ guitar. they might buy it from some dude for $250, but their cheap asses sure wouldn't sell it that low.
^ yeah, that too.
it's not 4 steps, it's 3 1/2. there's no sharp/flat between B and C.
Sammy Hagar & The Wabos here in St. Louis last summer. They put on a great show. We all went crazy when they played Running With the Devil!
Carvin Legacy - Steve Vai
Peavey JSX - Joe Satriani
Mesa/Boogie (not sure which model) - John Petrucci
Quote by nightwalker903
i dont think ive seen them, what guitar are they on?

i dunno, just thought of the idea myself.
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Come on guys. Are you saying you wouldn't spend that money on gear?

i would. **** school!
^ small ones, not massive ones.
ESP Flying V Shape
Black finish w/ black diamond plate
Set-Thru construction
25.5" scale length
Mahogany body
Rosewood fretboard
Custom bullseye inlays
24 extra-jumbo frets
White binding on neck and headstock
Black hardware
Grover tuners
Tone-Pros TOM bridge
EMG 81 pickups
Master volume control
Maste tone control
3-way toggle switch
guitar-wise, go with the ESP Eclipse-II or ESP Eclipse Custom. i dunno, i personally kinda like the ESP Eclipse better than a Les Paul. amp-wise, you should definetely go for that Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier.
yeah, i'm probably gonna get the peavey valveking. i was just curious about this one.
there's the jackson king v, but i think they're made of alder wood.
okay, this is like the loudest most expensive Crate solid state amp head i've found. has anybody played it before and if so, how is it. i know the Blue Voodoo Series is amazing, i played the 150 watt half stack yeasterday but it might be a bit too pricey for me. so would this amp do?
the peavey valveking 112 is around $400. try that one out, i like it.
throw him out of the band.
stack or combo?
sometimes you could use bends and slides instead of hammer ons and pull offs.
if there's a chord being played under your solo, play an arpeggio of that chord.
learn how to sweep and tap to increase you speed, but don't overuse them.
throw some chromatics in every once in a while when it sounds cool.

just learn as many techniques as you can and try to apply them all when soloing.
yes she is.
it can power up to 5 pedals with the daisy chain. works with all my stuff, so i like it.
i agree with the tape there for divebomb purposes.
yeah, i'm loving the new dimebag guitars. and dave mustaine's new flying v is pretty cool too.
tom morello. harvard degree says it all.
peavey valveking halfstack is pretty nice. i dig all the valveking series amps.
the B-52 would probably be better for metal.
get the marshall. i use the peavey bandit 112 at band practice and it's kinda lame.
that's sounds like a great deal man! where did you find that deal at cuz i want one of those.
it looks pretty good. throw an EMG 81 in and that'd probably make it even better. kinda wish they'd put the pinstripe on it like Alexi's ESP's or the new Jackson RR24.
Les Paul
Les Paul
Les Paul
and Les Paul

sorry, i'm not too big of a strat fan unless it's a HSS HSH or HH.
about right at my waist, not to too high or too low.
Aspiring musician. I'm currently playing in a metal band my friends and i have had going since last summer. We're working on material for an EP right now and I'm so excited!
get the noise gate. bringing your guitar to school is a dumb idea cuz someone could steal it. or if you wanna save some money get the boss noise gate. it works well for me.
i think it's tight. kinda like dave's king v and dimebag's razorback v had a kid.
Hey Ryan, I'm Dave. I sent you an e-mail earlier. Our band is actually in Florissant. We have a guitarist (me), a bassist, and a drummer and we're currently looking for a singer and second guitarist. We're also currently working on material for an EP in the near future. We're very interested having you over for a jam/tryout. You in? Hit me back!