Go with the Ibanez or the Agile LP copy.
i heard maxon make a kickass tube overdrive pedal.
i wouldn't say they're the best, but they're pretty good. i perfer the digitech x-series though. they're way more versitle and they can imitate like 7 different rival pedals.
i have no clue. that's why i'm asking. i looked em up on their website and read about em, but i wanna hear from someone who's used them.
Get a Schecter Hellraiser C-7! Hellraisers are excellent guitars, especially for metal.
I'm also diggin the black ESP Eclipses. There's the EC-500 BLK, EC-500S, EC-1000 BLK, EC-1000 VB, Eclipse-II VB, and the Eclipse Custom STBLK.
^ i am so getting one of those in black!
Jesper's signature EX looks pretty tight!
they're pretty cool, but i much perfer Carcass Arch Enemy and Opeth.
^ lol despite that the one is hot pink, it looks pretty damn good.
okay, i'm getting so goddamn sick of atreyu. they've been around for only 9 ****ing years and their faggot asses are already releasing a greatest hits album. first both the guitarists get new ESP signature guitars and now this shit? not to mention the album cover is gay as ****! i like a couple bands, but metalcore is stealing all of the glory away from true metal and it's ****ing pissing me off big time!
i've been looking at the peavey valveking series. i'm probably gonna get the 112, but they have a great 212 too. but the 112 would probably be good enough for band practice, it's 50 tube watts.
I was wondering, are the Dimarzio D Activator pickups any good. I'm wanting to get that new Ibanez VBT700 and those are the pickups it comes with.
Ibanez RG1527, Ibanez S7320, Ibanez UV777, just to name a few.
^ yeah, dave mustaine's new guitars look great!
the neck is slightly longer, it comes with thicker strings, and it's tuned down to B E A D F# B.
He's got an Ibanez S470 as his main guitar.
yeah, most of the guys at my GC are a buncha dipsticks. this one dude told me that solid-state amps are much better for metal than all-tube amps and i looked at him like are you ****ing insane?!?
i don't know if this thread exists yet, but if i find out it does i'll delete it. anyways, what new 2007 guitars are you wanting to get? i personaly want an ESP/LTD V-500 and/or an Ibanez VBT700. ESP and Ibanez really hit one out of the park this year. if i make enough money, i might buy both of em after i get a new amp.
looks like alexi's old ones, except and EMG 81 instead of an HZ. can't wait to check it out, doubt i'll be able to afford one though.
that looks like a 2 year old designed it.
meh, the new H series headstocks look okay but i do miss the old ones. i just checked out the new KH-20 and it's one of the most beautiful guitars i've ever seen!
they look amazing. i wanna get a LTD V-500 now. it looks pretty much like dave mustaine's old LTD DV8 only probably a couple hundred bucks cheaper since it doesn't have his name on it.
probably between $600 and $700. that's what all the other LTD 500's are.
i don't really like locking tremelos either. but i doubt that one's gonna be any good. it's one of those cheap basswood, bolt-on, stock pickup dean that are probably only worth about $100. my vendetta is okay though, i got it for about $250 but i'm probably gonna put some duncans in it later. but check out the ML 79, i played on at a local shop and i really dig it. it's got the higher quality shit like mahogany body, set in neck, etc.
Hi, I'm Dave. My friends Scott (bass) Mike (drums) and I (guitar) have had our band going for about 8 months now. Over the past month or two, we have decided to take things to the next level and begin writing our own material and possibly record. We need a vocalist and a second guitarist, or vocalist/guitarist if you can do both. Perferably around our age group (14-16) and in the Florissant area. We play thrash metal, melodic death metal, power metal, metalcore, that kind of stuff. Send me a message if you're interested in joining.
Sweet new Dime Razorbacks and ML's!
definetely a new amp
they both make great amps (b52 tabe amps i mean), only b52's are way cheaper.
Quote by TJM2482
$800 and metal.

I suggest maybe saving a little more and getting a Peavey XXX Super 40. It's maybe $850 new, but you can find it one certain websites used for $550.

that's a steal! peavey valvekings are pretty good, too.
can't wait. i saw some of the new ibanezes. pretty good.
don't look too impressive at first, but probably a change of pickups would make it better. and maybe changing the bridge and tuners.
that looks pretty damn sweet. wonder how much it's gonna be.