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Ive played with it at Guitar Center before when I was checking out new amps. I thought it was ok, but nothing extremely special. I didnt really like the distortion channels on it too much, but the cleans were alright. I also remember this thing was pretty loud after you turned it past 3. Only reason I played it is because the salesman told me it was an all tube head and it sounded better than a mesa

bullshit, that amp is a solid state. the blue voodoo series is all tube.
i'm a fan of the double humbucker with coil tap.
Jessica Rabbit kinda reminds me of Mariah Carey, so I'd do her.
T.G.I. Fridays!
your friend's a ****ing dumbass
damn, i was hoping he'd go back to jackson. wish he didn't leave ESP in the first place either. but like one of the dudes above said, they'll probably just build him his flying v and axxion designs.
Amorphis, Anthrax, Black Sabbath, Dark Tranquillity, Dream Theater, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Manowar, Megadeth, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Opeth, Soilwork, Symphony X, and Testament. according to wikipedia, they all have new albums coming out this year. kick ass!
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Evening_crow you're just a ****ing Nirvana/probably Emo fanboy that's never going to get laid so please just shut up. If we're going to discuss it in this way please proof me how Kurt Cobains songs are any better than Panteras. Use lyrics and songnames please, your personal opinion does not count for you have proven to be mentally ill.

And using playful 1337 text makes you a fag. Go download a life.

Edit: And evening_crow you can't even spell a four letter word like "hobo" right so please just shut your mouth you illiterate ****tard.

i don't think liking nivana has anything to do with being emo. and he's not trying to say that cobain is better than dimebag, he just perfers nirvana over pantera. so chill the hell out before you "getcha' self banned!" haha!
RIP my friends. well, one of em is still alive.
Dimebag = guitar god
Cobain = sucks dick
overdrive would probably work better for classic rock, but the Boss DS-1 has a nice mild distortion.
i have the fender and i don't really like it. then again just about anything is better than a behringer, cheames pretty much worded it perfectly.
Dean Vendetta 1.0 and Ibanez RG220B. They're both okay, but i plan on making some changes to them.
Stillborn is nothing but pinch harmonics in the intro.
by lone guitarist i meant only guitarist in my band.
i'm gonna go into construction. and i'll most likely still be playing guitar in bands and such.
i didn't cry at the part where he died, but it was a very sad part. great movie!
lone guitarist at the moment. i can do lead and rhythm though. my band and i are currently looking for a second guitarist and a vocalist.
it's all good to me.
other studies show that guitarists are smart. students who play guitar or any other instrument and study music theory usually do better on SAT's/ACT's and all those other big high school exams.
harldy ever. i perfer hardtails.
the LTD's below the 400 series are made from agathis.
it happened to me the other day, scared the crap out of me.
i make straight A's and i still have a lot of time to practice.
open handed holding the pick with my thumb and index finger.
let's see. there's the Schecter Gryphon, Washburn X30, Jackson JS30, Ibanez RG350 & RG370, etc.
Arch Enemy used to tune 2 1/2 steps down to B E A D F# B
ESP/LTD Eclispe, Epiphone Les Paul Custom, Agile AL-Series, Agile has some pretty nice PRS knock-offs too.
you should get a Peavey ValveKing 112
i heard he played some jackson in the early days.
dog piss.

lotion and baby oil both work pretty good.
i found a $20 bill at school the other day, but it was a counterfiet. real disapointment.
1337!!! Happy birthday! I gots you a doggie!
i hope not. boy i really hates the MPA, they shut down mxtabs!
they're great guitars, but they cost too damn much.
0-9: pop
10-12: nu metal
13-now: true metal