Gibson/Epiphone: 38 HURT
Jackson: 81
Schecter: 52 HEAL
there's some wigger kid at my school. he wears south pole, ecko, that kind of shit. he has a mohawk and misfits shoes too. yeah, he looks pretty gay. he dyed is mohawk green one day and i told him he looks like he has a green bussaw jammed in his head.
In Flames has fairly easy solos. look into their stuff.
South Park. Family Guy is okay, but it's way overrated.
yeah, i love slower melodic death metal solos. i just learned Embody the Invisible by In Flames including the solo and it's hella fun to play! my own stuff is like that, too.
i'd love to play one of those. looks like fun.
yeah, they all suck.
i also like CHIX with tattoos, as long as their not dumb little emo/gothic sluts!
lmao, you should probably not play the hockey game and go get it x-rayed.
really? can i have your guitars and shit then?
we used to be neighbors. we still live just a few miles away though.
- How long have you been playing? 5 years

- What is your main style influence? metal

- Do you get any theory? yeah, i'm working on it

- How good do you see yourself as a guitarist all around? pretty good, i'm always trying to improve myself
i've always liked them but their new stuff is great. i have nothing against metalcore, but i think it's cool that they're playing thrash now.
i've got one of those, but mine has a cheap Ibanez trem on it. got it from GC two years ago for $300.
mmm, Digitech Whammy! :drools:
not trying to be mean, but is she ****ing insane?!? she's really pretty.

BTW n00bs, he said no sarcasm or negative comments!
my band's been borrowing that peavey for rehearsals and i've been using it a lot lately. since i have to turn it up kinda loud to be heard over the bass and drums, it gets terrible feedback when i'm not playing. other than the feedback it sounds pretty decent. i've got a noise gate now to stop the feedback. the VOX is probably googles better though cuz it's a tube amp.

Digitech Grunge Distortion
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pretty much one of everything
Quote by _guitar_hero_
i dident read but half of the posts so....

bang the chick....... then quit

Black Rose Immortal by Opeth, clocks in at just over 20 minutes. kick ass song.
picks and strings for when you need em.
here's an idea, shove your dick so far up her ass until she screams guteral vocals.
i love metal, too. i'd totally kill myself if i was forced to play of all things PUNK instead of metal. and if he were my bassist i'd shove his ****ing cell phone up his ass!
your best bet is to tell em to go **** themselves, quit, and take all your songs with you to a new band that's interested in metal like you are.
-emo will slowly fade away
-metal will become as big as it was in the 80's again
-DragonForce will become the next Metallica
-rap artists will continue ripping off metal songs
-bunch of rappers will be killed (what else is new)
-Axl Rose will die
death metal
damn, that sucks. i guess just try not to think of anything sexual while your doing it?
some places are assholes and won't sell em to you unless your 18, but most other places will sell em to anybody cuz they realize you can be 13 and still get some nasty disease.
you have to just keep practicing until you find the best way to do it.
i really dig the X50, but you should probably get the X40 if your into shred.
Dunlop Crybaby 535Q Wah (been wanting one for years!)
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor (needed one for years!)
WWE Smackdown! vs RAW 2007
digital camera
mp3 player headphones
30 blank CD spindle
Regal Theaters $25 gift card
some new clothes
and some candy

think that's about it. had a great Christmas dinner, too!
no, i don't think so. he's just really pale. but if so, he's the best albino guitarist i've ever heard!
whenever i guess. probably earlier than usual.