Christopher Amott is one of 'em. most of the attention went to his brother Michael Amott, who's also slightly underrated, while Christopher was just as good if not better. sucks ass that he left Arch Enemy. they'll never sound the same again.

some others include Jon Donais, Matt Bachand, Roope Latlava, Jeff Loomis, Pat O'Brien, Chuck Schuldiner (RIP), etc.
you could use your 10's, but they'd be all floppy and wouldn't stay in tune. you could go get the new strings before the show.
i think you meant to type it the other way around, like B E A D F# B. it's baritone guitar standard tuning. if you don't have a tuner, tune your low E string to sound like your B string only it'll be 2 octaves lower. you need thick ass strings, too. 12's or 13's.
I'm getting a Dunlop Crybaby Classic for x-mas. I'm so excited!
The C-1 Hellraiser is probably Schecter's best guitar.
i usually mix and match
^ agreed

Bonzo 24
Joey Jordinson 17
Dave Grohl 19
Phil Rudd 13
Tommy Lee 7 HURT
Neil Peart 24 HEAL
Lars Ulrich 2
Bill Ward 15
Peter Criss 12
Rick Allen 14
Mike Portnoy 16
i made this awsome sandwich. i use toasted bread, ham, salami, bacon stips, and cheese. then put it in the microwave for a minute or so to melt the cheese and warm up the meat.
if it means that you can never die, then it's not worth it to me.
I'm Agnostic, so I don't give a shit.
no, but we have a lot of sites blocked.
Gibson LP's with EMG's rule!
umm, his signature guitar and his signature amp.
Esp/Ltd- 25
Epiphone/Gibson- 19
Fender- 11 hurt
Ibanez- 24
Jackson- 21 heal
new RG's and SZ's look bitchin! not too big of a fan of artcores though.
DR "Tite Fit" 11-50
SL-1 Soloist. More versitle with the HSS pickups.
I really like the four Motorhead covers that Metallica did at the end of Garage Inc. Disc 2.
Carmen Electra by a mile!
footswitch, distortion pedal, guy backstage switching.
i think everyday should be free hugs day. me like hugs!
they're pretty sweet. but not if you play that Korn/Slipknot bullshit, that stuff's kinda boring. it's important to learn on a 6 string guitar first in my opinion.
whatever the **** i can find that doesn't have to be cooked.
i used to shove my dick in the snow
i played pissing wars with my friends
i was caught running water on my dick and balls in the tub
i'd grab my penis every time i had a boner
Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) - 69 HEAL
James Hetfield - (Metallica) - 56 HURT
Soul Descenders, they're a St. Louis local metal band. i know one of the guitarists.
the ones that don't break. and ones that don't squeeze or fall off your dick.
hall moniter, get the **** out of my class!
Bruce Dickinson- 19 HEAL
Jim Morrison- 39
John Lennon- 35
Axl Rose- 4 HURT
Rob Halford- 21
Ozzy osbourne- 47
Freddie Mercury- 42
Bon Scott- 19
James Hetfield- 12
Dave Mustaine- 13
that game's hella sweet! can't wait to play the second one.
lol, that's ****ed up!
Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) - 60 HEAL
James Hetfield (Metallica) - 58
Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) - 6 HURT