myspace, you can do more with your profile. sure there's a bunch kids and emos on there, but **** 'em!
it was pretty tight. they should do another one. especially now that roadrunner has megadeth and black label society.
Fender 6
Gibson/Epiphone 31
Jackson 26
Schecter 31 HEAL
Kramer 18
Musicman 29 HURT
i'm a nudist. i walk around butt-naked all day everyday.
4.0 on my 1st quarter report card. not sure what it is now. i'm doing better than last year. probably cuz i was a freshman last year and decided to goof off.
Quote by Arlabester
does anyone realize he just said a STARCASTER sounds like hendrix?

dude, a lot of n00bs think their guitar sounds like hendrix. what i don't get is how a GUITAR sounds like hendrix.
85/85? never heard of anyone who uses that combo. get a zakk wylde 81/85 set, or both seperately but you'd probably save money if you bought the zakk wylde set.
you should've spent your money on one good guitar instead of two crap guitars.
there is no Fender Bullet Strat dumbass, it's probably a Squier and you just don't wanna admit you have one. so ****ing what? i have a Squier too and i'm not ashamed of it! well, actually i am but at least i don't go around telling people it's a Fender. lol

besides, playing music isn't a ****ing rat race. it's for fun. and WTF is a goddamn guitar test?!?
The Schecter C-1 Hellraiser is without a doubt one of the best metal guitars in it's price range. Plus it has EMG's, can't get much more metal than that.
cuz they make crap guitars. most of them are made of cheap agathis wood and the only reason they can charge as much as they do for them is because of all their wild shapes.
there's pretty much no other cheating method besides practicing a lot.
if you get at least a 400 series, nothing.
i've never played an Agile before, so i have no idea what they feel or sound like. but Epiphone Les Paul Customs are awsome guitars. kinda reminds me of the real thing. and they look beautiful!
i like 1.0 best, even tho now i have a bunch of .88's right now. and i use Dunlop Tortex picks of course.
congrats, man! not a big fan of the color, but looks like a sweet ass guitar.
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Well, i think i am going to go for the Dean because of the mahogony body, and gold hardware, inlays etc. Not that the inlays and hardware matter, but it also has the body would which would suit me yeh

anyone know a price?

$650 on SamAsh.
i'd get the Dean or Hamer. the Dean looks pretty damn sweet. the finish on that Epiphone is kinda ugly i think. they're really similar guitars, only each one probably some different parts is all.
kinda acoustic-sounding, or with a chorus effect.
he has a funny looking face, but that was really good.
Fender 20
Gibson/Epiphone 24 hurt
Ibanez 9
Jackson 22
Dean 10
Washburn 14
Schecter 22 HEAL
PRS 16
Kramer 16
Musicman 16 HURT
Hotel California - The Eagles 43 HURT
All Along the Watch Tower - Jimi Hendrix 42
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd 33
Get a Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbuckers Set (JB/Jazz) for the bridge and neck positions, and then a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail for the middle.
Well, Welcome to the Jungle has a digital delay pedal in the intro so maybe get a Digitech DigiDelay or something.
if the pickups "seem dead" to you now, then just change em.
the Schecter would probably suit you best.
mine is a discontinued model, not sure what year it's from tho.
Fender 22 Heal
Gibson/Epiphone 19
Ibanez 16
Jackson 18
Dean 15
Washburn 15
Schecter 18 HEAL
PRS 17
Kramer 14
Musicman HURT
who gives a ****! i'd bone the hell out of her either way!
oreoes and chocolate chip are my two favs.
i don't think it's racist. that's what they are. besides, calling someone a white person isn't racist so why should black person be?
they're both just a couple of tools.
i like the EC-1000 better
The Epiphone SG would probably be better for you. Ibanez makes mostly metal guitars.
i'm working on the canon rock right now. it's hella fun!
Dean Razorback V
i like em both, but the ML's are better in my opinion.