Let's all get drunk and invade France.
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Hey guise,tomorrow is my 5th months with my girlfriend and we haven't even talk about sex,I mean,it's not like I am desperate,but I would like to talk about it since at least for it's an important part in a relationship.Now the problem is that both she and I are virgins and get pretty embarrassed when at least I try to bring up the conversation.I don't want her to think I am pressuring her because I'm not,I just want to know where we stand and need help with tips on what to say and how to bring up the conversation.Just in case,I'm not with her because of sex,I'm with her because I love her and have no trouble waiting until she feels comfortable,I would like know at least talk about it.... Any suggestions?

PS: I hope I don't get banned,I posted this on the relationship thread too because it's also related...

Relax, females aren't that complicated. Just tell her what you just told the thread - you love her, you're not just after sex but you just want to know her views on the matter. Just be honest and conversational - don't interrogate her.

Best of luck.
^ Have you considered she just might not like oral that much? Have a talk to her about it and ask her what her problems are. She might be self-concious of something.

Also with the 69 thing, there's not a real big incentive for the female for a multitude of reasons.
1. A lot of guys lose interest in what they're doing in favour of just enjoying their blow job. Maybe try and even up the playing field and try and focus on pleasing her and not just wondering about your own orgasm.
2. No position ever seems to be that comfortable. Try everything you can think of.
3. Female orgasms come more quickly if they have the right frame of mind/they're focused. 69 shifts the focus away and girls can find it more difficult to come.

Barely any girls I know actually enjoy 69. Just talk to her about it and see if you can ease her mind a bit.
And another quick question, why would chicks have sex with an average guy when they could be using a vibrator? Doesn't that feel better to them? Also I don't know any guys who can make their junk vibrate...

Why do people have sex at all? Why doesn't the human race reproduce via invetro fertilisation? It'd probably be quicker and more efficient. Sex feels good - and you want to share that feeling with your partner. You can't really get your heart racing thinking about a vibrating piece of plastic whereas foreplay, some skin on skin touching etc is entirely different. Vibrators and masturbation serve their purpose - to relieve stress and sexual tension and to feel good - but I think sex in itself is viewed from a different perspective.

And to relate to your previous post from a female perspective. Size honestly doesn't matter. The female G-spot is approximately two inches inside the vagina and 75% of females can't orgasm from vaginal stimulation soley anyway. You can make your girl feel good regardless of the size of your manhood. The big thing is confidence. Everything else, your girl should be able to help you learn.

And about girls paying out guys for their size? I've known girls to brag about how massive their boyfriends are. They break up and suddenly he was tiny and rubbish in bed. Girls just say it to be spiteful though they really shouldn't.
Late reply, I'm a fail.

Toe-mah-toes or Toe-may-toes?
Right here.

Favourite alcoholic beverage?
So as a follow up to my post the other day, went to my girlfriends today, shirts and upper-undergarments came off and I started sucking on her nipples. (I actually did it a bit too hard, but that's beside the point...) Anyways, she loved it. But the thing is, she wishes she could do something back to me that doesn't involve contact with genitals that would feel as good. Any ideas?

How about trying some massage techniques with her? Get her to take your shirt off and get some massage oils or something? You can reciprocate for her also.
I feel kind of awkward asking this here because I think I'm one of the few females. But, would any of you guys be able to give me a list of some things to improve blow jobs? My boyfriend comes every time and loves them, it's just I'd like to try and improve my skills and make it as good for him as I possibly can.

Also um, sometimes after swallowing I feel quite nauseaus. I'm sure it's not psychological, I don't mind doing it and have done it a few times before. It's just that I end up feeling a bit sick afterwards, is this normal?
My friend Todd in the middle of a speech in front of a large group of parents mispronounced a word. He then said 'sh-t' loudly. Realizing his mistake at swearing in front of about thirty parents he shouted 'f-ck'. The room went silence. He whispered the word 'sh-t' again and ran out of the room.

My dad knows this guy called Donald Duhk

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Samboy flavour bombs you know the chips that had the little flavouring packet and from what I remember BBQ was reeeeally hot!

I remember those!

I'd like to add the old kind of Maggi two-minute noodles. They got rid of the artificial flavoring and now they suck.

And Mountain Dew. It's hard to find in Australia unless you find a KFC and I hate KFC.
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I'd text her back and say "Who the fuck are you?"

If she responds, I would continue the conversation in character as my "other girlfriend" who found my phone lying around.


I've always thought The Veronicas were pretty.

-shrugs and walks off-
In second grade I threw up on some kid. He never really ever forgave me for that. It wasn't really my fault. I had my hand up trying to tell the teacher I felt sick but she ignored me. Poor kid had to be sent home to get a change of uniform.

I once fainted in Home Economics class in eighth grade and had to be carried to the infirmary by two of the guys.

Oh! And walking into class the other day, I tripped up the little step in front of the doorway. One of my guy friends caught me before I hit the ground and kept me upright while I attempted to get my balance back. I'm extremely unco-ordinated. My friends are kinda used to picking me up when I injure myself.

Edit: I elbowed this girl in the face playing sport and broke her nose. Go me.
One of the teachers is called Richard Cox (nicknamed Dick Cox).

There's also can exchange student at my school called Icy Wang.
Bahaha poor girl.

This is Short Stack. They're one of those myspace one-hit-wonders from Australia.
^ Anyone who spends that much time in the gym then proceeds to wear their pants around their knees is a douche.

The fat guy from Good Charlotte also pisses me off.

I'm done now.
^ No problem.

I like this thread. xD

Dirty hippy.
^ That's not Blink. Angels & Airwaves just has Tom Delonge in it.

Angels & Airwaves and douche incarnate Oliver Sykes.
Vanilla Coke.
Pepsi...the blue kind.

Edit: I've always wanted to try Pop-Tarts but I can't find them anywhere in Aus. =/
Edit II: Crispy M&Ms are being discontinued!? They sell them everywhere here...
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So I'm not in complete distress about a situation but It'd be nice to get some advice, especially if anyone has been in a similar situation.

Basically it goes like this: Girl has boyfriend of 2 years. Their relationship was on the rocks. I started to get to know her (we'll call her Dominique) about a month ago. She ended up admitting she likes me (we made out once last week after I wrote her a song). At this point she was single though. Now they've broken up twice...and are currently BACK together.

I'm not really sure what kind of advice I want here. I guess I'm just curious if you have any advice on how to keep the chances high for getting with her. How do I stay in that potential boyfriend range while her relationship (hopefully) falls apart for good? Does that make sense? I'm sorry...kind of rambling.

Step back and let things sort themselves out. If she breaks up with her boyfriend, she breaks up with her boyfriend, there's not much you can do. Be supportive but don't force yourself on her. Obviously their relationship isn't going so well if they keep breaking up but she must still have feelings for him if she keeps taking him back. My advice would be to just stay friendly and if her relationship with the other guy ends, gently let her know you're interested.

I hope that made sense/helped at all.
^ The other day on MSN, he was telling me about how he was planning to kill himself. I told him it was a stupid idea and it would hurt a lot of people. He laughed it off and asked who? I told him it would hurt me...I mean we're supposed to be friends right? He then told me "Well then I'm's the only way" and signs off.

I was FREAKING OUT, on the verge of tears, thinking he'd just killed himself. I was an inch away from calling the police...five minutes later he signs back on and goes "Just kidding".

I should begin by describing Boy. Boy apparently suffers from a very bad home life. He's told me he has depression, he self harms, he hears voices, he's paranoid, he's attempted suicide and his dad beats him etc. He smokes, drinks and does drugs. He's also apparently in some 'gang'. He has a blood fetish and loves all things to do with satan.

But he also lies.

He lies about A LOT of things. It's so bad to the point where I don't know whether anything he tells me is true or not. All of those things, could be completely false and I would never know.

Anyway, we've been 'friends' for a while...meaning we talk to each other all the time until he goes too far, hurts my feelings and I block him on MSN. After a while, I unblock him, feeling sorry for him, and the circuit repeats itself again and again.

Apparently he's been in love with me since grade seven, he hits on me non-stop. Tells me how incredibly beautiful I am, how much he loves me, hugs me for no reason in the middle of class etc.

Then out of the blue, he has a girlfriend and he's bragging to me about how beautiful she is and how he's going to get laid. Soon enough, she'll 'break his heart' and he comes crawling back to me saying how much he needs me and how I'm his last hope and his only light in the darkness. And apparently how I SAVED HIS LIFE.

Boy asked me to the semi formal last year and at the last moment ditched me for another girl (because she was hot and he wanted to score). She dumped him after about a week later and then the next thing I know, I have him crying on my shoulder. (Once again, I don't know whether he's lying or not).

My parents won't let me go out with him because they've heard of all the bad stuff he's supposedly done. He keeps asking me to go places with him and I keep having to make us excuses so he doesn't know that I'm not allowed out with him. He has no other real friends because everyone is sorta...afraid of him.

I try to distance myself from him but after a while he'll come crawling back telling me how much he needs me. I get sucked in again and the cycle repeats.

We're nothing alike. I don't even fully understand how we became friends.

He's loud and obnoxious. He skips school (he's so smart could top our grade but ends up failing all his subjects instead), He gets drunk and high. He smokes after class and talks about all the times he's been laid. Basically, I'm the opposite. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I don't go to *those* kind of parties. I do well in school. We run with different crowds.

What do I do!?

I'm terrified to be friends with him but at the same time I'm worried that he'll end up hurting himself if I'm not.
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Mix 'em together and have a purple pill.

It'll transport you to a better movie.

Bella and Edward get it on in the fourth book.

And yes, I read it. Don't kill me.
...I'm finding this hard to understand...
Are you serious!?
Cute Is What We Aim For.
"Don't worry. It doesn't hurt"

My friend on getting her bellybutton pierced.
Of course it wouldn't hurt. She got it numbed.
Being interesting and actually possessing personality is more attractive in my opinion. =] You can tell a lot about someone's personality by looking at the way they dress and act. If a guy looks friendly and easily approachable then they'll be more attractive to girls. Looks do come into play, it's not a perfect world, but there are more important things than if they bleach their hair or not.

(And from experience scene/emo chicks aren't the nicest girls eithe. They seem to be in love with themselves an awful lot.)
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Anything from Physics class, because the teacher doesn't teach much yet expects us to know it. He assigns ten really hard questions just about each night without teaching anything.

The physics teacher at my school does that too. It makes me kind of glad I didn't pick physics as an elective though. I suck at anything math-related.
In ninth grade we had to go home and make three different types of glue, stick pieces of wood together and test which one was the strongest. We then had to write a report on the experiment process etc.

...I super-glued mine together, wrote a report saying they didn't break and got an A. Whoo!

The 15 minute speech on aspects of Australian poetry I did last week sucked ass.
There's this ****ing annoying kid at my school. He walks around pretending to be Hitler (he's Jewish by the way)calling people 'niggas' and 'wogs'.

He stole all these campaign posters from the local election and drew Hitler mustaches on them before taping them to his stomach.

He spent $80 buying a pink Country Road bag. He frequently gets bashed up by younger people.

For lunch he buys two tubs of Fruit Salad. One to eat and one to throw at people.

At camp he wore a bathrobe and fluffy slippers to breakfast because he thought it was funny. At another camp (we had to provide out own food) he didn't bring anything and ended up making the teachers pay for him to eat takeout everyday. He's probably around 150kg.

He comes into my geography class, steals my teachers keys and runs out the door squealing.

>.< I've never hated anyone as much as I hate him. I've been nothing but nice to him and he throws it back in my face.
"Would you like me to get your book for you?"
"Shut up you stupid emo"

What the heck!?
Bamboo skewers under his fingernails and a ritualistic sacrifice of his sister.

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i ran through my school fete screaming aas a mate chased me in a gorilla costume
we got some bad looks
and some laughs

Haha. I would have found that funny. =P
I was in the health aisle of the supermarket. I needed some bandaids and there's like 394534 different kinds of bandaids so it took me a while to figure out which ones to get.
And in the supermarket condom section is right beside the bandaids and antiseptic.
And this old lady walks past and gives me the worst look look and goes
"So young to be trying such things" and walks off.

My cousin: You're so un-mature
Random: It's immature, you ****ing retard!

*wipes away tears of laughter*