i don't think they're underrated, i think they're an average hardcore band. They have a few good songs, but a lot of them sound the same. Second album is poop.

my 2 cents
Well.... if it ends at 3:16 EST today, that was about 3 hours ago
i like how these forums have become littered with ill mannered people who always seem to have signed up just today. either way, i agree that the lineup is far from decent.
you know its funny when a plane hits a building.
Quite frankly i'd rather have that S over an RG of similar price. It's mahogany over basswood and the bridge is going to be a lot better.
A new thread did not have to be made for this, but since it was made i'll answer.

The string gauge suits the tuning you're using not the genre you're playing. If you're in E standard .009-.049's or .010's will do fine. Go a tad thicker if you're playing lower. It's also preference, the higher the string gauge the more tension you will have, but if you switch drastically you will need a set up.
Cool Story Bro!
ESP Cockstock and Ibanez Standard
plus they all have really homosexual stage names
have you checked out any other pickups? It's all ear, what sounds good to you might not sound good to anyone else and vice versa. I would suggest going to a local music shop and seeing if you can try out multiple other guitars with different pickups. I myself would never want an invader in my guitar. I'd stick to JB/59 combo honestly.

Also, tone is going to come mostly from your amp not your pickups.
it's an explorer with a chunk taken out of it.
Seriously though, if i could have any guitar in the world right now, it would be the Washburn WM526. it's pretty much a USA custom, with an OFR, EMG's and a carbon glass epoxy fretboard (which is incredibly slick), great fret access, super fast neck and amazing build quality.
well, if you like to play guitars that are massively overpriced go for it.

plenty of other guitars will be way better for cheaper.

EBMM John Petrucci JP6/7
Washburn WM526

and plenty others, but those are 3 of the best playing/quality production guitars you can buy.

if you're looking to spend 3k+ i'd suggest getting a custom.

Marshall's are the Gibson's of amps, far too overpriced for what you're getting. the Blackstar will be much better $ for $
ummm..... ibanez? also, the ESP/Jackson custom shops are like 3-4k min.
i doubt you'll find a japan/usa made guitar for that price anyway. If you want to look at other ibanez's in that range the non prestige S-series guitars have ZR trems which are pretty decent
Well, if you're looking for someone to say yeah i'd buy it, i'm probably not the best person to ask. Personally i wouldn't buy a non-prestige ibanez, nor would i buy one that's shaped like that. I like the shape, i just wouldn't play it myself.

the OFR would cost 150 by itself and more to have it installed unless you did it yourself.

It's your call, its good price on the guitar but i wouldn't buy it personally
sure, its about 50% off, if it's in good condition that's a pretty good deal
they sell for 900 new so, i wouldn't pay more than 600-650
a reboard would probably cost enough to make you not want to do it, i know a refret alone is about $300. Its a massive undertaking.

No idea what your price range is, but there are some nice Agiles with maple boards, also:

Jackson DK2M

Ibanez RG3550MZ

Ibanez RG350MDX

Ibanez RG350M
Quote by hans the lefty
use their amps

thanks for that, i meant getting a better tone as in some examples of good settings/pedals/eq to use
yeah, i would def do that, but being at college doesn't really let me bring amps in haha.
Does anyone here use logic (i have logic 9) and have any suggestions on how to get a good metal tone? something like an after the burial/periphery tone?

metalcore (along with most -core genres) is becoming plagued with clichéd, generic, repetitive, boring bands that are somehow all getting signed and pumped up our asses. I'm not by any means condemning the genre's as a whole, but the record labels need to wise up and stop the over-saturation of CRAP
fretlesses usually give a different sound than than fretted and might not be the sound certain bands are wanting, i dont think of it as any worse although i wouldn't want a fretless in my band. In Obscura (band not album) it rapes however.
anything that's played on the radio, people dont like it when you play interesting stuff
EMG's sound terrible through solid state amps (well not terrible, but not anywhere near good), especially not a 15W spider. I like ESP's but not low end ones. An ESP Alexi is just going to be more expensive because it has his name on it, you could get a much better guitar for the money.
It would seem that every djent band says that their somewhat influenced by Meshuggah so I would say yes. This is old news thought. Djent was a cool new thing when it was first brought to everyones attention, but just like deathcore it's been overplayed, and genericized and the greatness that it had has become plagued with terrible crap.
the fact that the only part of their songs you mentioned were the breakdowns makes me weary of them already... i like a breakdown every once in a while, but... we'll see