SWIM is rolling with some dope Amsterdam cofee ATM...

Life is ****ing good.

****in' A!
No theme, no purpose, no emotion, just spur-of-the-moment doodling.
Hate, hate, hate (!!!) going around with socks. Even though it's quite cold here.

Barefoot FTW.
Just thought up some silly song about my loathing of the music industry on the way home, thought I'd share. I've only written two verses and pre-chori so far, I'd appreciate some help and criticisms.

I don't Like Your Music

Sell your music, sell your name,
Sing of money, sing of fame,
Sing of drinking, sing of sex,
And fill your greasy palms with change and checks.

Sing of of stuff they'll understand,
Sing of how you think you're grand,
Sing of what they say you should,
You'r a painted, cardboard set in Hollywood.

You sing aloud
Of how you're proud
But you're member of the crowd,
And, no surprise,
Your thin-veiled lies
All just fall through.

The world is bleak,
You're not unique,
And, to be frank, you make me sick,
So just give in,
It's not a sin,
You're worthless too.
(Let me bring it to you)

(I don't like your music)
You're meaningless and bland,
Quote by Philip_pepper
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.

The quicker you adapt this mindset, the better and easier.

Aw shit, ******, I feel you!
What's the problem with being able to look at a guy and say he looks good? Doesn't mean you're attracted to him... Also, what's wrong with trying both sides of the equation?

Also, Slash is a meh at best.
Wow, coming back to the Pit and seeing this...
Pretty cool, actually.

Dogs or cats?
About working class heroes.

What's up, y'all?
Was it purely long distance?/

Edit: I don't watch the show.

What do you work at?

What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?
Well, for one thing, I think starting another war is ****ing stupid and terrible, but on the other hand, people are being killed by the daily, unprovoked, rocket strikes on civilian targets in Israel.

****ing Hamas. I really want the Palestinians to have an independent country, but Hamas leadership means war, death, and human rights being trampled.
Not you.

When will my head stop aching? It's been going at it full power for like half a year.
We are the Dead.
I'm quite content with the poll result.
Sundays are the start of the week here, so it sucks.
Nope. Stay forever.

What's stuck in my eye?

Trains - Porcupine Tree
That was pretty easy, I have to say (I guesstimated the whole thing but still).
I tried quitting it, but after quitting cigarettes (again), I came back (again). I still prefer tea in general.

I almost always drink black coffee with no sugar or milk, with the shit still in the bottom of the cup. And I really hate Nescafe. Yeah, I'm manly like that.
None. Think how they would suffer after being suddenly resurrected into the present, especially the ones who died several decades ago. Resurrection seems like a terrible thing.
Quote by Samdroid
I am the snake in my boot.

This is worse than Creepy Woody. Way worse.
To infinity, and beyond!
Nurse Joy. :3

Worst job you've ever had?
Well, we went to sleep (without sex) at around 2AM, and for some reason we both woke up at 6, and somehow went on to have sex, which lasted for like 2 minutes but still finished with both of us satisfied. I found it really odd, even slightly disturbing.
Yes. Funny, but incredibly dumb.

Ever had unprotected sex?
What holiday?
I voted the second broption brah, but my broternative is "bro".
The flesh of your fallen enemies. Or pasta. Anything goes.

What should I do, play Skyrim or watch a film?
Maya script. Also Arabic is pretty cool.

What time do you go to sleep on average?
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I can actually dig this.


But true. Use it on your inner sleeve.

Anyway, I'm considered pretty good at drawing too in case you're stumped.
David Bowie - Supermen (I like this version better than the original) Or actually most of Bowie's stuff

Pixies - Gouge Away Most of their stuff fits too, actually.

And in Hebrew:
Meir Ariel - Terminal Luminalet (My favourite song in Hebrew)
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That sounds like the most horrible thing ever.


Sorry, but it's true.

Try some Pendulum, Prodigy, Borgore, Black Sun Empire and if you're feeling brave, Venetian Snares.
Voted all the options. What did you expect?

Also, I want to play CoD right now.
Girl just came back from a very long weekend at her parents, came to see me. I'm flexin to tha max, brah.