I've seen Scuzz play a few good things like Periphery and Aliases, but that's about it!
I used to play all the time and get nowhere, but now I don't really play on weekends, so that when I come back to it through the week I come back to it without that sense of frustration, and I seem to do pretty well!
The Civil Wars
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Fellsilent and Sikth.

Personally, I prefer what came from those bands after they split. Seen Tesseract twice now, once with Dan and once with Elliot, and they were just perfect every time. Still waiting on that Monuments LP though...

And Aliases are definitely on a par with Sikth! Also enjoying The Painted Smiles right now, Mikee Goodmans new band, just good rock music.
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Protest the Hero - Kezia

My god. This. So much. Best story for a concept album I've ever come across. And to say that the lyrics were written when Arif was 18, it's incredible.

Coheed and Cambria's discography is an obvious one, amazing albums.

As for musical concepts, Between The Buried And Me's Colors is an amazing piece of work.

Also, ALL of Pain of Salvation's albums are concepts. Check them out.
Go for Pull Me Under and Fatal Tragedy if you want individual songs. And Dance of Eternity.
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Colors by Between the Buried and Me

For me, this is perfect. Despite them being my favourite band of all time, my view on this album is not biased. Also, Fortress by Protest the Hero comes pretty close to perfection. Take Kezia's lyrics and put them in Fortress... Perfection.

And Tesseract's Concealing Fate EP. The riffs, the vocal melodies, the bass playing, the drums... All amazing!
Listen to Colors by Between the Buried and Me. You'll think 'how the hell do they pull that shit off live?'

Then watch Colors_Live, and be blown away.

I think some artists, if their material is hard to play, do it to prove to people that they can actually play what they put down in the studio. There was a lot of skepticism about Protest the Hero after they released Fortress, but they brought out a live DVD with songs from that album on it and I don't think Luke Hoskin actually misses a single note.
Music, friends, my girlfriend... Pretty obvious things really but they work.
There's a Wetwang in the UK.
Paul Waggoner of Between the Buried and Me
Luke Hoskin of Protest the Hero
Misha Mansoor of Periphery
Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth

All four have their own unique technique and all write completely different styles of music. I love them all.
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Also Blackwater Park :P
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Opeth - Blackwater Park
I have tickets for Alter Bridge, A Skylit Drive and Between the Buried and Me.

EDIT: And soon I shall have Opeth, City and Colour, Alexisonfire and Textures.
Other music forums are irrelevant. Only The Pit must exist.
I agree, Periphery are going to be pretty big! Saw them headling with Tesseract and Monuments as supporting, and they were phenomenal! Especially Tesseract, they are actually THE tighestest band I've ever seen live!

Also, The Dear Hunter should be bigger than they are.

EDIT: Also, to whoever said The Contortionist... They're okay. They have some good moments (Flourish and Contact intros) But apart from these few good moments, all seems pretty stale to me. Too much G# chugging for my liking, but hey, that's just me :P
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This "entire genre" has about 10 bands in it, a fucking stupid name, a fucking stupid cult following, everyone involved is revered as some sort of inhuman god, and every band sounds identical.
That's still my opinion and I created the thread for people to discuss theirs.
Besides, I hate a few genres a fair bit more.

You should really listen to it a bit more in-depth. Every single song on Periphery's debut album sound completely different. Try comparing Buttersnips by Periphery to Harvey Wallbanger by Chimp Spanner... They don't sound ANYTHING like each other. And they're revered as 'some sort of inhuman god' because the music they write is actually intelligent and well though out.

Unlike Deathcore.
Tune your guitar to whatever ever it is they play in and learn it by ear, it's all really basic stuff!
Harvey Wallbanger by Chimp Spanner
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I'm not sure if they're classed as riffs, but ... I can't even word the sentence properly I'm that tired. I'm just gonna say Meshuggah.

Fredrik Thordendal is a freaking machine man. Bleed is damn heavy, I've been learning it and my arm implodes after a minute and a half.

Insomnia - Periphery


How do you like your bacon?
Not sure if this has been said already, but Bella.

Oh my god.

Half of her script must just read *heavy breathing*.
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"May you never be broken again"

*Insert epic riff*

Saw them in October, and seeing them again in November! This is assuming that the line you put is actually Alter Bridge :')
It's awesome to see a lot of Protest the Hero and BTBAM!

I've had 'You ever had one those... those days....? SHIT A BRICK!' in my head. Devin Townsend's Deconstruction.

And 'I'll evade the sun, this life is given to those in the shadows.' - Frak the Gods by Periphery.
Hourglass - Lamb of God. Seems like you're into metalcore-ish kinda stuff, so try that, or some Killswitch Engage. My Curse would be a good one.
I'm a huge fan of Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me. I love his first person prose style, always sounds like he's telling me a story. Also, Arif Mirabdolbaghi, bassist of Protest the Hero and main lyricist, never fails to impress me. Kezia with it's ethically and morally challenging themes, and he just paints a massive picture with Fortress, or so it seems to me.

As for vocal inspirations, Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge is one of my idols, as well as Daniel Gildenlow of Pain of Salvation. To me, they are two of the greatest vocalists right now.

Oh, and Devin Townsend.
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Nuno Bettencourt is the live guitar player for Rihanna. And that's really all I have to say about that.

*exits thread*

Yeah, I was astounded when I found that out. I'm not sure whether to be happy about it or not.
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I haven't really cared all that much. I have better, more productive things to do.

But what's more productive than reproduction?
Weird. I only sweat when I play a show. But when I'm at home, no matter what difficulty/pace the song is at, I'm fine!
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Paul Waggoner. John Petrucci. Tosin Abasi.

Come at me, bros.

I have an 8 string, I can be part of the legion right? :3
The way I walk. My girlfriend pointed out that I walk funny. Not cool.
What's funny is that people see 'metal' concerts as a dangerous place to be. It's really not. You don't HAVE to go in the 'pits' and whatnot. And just wear earplugs. You should wear plugs to most if not all gigs, not just metal gigs. Everyone at metal gigs are generally quite pleasant, they just like to kick the living shit out of each other to the music.

Plus, it's Animals as Leaders. They're jazzy, and groovy. Nobody is gonna be moshing or going crazy, they'll be getting their pigeon neck on if anything.

EDIT: Seeing Animals as Leaders in September, supporting Between the Buried and Me. Gonna be awesome.
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I'm like this right now not that playing guitar isn't fun. I think it's when I'm about to get something that will drastically help my playing I stop playing as much until I get it...
Idk why..

This sort of happened to me. I must have played my guitar for less than 2 hours a week for about 4-5 weeks before I got my 8 string. Now that I have that, I enjoy playing much more, and take whatever chance I can get to play guitar.
I love you, man. <<<< It's a film, I'm not saying I love you xD

Dogma too.
Not the most brutal, but BTBAM's Decade of Statues is heavy.
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Oblivion - Mastodon?
Mine would actually be not going out with my ex. She ruined a lot of things for me xD
I have a fantastic girlfriend. I'm going to be purchasing an 8 string guitar shortly. I'm doing well in music college. Been learning songs that I once thought wouldn't be able to play. That's it really!