Near mint, I've only had it a few months but constant touring with it makes me feel guilty for taking such a nice instrument through the ropes every night. It is in almost perfect condition outside of a small ding on the headstock that you can see in the link attached below.

Asking $2,000 + shipping/insurance or will consider trade/cash combos that include Axe Fx Ultra's or high end LTD 7's. I live in central KY and would like to keep things as local as possible, but the high end 7 market is a little shot in my area.
I have a Mesa 2x12 that I use at home with my 6505 and I love it, next show we have I'll be running a 3/4 stack to see how it sounds. I highly recommend Mesa or Orange, I got mine for 300, you can find the deals.
Also a thought I hadn't even mentioned yet...I work at GC so I get things at cost, money won't be an issue b/c I can get tubes extremely cheap comparatively to retail price. Suggest the BEST b/c I can get that for less than the retail cost of crap.
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^ +1 to the OD pedal suggestion. I have an Ultra+, which is in the same ballpark as a 6505 tone-wise. A good OD will be able to get that saturation you're looking for out of your crunch channel, and will tighten up the lead channel. I can second the JJ/Tung-Sol combo as well. Also, have you thought about looking for NOS or old, out-of-production tubes like Mullard, Amperex, RCA, Philips, Telefunken, etc.? If you're lucky and you know what to look for, you can score some of those for decent prices on ebay. The quality on many of those old brands exceeds new ones (though new JJ and Tung-Sol are very good) and they often last longer.

Something I did for my Ultra, which may or may not work for you since you're looking for more gain, is I put all 5751s in the preamp section (5751s have about 90% of the gain of a 12ax7 but are a direct replacement). The tone improved, and the noise floor was significantly reduced. I think if you could get your hands on a good overdrive, you could make up for the preamp gain loss, yet improve the tone and have less noise. If anything you may have to bump the pre-gain up one notch with 5751s vs. 12ax7s (and of course you don't have to change all of them out; you could go with a 5751 just in V1 or the phase inverter). If you go that route, JAN Philips made the best 5751s, but GE were also good (I have these) and are cheaper and more available. That may not be your cup of tea, but it's a thought. What do you think?

Thanks for the suggestion about the 5751, I hadn't even though about that. Gain loss wouldn't be a huge issue b/c like I said I run my gain around noon, it's not like I don't have a whole 50% more preamp gain at my disposal to dial in the amount I need. Now I'm curious if I ran my pre this way how it would sound Tung Sol 12ax7 in V1, 5751 in phase, and maybe all JJ or EHX in the rest of the slots. SOOO MANY OPTIONS HAHA
I'm completely reworking my effects and an OD is def is going to be in the mix, however, I still need new tubes...
Yes I've heard the same about tung sol and thats partially what draws me to them, that and the fact that I've heard about a 30% fail rate on JJ's out of the box. I play in drop A on a baritone 7 string so I'm trying to balance out the low end with tone so things don't get muddied up. JJ's are very very dark and I think that kind of limited my tonal capabilities.
My JJ's are going out on my amp. I've held it off for a long time now but after a couple shows dealing with horrible feedback and then being monophonic(to the point where it was picking up my other guitarist's amp)....sooo now it's time. I went through eurotubes last time and went with the high gain all JJ set, they were ok and lasted for over 3 years but it's time for something a little more.

My initial thoughts were SED =C= power and all tung sol preamp with balanced in the phase. I play deathcore so I don't want to tame the amp or throw EL34's in it or anything like that. I want pure American voiced balls.

Another thought I've had but don't know if a selective tube change would even help is to use the crunch channel for rhythm using the lead for, well, leads. As it stands right now the crunch channel just doesn't have quite the gain for me to pull it off the way I'd like. At stage volume I run the amp at approx 5.5 on the pre gain and 3.5 on the post, so it's not like I'm a gain *****, just want to know if this concept is even feasible the way I'd like it to be.

Anything thoughs or suggestions are greatly appreciated and a thanks goes out to all of you in advance.

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I prefer the MMs with Mahogany + high gain. PKs with Basswood + high gain, for 6- and 7-strings.

That's great to hear b/c the guitar is mahogany, and I def use high gain haha. I play deathcore, but this 6 is the one I mess around with more of the melodic kinda stuff.
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You love Blackouts but hate EMG's? Gentlemen, our first pickup hipster.

Haha I've had tons of experience with EMG's, I had 4 other guitars with them in 6,7 and 8 string versions and was a huge skeptic of the SD's for a long time. But the blackouts in my Ibby destroys any tone I can get from any of the others with the EMG's.
So at some point soon I'm going to do an over hall on my green EC-1000. Long story short I'm going to do all gold hardware, the nut is all jacked up so I'm going to have my tech put a hand made bone one on there to top this beauty off.

I play blackouts through my RGD 2127z and I LOVE the tone I get for it, but I'm looking to steer away a little bit on my ltd. I've gotten to the point where I just hate EMG's, some might say I'm growing up .

That being said, I'm about 99% sure I'm going to throw some Bare Knuckles in it but I'm not sure which ones. I've heard great things about the painkillers and aftermaths but when I listened to them all side by side on their website, the ones that stood out the most to me were the miracle man set. Anybody have any experience with them? Any info about these or any other BKP's would greatly appreciated.
I play in Drop A on an Ibanez Prestige RGD 7 26.5" scale

1. 66-48-38-28-18-14-11

2. 66-48-38-26-17-13-10

3. 64-46-36-26-17-13-10

4. 62-46-36-26-16-12-9

Please feel free to nit pick and give any other input....I'm trying to nail this custom set once and for all so I can start bulk ordering from now on and stop playing unbalanced sets that I hate.
How to these two brands REALLY compare tension wise? I've seen comparisons between EB and DR and the DR's were BY FAR tighter than the Ernie Ball's. I've gotta place a bulk order soon and I need to know how those 2 compare. People always say DR's are tighter, and I agree, but how much? I'm extremely picky with my string gauges so I just need some info before I go drop 60 bucks on strings lol.
I have an 8 string, which i never get to play live, and it makes me sad. It's a schecter so 26.5 scale and we play in drop A. where can i get tiiiinny strings. I've tried 8's and they always pop just before i get them into tune, somewhere around G#. Anybody know where I could get like a 7 or maybe even a 6?
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I agree the RGD's are great. I love Ibanez as a company, they seem much more attuned to what players want than other brands. I wish they felt better in my hands

I was the same way before this guitar. For 7's and 8's Ibanez's neck dimensions are king. I can't stand them on 6's though, my hand cramps, it's just too thin. The other thing I like about Ibanez though is that they do customs for endorsee's...once my band picks up management and gets on the rd, hopefully a label too *crosses fingers* they will be the first endorsement application we send out!
Anyone? I realize this is a ridiculous question, just never had to deal with dialing in string gauges with a trem before.
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Now you just need to get rid of the Schecters and get Ibanezes instead

Well I'm trying to sell my C-1 Hellraiser, just don't have use for it anymore. The 7 is my backup and it's an older one that's neck through and has 707's so it's not a bad backup by anyone's stretch of imagination. I may refinish it at some point and have some fret work done on it, everyone knows that's schecter's crucial flaw. The C8 is a custom shop, think anything bad about a Schecter, and this is the opposite. It plays like hand sex.

However, my Ibby is by far my best playing guitar. I'm hoping that the success of the RGD will lead them more down the path of making guitars more suited to metal. The RGD is literally the ONLY Ibanez I'd ever consider and that's solely b/c of the 26.5 scale. I'm just not a fan of having to custom order strings to compensate for the 25.5 that they put on everything else, not that they're the only company that makes the pointless short scaled 7's though
I've been using D'addario 10-59's on my Ibby 7. I like them well enough but I'd kind of like my higher strings to be smaller. If I get lighter strings, say 9-56, would I be able to achieve the same tension by just playing around with the trem or will it decrease just like a stop tail guitar?
Just to clear up what everyone was asking about the "sonic qualities" on the BKP's...They just aren't aggressive enough for my taste, and especially for the style I play. Not saying they can't handle high gain or anything like that, I just think they're at their best when playing djent type stuff which isn't my thing at all. I'm accustomed to the articulation of actives, I play better with actives b/c I don't have to play "as hard" if you will. I feel like I float through leads with actives where I tend to "jump" with passives. What I mean by that is, I don't have to pres as hard with actives to get a note to come through.

I'm going with the SD's, should be ordering them soon, and this is my reasoning. As I said before I know I like blackouts, love them actually, I was just curious as to what people's opinion of the Dactivators were. Nobody on any forum that I've posted has said anythin to likes of "the Dactivators are better b/e of this, this and that". Everyone pretty much said go with blackouts or some other pickups. That basically told me I was right with my opinion in the first place. Not knocking other pickups but I'd already researched them a ton, listened to sound clips and I had already decided others weren't for me.

This is the other scenario. I play better/faster/cleaner with actives, idk why, I just do. When I got the Ibby, I noticed right off the bat that I play 3x better on it than my Schecter with EMGs. My sweeps were so retardedly clean, I couldn't believe it was me playing them, this was b/c the Ibby just plays better, the neck is perfect for me. So I'm doing math in my head, if I play better on the Ibby with passives than I do on my Schecter with actives, now I'm immagining what I'll be able to do on the Ibby with blackouts. and thus I get a chubby in anticipation!!! Thanks so much for the help. All I needed was that last convincing note to make me pull the trigger on the blackouts, and I got like 15 of them haha.
I love the EMG X's, especially 18v modded buuuuttt...I'm not too fond of the idea of routing out my $1600 guitar to fit a pickup that if I ever wanted to change, I'd be up a creek. SD thankfully was smart and made a set of blackouts that fit a standard 7 string pup slot.
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I have blackouts in my c-7 and love them. i haven't had any experience with the d activator tho.

EDIT: Dude i'm from louisville, love your band man! I used to play in Nannie Doss and played a lot of shows with At Lights End before you joined. I've been considering an rgd, how do you like it compared to Isaac's schecter?

hahah no $#it? that's awesome, I remember them talking about playing with you guys when I first got in. The RGD blows the Schecter away in ways unimaginable by the human brain. I'm 3x the guitarist on the RGD and that's compared to Isaac's blackjack and my hellraiser.

To Ethan...Painkillers just aren't aggressive enough for me man, my low end is tight enough as it is so I'm not worried about that. I need something that's going to kick people in the face. I'm used to the way that actives play, but I have minor issues with how emg's sound. Hence why my 2 choices are blackouts and d-activators. It's not that I think BKP's are bad by any means, just not for me and the music style I currently play. I played them through my 6505 and I did like them, just didn't blow me away like some other pups do.
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Bareknuckle Painkiller, or Aftermaths, perfect for drop tunings, Painkiller has more mids, and a tighter bass response, Aftermath has a more scooped mid range, but a more aggressive low end.

BKP's are extremely nice pickups but they just don't translate to the kind of tone I'm after...If I ever play in a djent band in the future, my first move will be throwing some painkillers in, but alas, they just don't produce the sonic qualities I need for my band.
Forgot to mention, I've played blackouts tons of times, I love them. It's basically a matter of me wanting to know any last minute reasons for possibly getting the dimarzios instead, blackouts are the front runners right now.
I have an SKB LP style case and it fits extremely well on mine. I'd highly recommend it, can't remember how much it was though...
I got my new RGD2127z about a month ago, and the inivitable time has come to swap the pups...I've narrowed down my choices to SD phase 1 blackouts or DiMarzio D Activators. Price isn't a factor at all, I just want it to sound the best I can make it. I play in a deathcore band, and we're in Drop A.

Whatcha guys think?
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Pics and/or NGD thread now!!!

I'm at work, otherwise I would, just haven't had a chance to post it yet...been too busy fine tuning the setup and tearing the fret board apart
Just got my new prestige RGD2127 a couple days ago. I'm extremely pleased with the guitar so far but there's a few qualities that I'd lke in the pups that just aren't there. I love the articulation and high end on the stock V77/88's but I need some more balls on the low end and some more harmonic qualities.

I've been looking at the D'Activators, think they'd do they job? If not what would you suggest. Keep in mind the body is basswood. Thanks in advance
I've got my Ibanez RGD2127z on the way, and I'm already looking at mods haha.

I'm about 95% sure I'm going to throw one of these BMP's in as I love blackouts and this thing is only like $50.

Whenever I do swap the pups, it'll prob be more for aesthetic purposes than tone since the BMP pretty much high jacks the tone, but does leave about 30% of the actual pup's sound. Whatever I get, they've gotta be white...I have this picture in my head of this thing with the new pups and a white clip-lock strap and it makes me want to fap

Anyways, what do you guys think? pups to match the BMP?
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If you're going to use the Blackouts Preamp, you'd be better off with some medium output pickups. Boosting high output pickups with a preamp would be pretty noisy, and you'd get a lot of compression too.

What would you consider medium output? I'm really unfamiliar with DiMarzio's in particular b/c I've been stuck on EMG's for a long time now. I'm not sold on them just yet, but the thought of white pups on a satin black body makes me happy in the pants, not to mention w/ white clip locks
Hmmm after some digging around, this seems like the option I may go with:

SD Blackout Modular Preamp + good passives

the BMP turns passives to active, buuuuttt according to SD it's somewhere near a 70-30 ratio of blackout-(whatever passive). They said it does work with high output pups but that just seems like over kill and thus defeating the potential tone sex.

Options are endless, sooooo what pups do you think would be a good match with this awesome innovation. I was thinking maybe and EVO, something else matched with the BMP. Thoughts?
I thought of that but I've got 2 old crappy guitars to trade in too that I already got quotes on so that deducted from the price of the guitar will be less than if I ordered from musicians friend.
I've heard really good things about the D-Activators, I know they're supposed to be a passive that sounds "active" where the Blackouts are more the opposite. How would those compare? Would they be similar? Oh for what it's worth Impending Doom and Molotov Solution both use Blackouts, or at least I know they used to. But the lasting question, would that sound translate through the basswood in the Ibanez like it does through the mahagony in the Schecters.
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Low harmony?

DiMarzio D-Activator X

Or if you have the money to burn

Bare Knuckle War Pigs

Hahaah I knew that was gonna throw somone off...basically what I mean is my tone is geared more towards the rhythm side, there's no rhythm or lead player per say b/c we both have an equal amount of lead parts, but if we're harmonizing a riff which is alot, I play the lower notes.

I good example of the tone I'm looking for is Impending Doom's off their album Serpent Servant or Molotov Solution's The Harbinger
I've looked into both. Both look nice on paper but both are also more hi-fi than I'd probably like. My EQ on my amp looks something like this low-7.5 mid-4 high-4.5. I like my tone beefy, I'd rather it shake the floor than pierce ears, especially since my role in the band is usually the low harmony and my leads are much more sweet and calculated than shred. I really like my current tone with the 707 in the bridge, don't care for it in the neck but I'm exploring other options as well. This will end up being my go to axe so I don't want to change my tone around too much, but I still want something different, if that makes any sense haha. My other guitarist has blackouts in his Blackjack and between both bridge pups, I like them both evenly, but that's also two almost identical guitars and both are mahagony while this Ibby is basswood.
Ordering an Ibanez RGD2127z, hopefully today or tomorrow while GC is still running their 15% off sale for the 4th. Really looking forward to it but as the problem with most Ibby's, their pups will likely suck as I've heard from a lot of people, so I'll likely be swapping them out in the near future.

I play in a Deathcore band ala Whitechapel, Molotov Solution etc... and we play in Drop G. I need something that's going to literally crush and be able to sing at the same time. From what I've heard(could be wrong) the RGD's are routed to accept EMG's or Blackouts so I'm not ruling those out just yet, just trying to get some other ideas. I'm used to the articulation of EMG's so I'd like to retain that aspect, but my tone ears are getting more mature and I have started to get that "I don't like the sterility of EMGs" sydrome. I'm happy enough with the 707 in the bridge of my Hellraiser 7 but not crazy about it in the neck, kinda muddy for sweeps and things like that.

Long story short I need something that can handle Drop G, be brutal but beautiful at the same time. I'm open to suggestions and I'm not biased between active or passives, just used to the way actives play so I'd like to retain that feel. Thanks in advance
I'm about to place an order for some DR's for my 8 string. packs of 10-46 and then single 8's and 60's

I have a Schecter so it's 26.5" scale. Almost hit submit and then a thought of wonder came over me, are those strings going to be long enough to reach the tuning pegs since they're not made specifically for baritone scaled stuff?
it's got a hip shot bridge, basically a modified strat style. so I can adjust action for each individual string. the highest for are perfect right now, super low action and perfect tension on those. It's the low 4 that are giving me problems.

I just restrung the d g and c strings to 52, 42, 32 respectively. lowered the action on those a bit from where they were with the higher gauges and that seems to help, a little buzz but doesn't come through the amp at all. lowered the 72 as low as I possibly could and it's tolerable now. now the problem is the big gauge gap between 72 and 52. I've tried a 64 and 66 in the past and was a little too floppy. Maybe I'll pick up a 68 and 70 and see how those work.
the highest 4 string are perfect 8-24w, it's more the lower 4 I'm concerned with
Yea see I thought they'd be ideal too but once I got em on there it forced me to crank the action to nightmarish levels. If I just trem picked and palm muted everything it would be find, but then what's the point of an 8 string? More articulate stuff is very difficult, diminished stuff is 3x as hard as I'm used to and it's not the neck.