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i have a bbe sonic stomp in the fx loop. i do not have the tubescreamer.
i set the pre gain at about 6 and the post gain to about 2. it's pretty cranked. we usually play small gigs and at practice we just try to keep an equal volume with the drums (he plays really hard and loud).
how do most people use the tubescreamer? do they leave it on the whole time or do they use it only for leads??????

What are your settings like? If you don't have the presence between 8-10 you're not going to get the tone you're not going to get the tone you want. I'd suggest trying that out. My eq for my 6505 goes something like this.

Pregain - 7
Low - 7.5
Mid - 4
High - 5
Res - 6
Pres - 9.5
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I would highly recommend not buying from Eurotubes since they only sell one brand of tubes.

Haha yea I guess that's true, but if you want JJ's then its a good place. I don't like the idea of rebranded tubes so for me it was a good buy.
I'd take a ten year old 5150 over a new Bugera any day.
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I think that's a bit of a stretch.

agreed, I wasn't impressed with the B52 at all. The distortion that everyone raved about as the Recto's little brother was extremely thin and lifeless. Cleans were pretty good but Fender clean? No
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It really depends on what I'm playing.

Even if I am trying to play the most modern metal it sound great with a dry signal to my amp, it just sounds a bit better with an OD used as a slight boost. I never have the gain on my ts-9 above 0.

I looooooooove on the clean channel to use it and it adds just a little dirt and it sounds fantastic.

OT, how do you like your LTD? Whenever my band starts playing live I'll prob need a backup guitar, and I was thinking about one of those.
To answer the Mesa question, no it will not sound as good IMO. Mesa 4x12's are oversized, which gives a distinct feel. Tried multiple cabs with V30's and none of them sounded as good as the Mesa I bought. But then again it was $950, so I guess you get what you pay for.

For that price though I'd say go for it. It will probably sound better than more expensive cabs with different speakers. Maybe not as good as a Mesa or Marshall, but for 200 bucks thats a good deal.
I'd just like to reiterate what a lot of people say that the guys over there hook you up big time. I emailed them about a new set and he set me up with a very specific order for each V slot. I got a full set (6 pre, 4 power) 10 total JJs for $145, that's a steal. Anyone who's looking for new tubes, I highly recommend ordering from them.
I plug straight into my 6505, and my tone will crack skulls. I'll prob end up getting an OD for live situations when my band starts playing but only for a volume boost. There's way too much gain on tap for any kind of gain boost. Hell I only have me pregain on 6 and its got crazy amounts of gain.
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Oops didn't realize it was going by 2's now I'll correct my earlier post.

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well i do lave my strings on until one pops, which is like 2 months, but it was just a ruff comparison, i regreted posting it.

It's all good. I just wanted to make sure the TS didn't get the wrong impression about active pups b/c they don't take a whole lot of juice out of the battery. In all fairness too, I have to change my strings every 3 weeks or so b/c they go dead so fast b/c I play a lot.

To the TS: If you get the ESP make sure to unplug it when you're not playing. Leaving it plugged will drain the battery in less than a week.
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become ded broke, get the ESP
plus, i love the which guitar threads
EDIT: remember, only get the ESP if u only play metal, and u want t have to change the batterys like as often as u cange your strings.

Good god how long do you leave your strings on? I have to change the batteries on mine maybe every 3 months or so and I play ALOT, like 4-5 hrs a day. As long as you unplug the chord from the guitar the batteries last long enough. Not to mention it's easy to just buy rechargeable 9V's.
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The fact that it's a worship band means nothing; what kind of music does that worship band play?

When I played at church, I used my Gibson SG on (then, a crappy modelling amp) a decent-gain recto patch.

Just because you say "Worship band" doesn't mean, "Oh, you need X guitar through Y amp with Z pedals."

Great point, a lot of churches have very different styles of worship music. I got a big church with like 2,000 people and the Jr. High, HS, College and Main services have very different styles. When I played in the Jr. High one, it was more of a pop punk sound so I used a decent amount of gain. I used to use a Digitech RP250 and used the Recto modeler for that. When I played in the HS one, it was more of an alternative rock style. I used cleans with deley and reverb and for dirty parts I used the Marshall modeler. When I played in the college one (which was weird b/c I was only 15) I used a Fender Deluxe with an OD pedal and a PRS CU22 (man I wished that guitar was actually mine), and the style was mostly the same as HS with a little more light gain lead lines. And the main service was a whole other monster b/c it was geared toward an middle aged crowd.

Bottom line, I think the best idea would be to analyze the style and find out which it is closest to. Just b/c you're playing in church doesn't mean it's in a certain genre, so one guy's setup could be completely different from yours.
my cab is loaded with V30s and it goes perfectly with my 6505+. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I'd stay away from G12s though, I tried a cab out with my head and it sounded really dull, it lacked that umph. I know people always throw V30s in the conversation just for good measure sometimes, but in this case I think they are the way to go. I tried G12s and Greenbacks and they both took something away from the amp, they didn't do it justice IMHO.
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Live wires are great...I honestly think they're better than monsters. I was at practice last week and I forgot my cable(livewire) so my other guitarist handed me one of his 3 $60 monsters. As soon as I plugged in the with the monster I got all this buzz. I found it quite funny that I paid less than half the price for a better cable.
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hm i don't know much about tubes but i do know it comes with ruby stock and jj in preamp, the other one that makes less noise also have ruby in it as well,

ok i have a new question. i saw the isp decimator and then i just realize they had another model, the g string. is it worth the upgrade? i don't have a feedback problem with my current guitar but i do have a strat coming in with texas special pickups, since i never dealt with them before i don't know how much hum they make

I have the same problem with my 6505+ and it has Ruby Power tubes also. I'm starting to see a patern.
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Try the NS-2 at different points in your signal chain.

It's the only pedal in my chain at the moment. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the power outlet. Our practice space is in an unfinished section of my other guitarist's basement and I always plug straight into the socket. At practice I have to use the NS-2 between my guitar and the amp to reduce the feedback as much as I can. When I have my amp at my place, I use it in the loop and it cuts absolutely everything. Now granted I'm not playing as loud but I still usually turn it up to 1.5-2 which is pretty damn loud considering I don't have to get over any drums in my bedroom.
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I'd go with some form of a Les Paul...they can do anything well. I think the new Epi Prophecy series has a model with a Duncan JB/59 set, that could be any option.
My Explorer is in B standard, I use D'Addario Light Baritone strings, which are .13 - .62 I believe. I play a lot of Amon Amarth, which has massive amounts of tremolo picking in pretty much every song. If you aren't going to be doing a lot of crazy soloing involving g strings bending and such, it really helps the sound if the 3rd string is wound instead of plain.

+ 1 to the wound 3rd string. I use DR 12's for my Drop B guitar and the wound 3rd helps out sooooo much, especially with tuning stability.
I really hate the necks on the SL3's but that's just me. I've always liked Ibanez more but that's not saying a whole lot b/c the only Ibanez that I've ever liked was the S-series. If I were you I'd get the Ibanez and use the extra money to get some other equipment that you might want.
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Have you tried checking for microphonic tubes with the pencil tap, yet?

No I haven't...everything except my guitar is at our practice space right now b/c I'm not about to drag that back and forth 3 times a week, but I'll def try that out next time I go over there.

Oh and to the guy talking about the effects loop...I do that whenever I have my half stack at my place and it works perfectly, but I can't play as loud in my appt as I can in practice so it's hard to test that aspect. At low volumes (1-2 which is still LOUD) the NS-2 works great, I mean zero noise, but for some reason when I'm at practice (vol ~4) I get feedback, but as others have said it could just be due to horrible acoustics in our practice space.
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Tried DR hi beams 2 years ago, haven't gone back since. I used to use D'Addario but after I tried the DRs I realized the D'Addarios had this little twang to them that I didn't like. I say try a set of DRs out.
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What are the acoustics like in your practice space? Sounds like sound waves aren't just crashing around in there. You need to introduce some sound absorption and diffusion.

That's probably part of the problem. We practice in a closed off section of a couple of the guy's basement that is unfinished. All the walls are bare concrete, so the sound just bounces all over the place. Not to mention we're pretty packed in there so even if I'm standing 4-5 feet away from my amp, my bassist's stack is no more than 4 feet away and the other guitarist's no more than 6.
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Feedback stems from the fact that the phase of the input audio to the Amp from and output are the same.
Lowering the volume definitely helps, although you may try repositioning the cabinet.
If the sound is bouncing fron a wall etc, it might help to reduce it.
Changing the tubes might not do anything, unless the tubes have lower power output, which in turn is like reducing the volume of the equipment.
I hope this helps.


Unfortunately, lowering the volume isn't really an option b/c we have 2 full kit drummers so I already have trouble hearing myself.
I honestly think these amps sound very thin, like something is missing from it's tone. Just lacks that umph in my opinion. It's not b/c a lack of gain, it's just the voicing.
^ fair enough, but honestly you know an amp one should have been done 2nd.
^ yea college starting back up and band practices kept me off UG for a while. Good to be back though. That thread was fun, I've missed shooting down unsuspecting idiots over the internet.
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Something might be going microphonic. Is it a high pitched squeal, or lower like intentional guitar feedback?

High pitched squeal, and to iammetalhead:

Threshold - Max
Decay - Min
So I'm sure some of you know they've had the whole hurt/heal threads going on in the guitar forum, so I thought we could have some fun over here too. Same rules apply: 1 heal and 1 hurt allowed per day. I'm not going to bother with some more obscure brands so I've picked the ones I think are the most prominent. May the best brand win.

Fender - 10
Line 6 - 10
Marshall - 10
Mesa - 10
Peavey - 10
Hughes & Kettner(sp?) - 10
Vox - 10
Orange - 10
ENGL - 10
Randall - 10
Krank - 10
Crate - 10
Soldano - 10
VHT - 10
Deizel - 10
Genz Benz - 10
B52 - 10
Bugera - 10

First Dibs:

Fender - 10
Line 6 - 10
Marshall - 10
Mesa - 11 HEAL
Peavey - 10
Hughes & Kettner(sp?) - 10
Vox - 10
Orange - 10
ENGL - 10
Randall - 10
Krank - 10
Crate - 9 HURT
Soldano - 10
VHT - 10
Deizel - 10
Genz Benz - 10
B52 - 10
Bugera - 10
I doubt it, I've got a EMG 81/85 set, which I guess are really high output, but plenty of ppl use EMG's and 6505's without any problems, at least I don't think they have any problems.
I do too but that's not when it bugs me. Ok say I'm playing a riff and there's a pause so I mute the strings, feedback starts to ring out. It really pisses me off.
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How close are you to the amp?

Closer than I would be on a decent sized stage, but we did a recoding the other day and me and the other guitarist went outside our practice room. The feedback was reduced but there was still a little bit, just enough to annoy me. The NS-2 is maxed out too, it's doing all it can. Also, I only have the gain on 6ish, so that's not the problem, just thought I'd throw that out there.
I have a 6505+ that still has all the stock tubes. I bought a Boss NS-2 to help with the feedback (yes I know the ISP is better), and it works find until I turn the amp up to about 4. I realize that I'll prob never have to turn up that loud on stage, but at the same time I don't want any feedback period. The preamp tubes are good ones (JJ and EHX) but the power tubes are Ruby's. My question is would changing the power tubes help with cutting feedback down?
I have a half stack (6505+ and Mesa Rectifier 4x12) and honestly it's not hard to move at all. The head is only like 40 lbs and the cab has casters so I can literally move it with one hand, providing there aren't any stairs of course. If you want a half stack, get one, but don't settle on a mediocre half stack when you can get a combo or head/2x12 setup that's better. If you decide you don't want or can't afford a good half stack, I'd go with head and a 2x12 cab. That would give you more options as far as speakers go and like the other guy said, carrying a head and 2x12 individually is much easier than lugging a 65 lb combo.