I play an 8 string, 26.5 scale in drop G, so yes it's tuned up a bit (1/2 step on low G and 1 1/2 on the rest). G-D-G-C-F-Bb-D-G

Right now I have 72-56-46-36-24w-15-11-8

I like it but then I don't, it's really tight and sounds good, but it's forced me to raise my action quite a bit and it's slightly difficult to play. What would YOU use?
Black Metal is intentionally produced badly though, so while it sounds terrible I'd rather hear that than a band who thinks their tone is ear sex when it sounds like mud butt
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Born of Osiris' album A Higher Place is pretty damned bad

I've never liked the production on that album...the new one however is awesome.

Bring me the Horizon's first album had some god awful tone too
cool thanks for the info everyone. AcousticMirror, that's some crazy heavy strings! You're more of a man than I am, that would feel like playing the cable on the golden gate to me. How long is your neck?
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Check out these, instead of buying a pack and then some singles, just order a pack of all the strings you'd like.

I love the idea but they only do custom sets for 7 strings, so I'd still have to order a single for my 8th. And what would be my 4th string i'd like to have a 22 b/c the tension around the 2 middle strings is really tight. Partially what's making this so tedious
yea I have a 42 on it now so I may just single order those as well...and yes an 8 for the g. A 9 will work, but it's extremely tight and slightly difficult to finish of sweeps so i went down to 8. and it's a 26.5" neck
I'm new to custom gauging, getting an 8 string kinda forced me too so here goes. tuned up to drop G (G-D-G-C-F-Bb-D-G)


My plan is to buy this

and they single order the 56 and 72

What are your thoughts? My only worry is the big gap between 56 and 38.

Whatcha guys think?
Impossible? no. Much more of a pain in the ass than necessary if he just had a longer scale? abosolutely
^don't do that....pitch shifters sound like butt.
Dude don't go through the hassle I've been there. My band used to tune in Drop A, and when I joined I still used a 6, that lasted about 2 months before I bought a baritone scaled 7. Then we went down to drop G, finding strings was a nightmare even for that. At 60 was sloppy at best making that djent style impossible. Now I've got an 8 tuned up to drop G and a 68 on the low end.
It does if I really go at it when palm muting, which I tend to do, especially live. It's a habit that tends to be amplified while on stage haha.
Some may have read my post about fret problems. While I may have the fret crowing done just to add some playability, not that it's bad. They frets are level and are not the root of my buzz problem. String tension is great, action is low, and no strings buzz except the Low G. The neck is perfectly straight, should I relieve a tad bit of tension on the truss rod and see if that helps, or would I be digging a hole I'm just going to have to fill right back in? The reason I ask is the guitar is tuned up, the store I bought it from, said they set it up properly but when it arrived it was in standard 8 string tuning so it makes me wonder if they really did or not. I didn't ask questions until now that this buzz has started to annoy me.
agreed, I paid that 100 once when I was 14 b/c I was completely ignorant to truss rods or anything of that sort. I've been doing my own setups since, but fret jobs are a little out of my comfort zone.
What would the standard price be then? They charge 100 bucks for full setup so I'm not surprised at the reaction, most places only charge 30-40 bucks, granted that 100 bucks turned that guitar into the best playing thing I have.
I'm wanting to have my frets redone on my Schecter C-8. Schecter's one problem, they con't crown their frets and they aren't all perfectly level and if they were, they could move b/c they don't glue them. I went into my local shop, very very good place that does excellent work and they quoted me at 250 for leveling, filing them down, crowning and polishing them back up. Is this a fair price?

If it's not too much above average I'm go going to go ahead and do it b/c you get what you pay for with them. I wish I had some picks of their custom work, it's incredible.
Honestly dude go get yourself a 7 string with at least a 26.5" scale neck. Schecter does make 26.5" 6 strings but good luck finding a pack of strings that will hold the tension you're going to need. If you're already down to A#, you WILL get the urge to go lower, trust me been there done that, and now I'm in drop G and even at a 26.5" I had problems with 7 string packs giving me the tension I need, can you say spaghetti? All that ended up where I am now with an 8 string tuned up with a 66 on the low string.
So I just got my new guitar in last week. A Hellraiser C-8 in metallic green, 1 of 12 made in that color , it has some other features that the normal hellraiser's don't but I won't get into that.

Here's my problem. I tune in drop G, so yes it's tuned up as supposed to dropping down. The gauges of strings I'm using are 66-52-42-32-24-16-11-9. Tension is ideal, nice a tight unlike the 59-10 I was using on my 7 string. There is absolutely no fret buzz with an extremely low action except for the low G, the 66. The buzz only occurs on the higher frets somewhere in the range of 1-5.

I'm thinking the reason for it is that the nut is slotted for a 74(standard for an 8) and the 66 is just sitting too low in the nut for it to get the proper distance away from those top frets.

Does anyone know of any easy fixes? I really don't feel like going through the hassle of having a new nut cut and put on there especially since the rest of the strings are perfect.
Thanks for the info and sorry for the double post, my computer froze and then wacked out so somehow it got posted in a diff forum.

Ernie Ball does sell .008s as singles so getting lighter won't be a problem, I'm just trying to keep things as simple as possible considering it's going to be a pain in the @$$ as it is.
So yes, as the title states I ordered an 8 string yesterday. For those of you curious here's what's coming my way:

Unlike most people who get 8's and want to use it for drop E or something ridiculous like that, I'm going to be tuning it up to drop G, it will end up being G-D-G-C-F-Bb-D-G. I have been using a 7 in drop G, so basically I'm adding a high string to my setup instead of a low.

Here's my problem. I'm going to have to order my strings online, and I knew this going into it but I need advice. I've been playing a D'addario set that's 10-59 on my 7 with a 26.5 scale neck, the low G was a little floppy but not bad, I'll prob move up some just to keep things tighter. The 8 will have the same scale and the easiest setup after some extensive browsing looks like get a ernie ball 7 pack 9-52 and throwing a single 64 on top.

The thing I'm worried about is the high G, would the 9 snap tuned up that high?
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if you dont want to mess up your $600 wireless kit, i suggest you wait till you acquire one that is guaranteed to work?

and btw, plugging a different voltage power supply would be dangerous. for the equipment.

Guaranteed to work? It works just fine and so does the power supply that came with it. I was just trying to plug it into my pedal board to make my rig easier to setup live. the problem is the 12v slots only put out 100ma, receiver needs 300. Looks like I'm stuck making a parallel cable like SKB's website said.
Would plugging an 18v power supply into my wireless receiver (requires 12v @ 300ma) damage it?

I would just plug in and see what happens but I don't wanna mess up my $600 wireless kit
lol you're a lucky one...mine had ruby tubes all the way email was sent to eurotubes within a week
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Dead batteries?

my first thought, they're fresh though
My wireless kit has recently started having some problems. The sound I'm getting from it is extremely flubby and loose. My tone was perfect before with it, super tight and articulate, I lost nothing out of my tone. I tried reprogramming it and syncing it to the wireless pack and the signal apparently is going through just fine, it just sounds like s#!t.

Anybody know what this could be?
^ yea I'm not much of a wood worker or painter so I'd def let a professional handle it. It wouldn't be anything extravagant, prob just a translucent green or blue...I'm sure the wood underneath wouldn't be much to show off seeing as it's covered up with flat or gloss black.
Had this dilemma sooo many times before I got my 7 string. My band plays in Drop A but until I got my 7, I just used the bottom 6 of a 7 string pack. Like the other guy said, prob around 14-58.
I'm planning on getting another 7 string with my tax return this year. I already have a Schecter Hellraiser C-7, kinda leaning towards an ESP/LTD. Here's my problem, they don't sell any 7's in any other colors but flat or glossy black and my Schecter is black. There's no fun in getting a new guitar if it looks just like your others soooo I'm considering getting the finish stripped and redone.

Anybody know how much that would run me?
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Ok well lets just say for now that I don't want to spend the extra money on the G-string. Which one would be better the regular decimator or the hush? I play with high gain 95% don't know if that would effect the answer.
It really depends on the size of the show. If you're on a stage and are mic'd you'll be just fine with the 112. If you're playing on the ground and no mics, you'll have to crank it for people to hear you. Not b/c of the volume but b/c the speaker will be pointed staight at their knees. I personally just like having a slant 4x12, it accomplishes both. If mic'd turn down a little and let the monitors do the work, if not then that top row of speakers are pointed right at my head and can hear everything fine. I'm not picky with sound mix though. If everyone can hear me clearly, I can hear myself, the kick and snare I'm good.
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Personally i'd take the Orange over the Mesa mainly because it's half the price and the Mesa is definitely not twice as good

While the Mesa probably isn't twice as good, IMO it is better. Whether the better quality is worth the extra money or not isn't my call to make.

There's a band that mine has played with a couple times. They only have one guitarist and he ran his 5150 through 2 2x12 cabs, one Mesa, one Orange. He set them on opposite sides of the stage and and it sounded really good even without being miced. Kinda gave the illusion that there we're two guitarists.
I'm gettin a new noise gate b/c the stupid boss ns-2 sucks and the bigger my rig gets the worse the noise, not to mention it sucks the s^@t out of my tone, soooo I'm upgrading. Can't decide between the ISP Decimator pedal or the Rocktron Hush super C or whatever it's called. The other guitarist in my band uses the Rocktron and he doesn't have any problems, but I'm wondering if the extra money on the Rocktron rack will even be worth it compared to the ISP, or if the ISP may perform better. Any Suggestions?
I recently just bought a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser and I love the thing. Not all other brands make their 7 strings in a baritone scale and for me I needed that. I'm not sure what tuning you're looking to mess around in but my band plays in Drop G# so a baritone scale was a necesity, but my 6 string Hellraiser in 25.5" just didn't want to go that low. If you're just looking to play in standard 7 string tuning you'd be ok with a 25.5 but a 26.5 was a must for me. Either way before buying the one I did, I played around with the Schecter Custom and it was a very nice guitar. The passives were pretty versatile, just not my gig. I love my active pups lol. I'd highly recomend Schecter for their 7 strings, or other guitars too.
well I think the guy selling it made my decision for me by dropping the price to 500 so looks like black it is
ok I guess I'll clarify my question a bit. I really like the white one and I prefer a new guitar to used. Coil tap ability isn't a problem at all, actually I welcome the added feature but not at the expense of the distorted tone. So is the distorted tone of the TW's lacking to the regular 81-7/707's?
Ok so I'm buying a 7 string, a Schecter Hellraiser C7 to be exact. I'm torn between 2 options. I really like the white, but a close second is the black. I can buy a white one new for no more than 725, oooorrr I can buy a used black for 550 w/ a case. Here's my issue, I need to know if there's much of a difference between the regular old 81-7/707 and these new TW's that are coil tapped. (the new hellraiser's have are coil tapped and this used one is an older model) I've heard bad things about the TW's and I have no use for coil tapping at all, I play modern death metal in Drop G#, coil tapping is worthless to me.

My question isn't which one should I buy but more related to the pickups. I can decide for myself if the whole new/used thing is worth it. I just need to know if there's a substantial difference in these TW's b/c I like the regulars a lot so I don't want to sacrifice much tone, if any.

Thanks guys
The A string tuner lock will screw smoothly and tighten all the way but when it's all tightened up, the hole in the tuning peg I'd completely open, there is nothing there to hold the string. The D string lock feels obstructed or something, it just doesn't turn smoothly and will not tighten all the way, though when it gets to the point where it won't go any farther, I can see the little peg that holds the string start to show through the hole, but alas, it won't tighten further like it should.
I have an LTD EC-1000 with the ESP locking tuners. I was at practice last night and after getting a little into the song we were playing, I up stroked kind of aggressively (oh the innuendo), anyways, when I did that I popped my A and D strings at the bridge. So I'm saying to myself "well that's annoying now I have to restring 2 strings", BUT...when I run the new strings through the tuning pegs, neither one of them will lock on the string. They just pull through with no resistance. I accidentally unscrewed the A string tuner all the way out but the other I did just as I've done countless times with that guitar. I'm at a loss, wtf is wrong with them?
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Im assuming that you bought just a single string for the wound G, since its of a different brand, It could be that you got a bad string. Ive never had problems with DRs before, but i have bought ernie balls that wouldnt intonate properly.

Is it actually not intonating porperly? or does it just sound different? DRs usually sound brighter than most other strings. you said octaves sound fine so id say that your intonation is on. Id say that your issue has to do with the diffent construction of the different strings

I would buy a 7 string set and just throw away the high string

Sorry I forgot to clarify, I used a wound DR when it was in Drop A but the set I just put on for Drop G# is all Ernie Ball and the g-string is not wound. I would have just bought a whole DR set b/c if prefer them but the stores don't exactly keep a very high stock of high gauge strings.