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How do you check your intonation?

Are you asking how to do it or are you asking if I'm doing it properly?
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56's are not the proper gauge for that tuning you need at least a 64-70s. Because tuning to A and below with 56s is like tuning to drop C using extra light strings. Your guitar could also be the problem, some guitars aren't meant to be tuned that low, either get a 7 string or some EMG pick ups.

I have EMGs but what does that have to do with the one string? Every single other one plays perfectly. There are tons of bands who tune that low and even lower with 6 strings so that's not the issue. It was set up perfectly for drop A and I had no problems with sloppy strings, high action, fret buzz, intonation or anything, so what's half a step going to change, especially when the neck bow hasn't changed and I've adjusted everything else accordingly? I'm not trying to sound ungrateful for the input but 64-70s on a 24.75 scale neck would be damn near impossible to play.
ok here's the deal.

I've got my LTD EC-1000 and I've got my band. We used to play in drop A and just recently dropped a bit lower to drop G#. My guitar was professionally set up for Drop A using a some Ernie Ball 52-11 w/ a DR g-string (it is wound). Naturally since I changed my tuning, I needed to do some fine tuning, action adjustment, intonation etc...

Since Drop G# is a ridiculously low tuning for a 6 string I had to up the gauge on my strings so I went and bought an Ernie Ball 56-12 set. Cleaned her up all good, re-strung the guitar, adjusted the action to eliminate fret buzz, stretched the strings, tuned, got the tedious process of intonation out of the way. Let it sit for a while to make sure the bow in the neck didn't get crazy (which I wasn't about to touch anyways but I needed to know if I was going to have to get it set up again for the new tuning), the bow didn't change so viola I think I'm done. WRONG

Everything was seemingly fine until I noticed the stupid g-string is giving me all kinds of problems. I can tune over and over and it will say it's in tune along with the other strings but it's not. Using octave chords it sounds fine but single notes just sound off. I've stretched it multiple times, checked the intonation even more times and everything tells me it should just fine but it just doesn't sound right. Every single other string is perfect, and I'm just struggling to figure this out.

Can someone please give me some insight?
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So if i'm correct your guitars sound ok and there seems to be nothing wrong? What exactly is the problem

Just the fact that the saddles are all over the damn place. Any time I've had any of my guitars professionally setup they've been in that stair step pattern so I was trying to figure out if I've done something wrong or if they just do it that way for aesthetic purposes as well as intonating it.
Any tubes is better than none so I'd say yea it's worth it. Sounds a lot better than the spider valves too and IMHO better than the VK too. Just my 2 cents
Hey UG,

I got a new LTD EC1000 for christmas yesterday and I have a question. Obviously the guitar was set up for standard tuning and I play in Drop B so naturally I had to adjust some things. I put 12-52 gauge strings on, adjusted the action and intonated it. The question I have is I want to know if I've done something wrong b/c before I intonated it the saddles were in that shape that looks like two sets of 3 step stairs, but now they're all over the place in what looks to be an unorganized fasion. The intonation is correct but I wanted to know if I've done something wrong here. My Hellraiser looks the same, do I need to redo them both?

Also, it since upping the gauge should I do a truss rod adjustment? It looks like the higher gauge mixed with the drop tuning has evened itself out and I didn't notice any difference in the bow of the neck last night but I've yet to look at it today since it's been sitting over night.

Thanks in advance
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Ohhh I see.. I never had/played a guitar with a satin finish. They sure look pretty when new, tho.

Oh I agree 100%...if they'd stay that way, I'd get the vintage in a heartbeat but then again I've had 2 black guitars and quilted green isn't near as common
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I like the binding, too, depending on the color. I like the vintage black the most.

I vowed to never buy another satin guitar...I had one a while ago and the finish wore down from playing it so much and it was shinny underneath...looked like sh@t
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I guess the biggest horror story would be that ugly binding on the guitar but that's just my hatred speaking.

Yea I'm not entirely crazy about it either but I don't want anything less than a 1000 series ltd and the ESP EC-II is way out of price range. I can't find any used EC-II's either. Oh well.

I've always wanted a green quilted guitar.
I use 13-58 for drop b...almost identical to C standard. Tight, stable feel and no fret buzz. I like my strings with a higher tension b/c I don't bend too much over 1/2 a step. If you like a looser feel I'd go with 12 -52 or something like that. I've found that anything less than a 12 on the high E sounds very thin and really sloppy to work with with low tunings.
I've asked for a green quilted LTD EC1000 from all my relatives for Christmas and I think I'm getting I've played it, loved it and completely sold on it. I just wanted to know if anybody had any horror stories I should be aware of?
none of those sound even remotely like dm names
^ that would work perfectly if we had a keyboardist, but we don't...we'd really like to have our drummer handle all that bc the rest of us are too busy going nuts during the songs haha
so it would be drum pad > 808ish module/laptop > house subs

^ ok so say we were to have something like this:

would we still need a laptap that has the sample on it or would the pad run straight into the PA?
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Why not just have your bassists literally drop his string?

We've tried technique under the sun trying to emulate it but nothing has that BOOM that we want. The subwoofers are all in house PA's at venues we play so we don't need that.
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Bass drops? Like 'boom?' Hide a small asian boy under the stage with a hammer and a coconut?

yea like a subwoofer you'd hear in a rap song just nowhere near a prominent, it just gives some emphasis at key, hard hitting parts
Hey UG

I know this doesn't really apply to guitar so much but I wanted to pick your brain about an issue. My band wants to figure out a way to use bass drops live. Obviously we know there are drum pad midi controllers that will do the job just fine but the only ones we can find that are worth a crap a like 500 bucks and our drummer is still in high school and has no money. The easiest way I can think would be to put the 808 files on an ipod and just have someone press play when we need be but a lot of the places we play are really dumb about letting other people behind the mix board.

Got any ideas that a relatively cheap and easy to use live?
thanks in advance
I put a matched quad of JJ's in mine, it sounds great.

As far as cabs go, I don't know what your budget is but the Mesa Rectifier oversized 4x12 sounds absolutely amazing. It has a lot more low end for those low tunings. I play in Drop B and everything sounds like pure sex.

EDIT: vader cabs sound great with 5150's too
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How do you guys know how his band sounds like if they have no music or videos posted.

We have videos, they're just terrible we got screwed over by a studio and had to count our losses and save up money to record at a different place...Like I said our EP is being mastered now.
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So adult death metal band that sounds like a teenage metal band.

Fair enough I guess lol...I didn't pick the name, the name we almost went with was A Cannibal's Wet Dream
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I'd vote for your band if they didn't sound like every other teenage "metal" band.

Funny considering none of us are teenagers and a lot of our influences are death metal.
hey there pit

my band Pariah's Plea has an awesome opportunity to play with Emarosa on Nov 20th for their homecoming show. We're from Lexington too. Some of the slots are already booked up but the remaining slots are being filled by a votes count, whoever gets the most gets the slot. All you have to do is follow the link and write on the wall that you want Pariah's Plea to play.

Here's the link:

Also if you want to check our page out our link is in my sig...our EP is being mastered now so we should have music soon if you decide to add us.

Thanks in advance guys and gals
Hey guys,

So I have a tendency to go really crazy on stage and consequently my chord tends to get all tangled up and wrap around my legs and I couldn't tell you how many times I almost tripped at our last show. That being said, my mom wants to get me a wireless kit for an early bday present b/c we have a string of some pretty big shows coming up and I really don't want to be restricted at all.

Now the fun part, I need help choosing one. The one I had my eye on is the Sennheiser ew172g3 but the 500 bucks that that one costs is the most I can spend so have at it UG.
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If you want to pay someone to do the 18V mod it won't matter if you buy the EMGs stock or're paying for them anyways.

Thats not the issue, it's whether or not I'll have to pay someone to cut out space enough to fit 2x9 volts in a guitar made to have passive pups. There could be plenty of space, but this I do not know for sure.
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doesn`t esp have a custom order form on their site........

Yea if you wanna pay the $5500 to get exactly what I'd want, which would pretty much be a pickup swap, in which case it would make a lot more sense to just swap out the pups.
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1) Take out the Duncans
2) Sell the Duncans
3) Buy The EMGS
4) ????
5) Profit!!!

I dunno if there would be a profit but yes I could sell the Duncans. Problem is I don't know if I'd have to pay someone to route out a section for the 18v mod, which would cost extra money.
...guitar companies don't give you enough options to work with? For example, ESP/LTD has Horizons, I love how they look, especially the green and blue quilted ones. They primarily put either EMGs or SD JB/59 sets in their guitars. I prefer EMGs, yet sadly they don't make blue or green ones with EMGs unless you want a floyd, which I don't, so I'd be stuck with SDs. Not that SDs are bad they're just not what I want/need. Long story short, I want a green quilted Horizon with a hard tail and an 81/85 set and I don't wanna pay the extra 200 bucks to have EMGs installed. Why won't you make em that way ESP????? Ok I'm done.

or you could just play in drop B
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Bugera, Bugera, Bugera.
theyre Peavey 6505 Clones which are Mesa triple recto copies
but are ALOT cheaper

6505s are by no means a triple recto copy, they're completely different monsters, which is better is personal taste but they're not the same amp.
I can't speak for Deizel, Splawn or VHT but I've played a ton of Mesas and a couple ENGLs but I ended up buying a 6505. I really liked the Rectos but they were just too loose for my taste. My Peavey records great, is relatively easy to EQ and saved me a hell of a lot of money. I did get a Mesa oversized cab though.
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I dunno... I really like Kezia though.

Not a huge protest fan either, I like em but not enough to name my dog after them...on the lines of BTBAM I thought of Selkies or Mordecai
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Name him Gaahl, and have the most bad ass puppy ever.

Now that's a cantidate...keep em coming guys you all are awesome
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name it **** so you can just yell out curse words and say you're calling your dog

I'm saving them for training him to shut up when I want him too. Worked with my little brother's dog haha.
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ahh beagles suck. Sorry dude. Is it yours or your parents?

Sorry for that comment, I just don't like small yappy dogs. What kinda genres and such do u like?

You could name him Gibson?

I'm getting a bigger bread, he'll be way bigger than yappy cuz I hate those too. I like heavier metalcore, death metal, black metal, old thrash...pretty much anything lol but no A7X, Bullet type ****.
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name him Lemmy

that's pretty good actually, not a huge motorhead fan though
I'm picking up my new beagle puppy tomorrow and I want to name him after something pertaining to guitar or metal. Any ideas?
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Is there like a plate on the back you can remove to help it keep cool? Maybe you should install a fan in the head, 'cause it sounds like it's getting way too hot.

I'm not sure I'll have to have him look at it next time...thankfully it's not my amp haha
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IMO, I don't think there's a problem. When I play through my amp at high volumes, there is a smell. But it's pretty normal. I mean those tubes get really hot. Even the tolex on the top of my amp gets hot and I think this is the source of the smell. But it really is okay. I've never had a more serious problem develop out of this.

I'm not sure you realize how hot this thing gets. I feels like a space heater from 10 feet away and you have to touch the front plate with the back of your hand. When it gets real hot it smells like there was food left on the burner and you started it up again.

Oh and to the other guy, all the tubes look fine, that was the first thing we checked.
My rhythm guitarist in my band just bought a used B52 at head...Every practice it gets REALLY over heated, enough to where we could smell it. The metal plate on the front is almost too hot to touch. What the hell could be wrong with this thing?