Honestly, it was really forgettable, I couldn't listen to it. There was nothing catchy about it.
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Dimarzio cliplock > Dunlop Straplocks > Schallers

The whole schaller defense of sitting in the pocket DOES NOT WORK IF THE POCKET IS FACING THE WRONG DIRECTION. I've had them fail.

If the pocket is facing the wrong way, you didn't install them right...did you put the pocket upside down in case gravity decided to switch directions?
TS: how much money do you have to work with? And if you're going to get a high gain amp head then you might as well sell your metal muff. I have one and it just sits there lonely b/c it sounded good through my MG (I had really weird settings to make it work), but through my 6505 it sounded like sh!t.
I put some pro line ones on mine...I was looking for the Schaller ones but they didn't have and these have the same design. I've never had a problem with them.
Ernest went to my high school haha
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I wear whatever I feel like wearing

Same here
I've noticed a lot of rappers starting to wear skinny jeans and shirts with skulls and the like on them (not band shirts). Some of these guys are starting to look like hardcore kids minus the gauges haha. Conversely, it seems like deathcore is almost heading down a wigger route. All the flat bills, baggier clothes and stuff like that. I just thought it was funny that 2 vastly different styles of music seem to meant somewhere in the middle at times as far as their clothes. Of course I couldn't give 2 sh!ts what people wear, just making an interesting observation.
I ran my 6505 at about 1.5 and it wasn't too loud. I used to use it on like 2.5-3 but I got some noise complaints haha...Sadly it's at my band's practice space now so I only get to see her twice a week cuz I'm not about to lug it back and forth. I run her at like 4 or 5 at practice.
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you are scooping your mids

Talking to me?
So you think it was worth the extra money over the pedal?
Kayman: How's that prorackG working for ya? I'm gonna be upgrading my boss before I go on tour and I'm torn between the g-string pedal and the rack unit.
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That's why I had said bias mod.

oh my mistake, I somehow read over that part. it's St. Pattys day
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i ended up buying the spider.

3 valvekings, and none of them sounded good at all. i actually was able to replicate the exact sound of the valveking on the spider 3.

peavey sucks.

You made a call and you'll live with it, but if you think you're going to convince anyone on here that b/c you thought a spider was better than Peavey's worst tube amp, that they all suck...plug your spider in next to my 6505 and we'll see which brand sucks.
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Sure can. It's most likely crossover distortion, which comes as a result of a really low power amp bias. The difference between a bias modded 5150 and a stock 5150 is night and day IMO. Go ahead and bias your amp down to 5-15mA and hear it for yourself :p

there is no bias on 5150' have to have a mod done to be able to bias the tubes.
Try this:

Pre gain: 6-7
Bass: 7
Mid: 4.5
Trebble: 6
Res: 5
Pres: 6 too...I bought all new tubes for mine (pre and power) and it only cost me about 100 bucks.
So what's the easiest way to use it live? Drum pad into the PA? computer?
^ are there any other ways to do it? Our bassist only has one amp and I've always thought it was a drum pad that went straight to the house system.
Screaming Vocals: Randy Blythe - Lamb of God
Clean Vocals: Aaron Lewis - Staind
Lead: Paul Waggoner - Between the Buried and Me
Lead 2: Kirk Hammet - Metallica (of course you all know that)
Rhythm: JB Brubaker - August Burns Red
Bass: Victor Wooton
Drummer: Chris Adler - Lamb of God
Me and the boys in my band want to get one of these things for our live show but we don't exactly know what they're called. One of those things that when triggered it lets out a BOOM (like that of a sub woofer in a car). I'm guessing its a drum que of some sort. Any input?
Dude I just listened to your rhythm track and watched some of your youtube videos and I'd have to say you're prob better than 85% of the kids I know my age...and I'm 20...keep doin what you're doin bro
Wow I can't believe so many of you don't see PAs...Every show I've ever played had a full house PA.
I'd say go with the Hellraiser, Blackjack atx or the Blood Moon
This has nothing to do with GC as a whole, just the store you happened to go to. When I bought my Hellraiser from my local GC, they put new 11's on for me and set it up perfectly....FOR FREE. Not all GCs are bad, that's like saying all McDonald's are terrible b/c one random chick didn't wear her hair net and a nappy lock made it into your McFlurry. can't plug pedals into cabs and expect them to work...doesn't work like that.
I use roughly the same settings as you and my tone is great, what kind of speakers are in your cab? Could have something to do with it. I would suggest turning the gain up to about 6.5 or 7, drop the lows down to 7, increase the mids a bit, turn the res down to about 6 or 7 and leave the pres where its at.
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I'm going to be changing out my pups in my PRS SE. It currently has a EMG HZ(terrible) and the stock bridge pup. Seeing as I already have a Hellraiser with EMG 81/85 I want something with a different sound. Something that will still have the bite I need for metal, but that will be able to give me some more organic sounding cleans. Your turn, go.
Whenever, Wherever - Shakira
White Walls - Between the Buried and Me(hahahah get it?)
I'm not a big fan of the vyprs but they're a lot better than spider III's, definitely worth the money more than the Line 6
Here's your key to tone on this amp: (assuming you're keeping it for a while)

1. Buy a good distortion pedal, I got the EHX Metall Muff
2. Plug it in front of the amp's clean channel, obviously lol
3. Turn the gain on the channel to a bare minimum, just enough to where there is sound coming out, I'm talking like .2 out of 10 (this is the main key to getting a good tone)
4. Dial the pedal in and use the pedal's volume and amp's master to get your desired volume

I did this while I was saving up for my 6505 and it worked great. It's no pure tube tone but it a hell of a lot better than the sound you'd be getting out of it regularly.
It seems like 95% of today's music is created on a computer, given a beat, and given to some rap artist. It also bugs me how a lot of hip-hop/rap artist's voices are put on synthesizers to give the illusion that they actually have a good voice. It robs people with real talent of their talents and gives rise to musicians who are popular but untalented. I'm just waiting for underground stuff to become more mainstream. When I say that I mean metal. Why can't single metal bands sell out an arena anymore, but rappers just sing along with their cd and play in front of 25,000+? Maybe it's just where I live (Lexington, KY), but it upsets me that I can't go see my favorite band on a big stage, but instead have to watch them on some tiny bar stage where only 400-500 people can fit.
I use DR Hi-Beam 12s...they're great b/c DR 12s have wound g-strings so they stay in tune much better.
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I figured you used the power conditioner for that. I dunno, my Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II is super quiet. Don't need a noise suppressor or anything. Must be the isolated power jacks (as opposed to noisey daisy chaining) and my shielded guitar. Then, my amp is also very quiet.

Bad experience? Everyone else seems to like it.

Yea I need all the noise suppression I can get without loosing tone, b/c the 6505's are pretty noisy when turned up. Seeing as I have to turn it up pretty damn loud live, then you see why. Whenever a tour comes along I'll have to break down and buy a decimater g-string.
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That's true, a power supply can be expensive. I doubt the one on that one is as nice as a Pedal Power II or something, though. I don't see the point of a power conditioner, though...?

My pedalboard is hella roadworthy. Unless yours is an aluminum flight case? I'll post pics once I buy my patch cables. A cable tester is also moot for me. I own a multimeter, and I build my cables, so I know they won't fail. The headphone amp seems like a nice feature, but again, built my own.

Also, Allstate. That black guy is so goddamn reassuring.

It's plastic not aluminum but it's comparable to a flight case...the case is more like a really heavy duty guitar case. I could jump around on it and nothing would happen. The power conditioner cuts out almost all noise. It's almost like having 2 noise suppressors. I used to have to max my Boss noise suppressor out to cut all the noise, but not I only have to use about 3/4 of its capability.
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^Yikes! I saved a bunch of money by building mine, and it's still sturdy as hell.

Have Geiko insurance too? haha I kid I kid...I was going to build one but when I added up the money for all the stuff I wanted to have (power supply, power conditioner etc...) it wasn't much more. Plus the case is more road worthy than something I would have built. It's got some other features like a cable tester, headphone amp and the capability to switch voltages for modded pedals and it came with all the dc cables. When I broke it all down it was worth it for me.
I was under the assumption that MF and GC were owned by or were the same company. I could be wrong, but MF carries them and GC doesn't. Whether they're affiliated or not it doesn't make any sense to me. Anybody got any insight?
I used to hate any music with screaming vocals but now it's all I listen to for the most part. I've always been drawn to music with good guitars but screaming scared me away from modern metal, but once I warmed up to it I discovered a genre that's almost centers around guitars, probably why I like it so much now.
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Damn - that sounds great. Kinda like a fancier Boss board. How much do they run for?

got it for $300...steep price but it was a bday present and there's a couple bands that I could be joining that are signed and all that so I wanted something reliable and sturdy so it wouldn't get messed up in a trailer on tour.
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That looks like a sick board! What in the world are those ins/outs for?

It works like a loop. Your whole chain is run in a loop through the board and then you plug your guitar into the board rather than the beginning of the chain and then run the board into the amp's input. The other jacks are for if you had pedals you wanted in the fx loop of your amp, so that you can put those pedals in the chain and the run the loop from the board. All the extra jacks on the left side of the big group on the right are for using 2 amps which I don't have right now. Sounds over complicated but the board is powered and has a power conditioner built in so I never have to worry about pedals getting screwed up. I just got it because once its all set up it'll make tours a lot easier b/c all I'd have to do is plug my amp and board in, run a chord from the board to the amp and I'm ready to go rather than having all these wires going everywhere.