Pretty fuzzy and not complete but here goes:

Still going to get volume, reverb, phaser/flanger pedals
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Sorry. Yeah the vvolume is maxed on the guiar, and no pedals. BOth pickups same result, and I only have this one guitar to try (I'll ask my buddy to bring his next time)

IF I max the gain it gets a fantastic distortion, thick and powerful, just what I want. The manual for the thing says i shouldn't max the gain on it though because of "how powerful the amp is" or some such crap, saying thet ubes will break.


They're probably giving you that disclaimer assuming it's being turned up fairly loud. Either way I'd still take it to a tech. I've played on them a bunch at stores and I only had to set the gain to say 1 o'clock at a low volume and I got a very good, think distortion. It sounds like to me that the pre amp tubes aren't being utilized properly. You shouldn't have to max out the gain even at a very low volume b/c those amps have a ton of gain on tap.
I use my Carbon Copy for that. Set it to where it's repeating notes really quick so that you can't really tell it's delay...sounds good to my ear.
Looks are you liking that new 6505? Saw your picture pop up on my profile and noticed you got rid of the VK and Ultra.
I bought the BBE Sonic Stomp a little while ago...I like it. I boosts the volume a little bit for lead lines and tightened up the overall sound. Made individual notes ring out a bit more too.
I have a guitar with an EMG 81/85 set and another with an HZ in the bridge and honestly, while I generally don't like the HZ anymore and prefer the actives, the HZ gets a better Metallica tone through my setup. I'd have to reiterate what the other guys said and consider a new amp. Trust me I went through the whole "if I change my pups my tone will change" and it will, but nominally. New pups might be better but it's not going to give you a night and day change that you're probably looking for.
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Ya, the Mesa is an awesome choice, the Marshall 1960a/b also goes really well with it.

the 1960av was good but the Mesa was overall just better...because it's over-sized it brought more low end to the table without sacrificing the highs and mids. But in all fairness the 1960 was my 2nd choice.
Dude buy it now....I tried like 10 different cabs when I bought mine to pair with my 6505+ and nothing came even close to the Mesa it will blow you away.
I used one for a while through my old MG(puke) and it actually sounded really good even through that crappy amp. Definitely get the top boost one though, that feature is really useful in band situations.
I got this for my birthday

Powers all your pedals and can switch voltages if you ever have modded pedals in the future. Power conditioner, stereo loop, even has a cable tester. I love it. I dunno if you're looking for something that though. They have smaller versions as well.
^ he's right...I prefer half stacks to 2x12 combos, but with your limited budget I'd look into a combo unless you can find a decent half stack used. Also look into the B52 AT series, the distortion is a bit thin for my taste, at least compared to my 6505, but their cleans are really nice.
I got my Hellraiser for 600 brand new when they first came out...retail was close to a grand at that point
I got a hi-gain package from Euro Tubes...except he changed the phase converter tube to brighten up the sound, couldn't tell you which one though...You sound like you want the same thing out of your head as I did. I'm happy with the results.
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Mr. Brooks was interesting. I didn't get to see the ending, though. D:

Oh need to watch the whole thing, trust me on this one, you need to see the end.
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Yeah I was on wiki the other day, he inspired both and another.

Interesting article maybe check it out.

Oh ok cool guess we're both right...
I thought the Silence of the Lambs was based off Ed Gein
What do you all think? I need suggestions cuz my girl friend wants to do a serial killer movie marathon....excluding any of the silence of the lambs series though ( I know I know they're probably the best)
I like what Oh Sleeper does. looks like they have the boxes with lights in them too. Make sure you watch the end.
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How much on gas?
I'm determined to see them, Protest The Hero, and The Human Abstract in 09.

Forgot about that...not too much though, maybe 50. The longest I drove was for the DVD show and that was only 3 hrs. Ichthus is 10 min away from me (I usually work backstage there) and SOTU was only an hour away in Louisville. Protest is pretty good live, haven't seen Human Abstract though.
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lucky ****er

only spent a combined 27 bucks on all that too
Oh god seen too many to list but the major highlights would be:

Ichthus 07 - Haste the Day, August Burns Red, Gwen Stacy, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Becoming the Archtype among others

Sounds of the Underground 07 - Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, Darkest Hour, Behemoth, Shadows Fall, Every Time I die, Chimaira, GWAR, Hatebreed, Goat*****

Between the Buried and me twice this year, but most notable was their DVD recording show in Nashville....they played for 3 hours it was incredible
I've heard of half of these bands....since when are Demon Hunter, Dream Theater and Haste the Day bands that nobody's heard of? Hell they seem really really mainstream for me.
anything by Between the Buried and Me or August Burns Red
Mordecai by Between the Buried and Me....shut up the guitars at the end are amazing

EDIT: add Hurt by Johny Cash to that list, so sad.
^is that a real commercial...somehow I doubt that would make it on the air...regardless its funny as hell

EDIT: oops supposed to be for A80's
^ haha that's hilarious...screw it everybody just post funny commercials
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I think that title belongs to this commercial.

Plus, the Brian Urlacher one is better.

If it weren't for the noise LL makes, I'd agree but that noise makes me laugh every time i hear it.
I'll preface with my background:

I like metalcore but I also like "real" metal or whatever people say it is now, I think its all metal but w/e.

I was at a festival and Haste the Day was playing, pretty soft even for metalcore. So I'm standing off to the side of the hxc dance pit b/c I f***ing despise dancing (clearly not wanting any part of the pit). This kid tags me in the neck when he's windmilling or whatever the hell he was doing. So I threaten him to do it again. Of course he was a cocky hxc kid and hits me again, I break his jaw,literally.

Another time I was at a Behemoth show. Some faggot starts dancing, he gets crushed, similar to the videos some posted.

Moral of the story: don't do something at a show that doesn't agree with the crowd or you will get hurt. aka don't dance at a death metal show and don't act like an idiot at a metalcore show (if that's at all possible for some people). Bottom line....just don't hxc dance in the first place it's retarded and it shows your age. Ever seen anyone over the age of 21 dance? not likely.
the B52 1x12 is right around you're price range.
Depends on which album you're talking about...Selkies for instance is Drop Db
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ear tune? thats all i can think of...

Yea just strum the top 3 open in standard and drop the E til the chord is in tune.
To address the statement that the TS said about people who use any level of distortion aren't true guitarists, I'd personally like to tell you to kiss my hairy white @$$ hole, you can like around if you want.

To make such an ignorant statement is pure idiocracy. You pretty much said that anybody who used distortion is hiding technique problems, maybe some do but don't go about assuming that every guitarist does. I personally learn/write on clean for that very reason, and won't play it dirty until I've got it down clean, but does that mean that when I hit the footswitch that all my technique goes out the window, hell no. Also don't pretend that the so called "gymnastics on a fretboard" doesn't take talent, I agree that some can't write music to save their lives. Some metal guitarists that you've never even heard of are amazing musicians, whether you think their playing is "pure", I really could care less, but don't insult people with talent.

You have fun strumming a G chord over and over again through your perfectly clean and pure channel, I'm sure your fingers get tired every once in a while. I'll stick with my high gain, impure, false guitar sound. Just remember every style has it's own sound and it's own listeners, who are you to insult someone's taste, sound or skill level.
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Or she could sing and be different. Just a thought.

Not a bad idea....I wouldn't mind hearing some good metal covered with a chick singing
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some disturbed songs i think stricken is in drop c and the sickness may be in c# i may be wrong i could check teh tabs but im lazy

They switch between the 2, so you're right
If you could just get her to scream/growl...the list would be endless
I think Flyleaf and Evanescence play in drop C...could be wrong I never really payed attention to what they tuned in.
Just FYI, I think PRS only uses 10 tops for flamed maple tops...either that or they never mention the whole 10 top thing in the descriptions of their quilted top guitars.
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almost all of crushing day my satch

out of curiosity which did you pick? I'd prob pick selkies, shoulda just put that one lol