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Black Sabbath - Paranoid = 5/10
Not too bad, especially as far as Sabbath songs go

Mastodon - Sleeping Giant

7/10...pretty unconventional stuff but not too technical, gotta love Mastodon though

I can't pick between:

Between the Buried and Me - Selkies: The Endless Obsession


Oh' Sleeper - Vices Like Vipers

Full songs though no skipping around, I guess just pick which one you think is harder and judge me based on that...don't miss the solo on selkies though that makes the whole song lol
The size of gigs/shows are greatly dependent on what style of music you play. Take my situation for instance. I used to play in a sort of progressive melodic metalcore band. When we played shows it wasn't us sitting on stools in a bar or someone's basement. That style of music usually makes it easy to get booked as an opening band for a much larger band. Also there's a huge music festival once a year in the summer about 15 min from my house and it's relatively easy to get a slot there. If they like you enough, which is pretty simple considering how many slots they have, then you get to play on the second stage (basically the metal stage) and get a chance to play in from of hundreds sometimes in the neighborhood of a thousand or more. Now I'm not saying that the TS is going to be in anything like that, but half stacks are not an unrealistic thing in this genre, in fact they are pretty essential.

On topic: I still think a head + 2x12 is the best option for the TS
I do most of my shopping at Willcutt Guitars, bought all my stuff there except my Hellraiser b/c they don't sell Schecter. Regardless it's an amazing store. They're the #1 PRS dealer in the world and have been for the past 6 or so years. They've got something like 5,000 guitars and the only main brands they don't sell is Schecter and ESP(wish they would). Great selection of amps...Mesa, Peavey, Diezel, H&K, ENGL, Fender, Vox, Orange, Dr. Z and a ton of others. I love that place though half of their guitars are really really expensive so I get scared I'm going to hurt them lol.
Morley Bad Horsie mine and handles gain very well, plus the switchless design is extremely convenient when you want to transition from using the wah for a solo and then quickly changing to a rhythm part.
I think it's hilarious how the popular amp to suggest always changes...VK's were insanely popular this time last year and now everyone hates them for metal, though I have to agree with them. On topic, the B52 is just okay IMO. My old band's other guitarist had one and I played around with it quite a bit before I bought my 6505, I just found it too thin sounding. Although in that price range, it is probably the best and definitely the most versatile considering all the different styles you listed.
^ ahh you're right...I completely forgot that when I was in the market for cabs the guy I was thinking of buying a Mojo from was a wholesaler and could get me one for avatar could be an option though.

TS: you ever consider a head + 2x12? I'd rather have that than a really heavy combo any day.
I know Behemoth have used Dual Rectos at points, I've also heard VH4's and Ubershell too.
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if your friend has them, why dont you bring your head over and try them out?

+1 plug it up and see which one you like better then take you're pick from there.
So what would you think they did to the TS9? More gain? If it's that I wouldn't wanna pay the extra cash b/c I'm just looking for something to give me a volume boost, my 6505 has all the gain I need.
If you're set on a half stack, then save up some more money and get something like a used 5150 and an Avatar or Mojo cab. How big of shows are you talking about and do you really need a half stack? Not trying to persuade you otherwise, just trying to help you get the most bang for your buck. The amps you listed you're most likely going to get really bored with within a year and then wanting to sell it for 1/4 of the price you paid for it.
I was looking at a modded TS9 at my local shop b/c I'm looking for an OD? What exactly does it mean when it's Keeley modded? Does it give it a true bypass or something? Also would that particular pedal be worth buying compared to a Maxon OD808?
First question is why? Unless you're in a touring band I wouldn't even consider a wireless kit...if you are then forget that first part. If you're set on getting one though I'd look into the Sanheizer(sp?) ones, they've always been the ones that stood out the most to me. Out of the 3 you listed I'd prob go with Shure.
I like EMG's better...hence why my guitar has a 81/85 set, but in all honesty if SOAD is as heavy as you're going to get then actives shouldn't even be considered b/c neither the EMG's or the SD's are going to have great cleans compared to most passive pups....good thing I don't use cleans much at all hahaahahah
I got it down with my old $80 Squier...I grabbed it by the base of the body and pushed it hard over my left shoulder that way when the neck comes back around, you can grab a hold of it and pull it back into place...I wouldn't dare do it on stage though, the bassist in my old band did it in his previous band it slipped off his shoulder and took a hard dive neck first into the ground and split the neck all the way to the fifth fret, bad news.
Either my BBE Sonic Stomp or my Bad Horsie 2
I have the boss tuner you're talking about and it works just fine for me.
depends, if it's not noticeable when plugged in than no...It's really hard not to get at least a little buzz with drop tunings without raising the action to an ungodly height.
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I'd use 13's if I did it. I used to do it that low when I was younger. But I realized it sounds like mud even when you do have thick strings. It takes almost all the mids out of the notes even with the mids up. It don't sound like guitar to me. Drop c is as low as I'll go. Because it's like drop d just a little more melodic sounding and the notes come out nice and clear. I hate when I hear a band with A or A sharp or anything that low. I can't hear **** they are doing on guitar. Just sounds like noise. If they were playing a cool riff ya wouldn't be able to hear it well. why not just do it in drop c? It'll sound better to your audience and sounds just as heavy. You can get heavy in drop c or even standard tuning. You don't have to tune this low to get heavy if thats your reason.

I agree, drop C is about as low as I'd go with writing my own stuff...I do dabble with C# when I want to play some Between the Buried and Me...That's why I hate deathcore so much cuz it's constant breakdowns and the guitars are tuned so low you can't tell what they're playing....thank god a lot of bands are starting to tighten up the strings a little bit, I like drop Db too.
Good god some people are crazy. Drop A with 9's? That's just crazy. I use 12's for drop C and they're still kinda loose, but that's how I like them, trem picking is no problem...To the TS yes you'll be fine with 13's

A disclaimer though, you're nut might not take too kindly to them.
pretty much just fret a note on the b string and 3 frets down fret the note on the g string....I use my index for b and pinky for the g...move that structure up and down the fret board and have fun.

EDIT: off topic, that kid in the video was pretty bad at them lol
^ understandable, but to be honest a good tone is not too hard to achieve b/c there's so much gain involved, and it's not like those 100 watters don't get turned up even for shows where only 20 people are watching. Last one I played before I quit my old band, I had my 6505's pre gain on 6 and post on 4...that's LOUD. But that's half of the metal culture, loud and in your face.
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What are you talking about?

90% of the Metal based bands around here are using combos, hell I rarely even see a 4x12 cab when they are using stacks, it's usually just the 2x12 cabs. The only people using the big 4x12 cabs are generally the 15-22 year old crowd who haven't learned that they really don't need to be carrying that heavy **** around.

What the heck does having a stack have to do with putting on a show? There is absolutely no connection between amp size and quality of performance, unless of course you happen to be one of those guys who climbs up and plays their solos on top of their full marshal stack.

Would someone take you seriously if you had a spider... no obviously not. But again this has no real connection to your arguement. Now someone asks you what kind of gear you have and you answer A Mesa Roadster, do you think they're about to exlude you from the band if you've got the combo version instead of the stack version? Probably not.

Are people stupid enough to think the quality of your gear has any relation to your actual skill? Yes, people are really that stupid. But seriously, if that were the case, my skill would be nothing short of god like. I've got a ton of high end guitars, and a number of high end amps. Yet at the end of the day, I'm just a good player, who happens to be good at finances, drives a car cheaper than my cheapest guitar, and be in debt for the next few years

My whole arguement wasn't really directed at anyone but the first guy who tried to say a 10 watt combo would do the job, it just wouldn't. He went as far to say that a 30 watter would be overkill. I wasn't talking about good combo's not being sufficient b/c they would, like you said a Mesa roadster is a good example, but that's also a high wattage amp not an AC30, know what I mean? I honestly could care less if a guitarist in a band has a combo or half stack, it makes no different to me. I Like a half stack better b/c I'd rather make 2 trips with a cab with casters and a head that I can easily carry, than lug around a high quality 2x12 combo that could weigh up to 100 pounds. It just irritates me when people like the TS want something and people try to tell them they don't need it or something like that. Whether they need it or not, if they want it than there's no reason for people to tell them otherwise.
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wtf is deathcore....god.............damn.

a blend of 2 different forms of metal...hardcore and death metal. Immagine a really drop tuned guitars, too many breakdowns, and guys gurgling into a mic.
I use DR Hi Beam 12's for anything drop c or lower...the g string is wound which holds tune astronomically better.
People can say what they want about my comment. Maybe I exaggerated a little with saying that EVERYONE uses half stacks, but 90% if not more do. Does that make it necessary as far as what amps can do no, but many bands in that genre will not even consider you unless you have a good half stack. Is it superficial, yes, but it's also part of the business, half of your success depends on your live show. You could make a brilliant album, but if you can't show it off live, you won't go anywhere. When I quit my old band (progressive metalcore) and started looking for another one, every single one I talked to asked me first and foremost "what kind of gear do you have?" Now if I told them I had a Spider III 30 watter, do you really think they are going to take me seriously? My guess is that the amount of good gear you have has some reflection of how good you are and gives them an idea about your skill before making any decisions about letting you possibly try out. Worked for me, I'm in the process of trying out for a signed band.
low B's are usually in the 60 gauge range...i personally hate 7 strings, I'd rather just tune down to drop B and eliminate a few higher notes that don't get used very often anyways.
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The bolt-on thing is completely a matter of taste. Noticed that upstart Fender brand recently? Why even their expensive ones have bolt necks!

True but when you start talking about sweeps on higher frets, a neck through is much more convenient.

That's what I love about Schecters, they have that set-thru or whatever they call it that has the same access as a neck through. I can literally fret the 24th fret with my index finger, and I have relatively small hands.
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I used to be an Ibanez fanboy, but now I'm only into ESP and LTD anymore. Ibanez guitars felt like toys after playing the LTD 400 series.

I agree, ESP has everything Ibanez does, and more features to go with it. It also irritates me how even higher end Ibanez are bolt on.

EDIT: I'm just waiting for Schecter to take it another step up and start putting out some $1500ish guitars.
yea but seriously just sit down with them and have a serious, mature conversation with them about it. Know your stuff about it before you sit down that way when they come back with some reason why you shouldn't get it, you have a realistic answer that they will be able to relate to.
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thanx mate, thats pretty much what i was thinking but i couldnt be bothered to write the wall of text :P

Ten bucks says he's over 30. They always to burst our bubbles.

EDIT: not to mention you don't need anymore parents telling you what you don't need.
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You dont need a half stack and 4x12 to gig and rehearse. In fact all you need is a 30 watt 2x12 AT MOST. Tubes are meant to be pushed to give good tone. With half stacks you can barely get them off 1-2 without attenuator, but attenuators rob tone, which essentially is bad news. Here's a fact, all those bands you see with hundreds of 4x12's on stage dont use them! They have a small little 2x12 combo or head amp in the backstage, no greater than 30 watts usually and have them miked arena stages. These smaller amps allow for a greater focus of the sound (which you want, especially in band and miking situations) and allow you to push the amp into proper volume ranges the amp was made for. And for wattage to halve the volume, you need to square root the wattage. (half volume of 100 watt would be a 10 watt). THEREFORE, all you need is a small amp. Trust me on this one, your parents will be much more forgiving and willing to let you buy a small tube amp than a HUGE stack as well and the tone gods will be thanking you for buying a smaller amp too. Let me know how it goes.

You've obviously never been to a metalcore/deathcore/any modern metal show...everyone and i mean EVERYONE has a half stack, most times nothing more and nothing less. Deathcore bands don't play in front of thousands unless its a festival and surely don't put walls of cabs on stage, the only really popular modern metal band that I can think of that does that regularly right now is Lamb of God and they're enormously popular.

To get a good tone for that kind of music you have to have a good tube amp, consequently 95% of amps with that kind of distortion are at least 50 watts, most in the 100 range. Another thing is, you talked about the tube amps needing to be cranked to get a good tone, which theoretically is true, but when dealing with the likes of amps that the TS would be interested in, the amount of gain in the pre amp is more than enough to cover it and the volume doesn't need to be anything much over 1 to get a good tone. Actually for amps like that the more watts the better because it gives you more headroom so your cleans don't get dirty. Also, most shows in that genre don't have miced amps so a 10-30 watter isn't going to do the job, but good metal amps aren't made in that price range

You're probably right about his parents being more likely to "let" him buy a new amp if it was smaller, but that's not going to satisfy his needs. I'm not trying to be a dick or anything and am not doubting your knowledge of amps in general, but the type of music he's talking about kinda follows different guidelines than most other genres.

EDIT: To the TS, just sit down with them and lay out the details. My parents thought it was dumb too but after yelling and complaining got me nowhere I changed my strategy. I just explained to them that I simply could not hear myself over the drummer and that I needed something bigger and they eventually came around. If they are as musically ignorant as you say, they won't know how big so that works in your favor
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Thanks man. Would you (or anyone) say anything against putting these two pickups on cheapass copy?

I wouldn't, theoretically you'd have a better sound, but who knows you might like the stock pups, in which case no need to waste money on new pups.
*smacks self in face*

if the looper is still plugged into your amp and you're just plugged into the pod, you're not going to hear anything out of the looper.
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the speaker could be the culprit, never tried the head version. but i also never really got a chance to turn the combo up very loud either..

Probably has to do with both then...if you didn't get it to at least 1 on the post gain, you didn't get a good feel for it.
I understand everyone's point b/c I thought of them myself too...Don't assume I'm an EMG bandwaggoner though. When I bought my Hellraiser, I tried everything underneath the sun with every pickup you can imagine...SD, Dimarzio you name it, and I liked the EMGs the best. I also understand what they do too which is why I posted this. I wish PRS actually made a model with EMGs so I could try one out with a set of them already in it.
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Gangbangs are always fun

I just get that sense that the 5150 isn't all it's hyped up to be, even for it's metal tone.

I hated the combos but my 6505+ head is like an extension of me now, I love it. The combos have terrible stock speakers IMO. I'm just glad the combo didn't sway me away from the head b/c I was in the market for a head anyways. I used to think rectos were the way to go for anything hard rock or metal, but I actually like my 6505 better, hell of a lot cheaper too.
To the TS:

Whenever you get a chance to play both and you decide on the Bugera, you might want to look around for some used 5150/6505's...The Bugera is modeled after those so if you can find the real thing for the same price or maybe just a little more, no reason to buy the copy.
I'm in the process of trying out for a band and if I am able to get in, it will involve long tours and all that jazz. That being said, I'd need a backup guitar. I don't see the point in buying a guitar of lesser or equal quality than the Hellraiser I have now so I'm thinking a possible upgrade and using my current guitar as the backup lol. I was thinking of a PRS CE or Custom 24, but here's the catch, I play metal and my current guitar has EMGs and I love every bit of them, so I'd swap the PRS pups out and throw a 81/85 set in. Think it would be a complete waste of money on a guitar that good just to throw EMGs in it? That's just an idea, I'd most likely end up getting a ESP Horizon so I'd have a neck through and better fret access.
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9/10 for metal, 6/10 for my usual tastes


good thing I only play metal
7/10....Gibsons would have put you a little higher, but I do like the dual amp system you got going.

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