Tube screamers are used by tons of different people in any genre you can think of.
^ the best way to get stuff from them is to email Bob (I think that's his name) and tell him what you want/need...I got a full set of tubes for my 6505+ for something like 100 bucks. Best part about them was when I told him what I wanted to change about the sound, he went tube by tube and picked ones that would give me that sound. Keep in mind though, they only sell JJs so if you wanted any other brands you'd have to go elsewhere.
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You... lucky. (not talking about the pedals I'm talking about that 6505+). Also, not a giant fan of delay but I would want the other 2.

Yea I really don't use the delay like most people would think...I set it to where the delay is really fast after the actual played note to where it's barely noticeable to add a kinda ambiance to the cleans, so for me the delay works great.

I'm in love with the BBE though, it's so awesome.
^ yea the picture sucks haha...can't bring myself to buy a camera when I can think of 200 bucks of guitar stuff I could buy instead
Here we go...pc was just messing up

here's my complete rig now...minus my old PRS SE

Paul Waggoner from Between the Buried and Me has to be up there. I know a lot of people don't listen to stuff like theirs but I'll offer you this story. I saw them in the summer when they recorded their DVD. After the show the whole band went up stairs at the venue and just hung out with the fans. Paul bought me a gatorade and we sat on a couch talking gear, technique and even pulled 2 guitars out and handed me one so he could show me how to play the sweeps on one of their songs. The guy was my favorite guitarist before then but even more so now. I thought it was awesome that he would just sit down and talk to a random fan about stuff like that when this was probably the biggest night their band had ever had and there was easily over 1,000 people there. They could have just sat down at tables and made a line for autographs and such, but instead he just sat down with me and talked to me like I was his best friend.
People keep saying Schecter is only for metal or geared toward it...that is only because their most popular model happens to be the Hellraiser which by all means is a metal guitar, but the classic is completely different than the Hellraiser as far as sound goes. I have a PRS Tremonti SE (essentially the older version of the Singlecut SE) and I got really bored with it. The neck feels really awkward to me now and the pickups are very bland and the opposite of articulate. There's virtually no compression with the stock pups. The Schecter on the other hand, plays a million times better IMO. It always pisses me off whenever I pick up my PRS b/c things I can play easily on my Schecter are 10 times harder simply because the neck sucks IMHO. If you ask me the gap of quality between SEs and real PRS is the widest of all the mass produced brand's budget brands.
^ haha its not the iphone itself...the pictures are too large to upload onto here and for some reason it won't let me change the size...I guess the mac to pc stuff gets screwed up sometimes lol
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how is the carbon copy? i've been l\thinking about picking one up...

I like it a lot, pretty warm and adds a lot to the sound, especially cleans.
Got myself a SKB Stage Five powered pedal board and some more toys to put on it.

MXR Carbon Copy
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

The board is really cool once I got it all set up. It has a power conditioner and can power all my pedals and more. It also has switches so if I ever get any pedals that are something other than 9V it will power them too.

My chain now looks like this:

Board > Boss TU-2 > Morley Bad Horsie 2 > BBE Sonic Maximizer > MXR Carbon Copy > Boss NS-2 (ISP Decimator G strings soon to come) > Back to the boards loop > Amp

I couldn't figure out how to get pictures off my iphone so I couldn't post any...I'll try to figure that out shortly.
Good choice, I picked up a Carbon Copy friday too, I'm in love with it...helps with my 6505's cleans a ton.
try this:

Pre-Gain - 6.5
Low - 9
Mid - 7.5
High - 5.25
Post Gain - Adjust to preference
Res - 6
Pres - 9.5
Fender-48 Hurt
Jackson-52 Hurt
Paul Reed Smith-62 Heal
The last Schecter custom shops I saw online were something like $4500, that's just all honesty I think the Axcess is extremely over priced too. Like others said a ESP Eclipse II FR would be much cheaper and probably the same quality. Seems to me like Gibson has fallen off lately. They keep releasing these gimicky guitars like the robot and think their name alone is going to sell them for a grand more than a standard LP. If you ask me a new LP is only really worth about $1000. Actually PRS has a singlecut with a trem. I don't know how much you really want a FR, but for what it's worth, Between the Buried and Me used PRS when I saw them at their DVD recording show and their guitars had the same trem as the Singlecuts do. Their first set they played their new cd which is completely continuous (no breaks in between songs) and they never had to tune, so the trems must be reliable, of course the locking tuners probably help. Moral of the story a PRS Singlecut trem would be about $1000 bucks cheaper than the Gibson, and probably better quality, just my 2 cents.
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OK, I usually don't post here, but I HAD to chime in. I have the spider valve, and anyone who wants to lump it in here with the other solid state spiders has no idea what they are talking about.

This is a great freakin amp. For its tonal variety, I have yet to find anything to beat it.

I pretty much ignore the presets on it and have got it down to 4 channels I use, but the variety is endless. A couple more bucks on the Strymon svpre preamp mod, some better quality tubes then the chinese ones, and I would take my amp against anything in the sub 3000 price range any day of the week.

Read the reviews on the Line6 Forums for reviews, or better yet, don't take the word of the 17 year olds around here who wouldn't know tone if it was hitting them upside the head, and go play the things, but be sure to spend some time with it

I agree that the spider valves are not in the same category as the SS spider 3's, but they aren't necessarily the best thing in that price range. As suggested before the ENGL would be a much better choice IMHO.
How about Orange?

EDIT: you could probably find a Mesa Mark series in the that range.
^ spot on...I think the 6505 is a little heavier, a little more umph to it's tone.
Ahh ok I get it...i'll put the G-string on my list then.

Anybody have any input on the other questions?
So my bday is coming up real soon and I'm going to expand my efx chain. I'm already know I'm getting a powered pedal board, a chromatic tuner pedal and possibly a ISP Decimater, but I need some help with the OD and Chorus. For the OD I don't need something to boost the gain as I have a 6505 and gain isn't an issue. I'm looking for something for a volume boost and to tighten up the sound a little bit. I was thinking a Maxon OD808 or OD-9, but am open to other suggestions. As for chorus I'm lost, I don't have the slightest clue so fire away. Thanks in advance.
^ Ok well it seems like the pro rack G may be a little over kill. The actual amp noise is nominal and most of the time impossible to hear b/c I play metal and there's rarely a time where the slight hum can be heard b/c I'm usually playing something constantly with no breaks for the hum to show its face. I'm more worried about feedback from the guitar to the amp. That was a big problem with my old band b/c we had a small practice space and I never was able to play far enough from my amp to cut the feedback. I don't think that will be a problem now, but I just want to make sure that there is not going to be any feedback on stage.

EDIT: on that note would the G-even be necessary. The Boss in the loop and the regular decimater in between the guitar and amp should do the job shouldn't it?
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A duel or tripple?

There is no dual or triple for the rectifier cabs...there's just the rectifier. I got mine for $950 brand new, I can't see any reason why you couldn't find a used one in your price range somewhere. Hope that helps.
1. I'm torn between these two pedal boards
There was also a Furman one I was looking at but it less useful

2. What exactly is a sonic maximizer and what does it do? Is it something I should get for a touring band?

3. I'm either going to get the Decimater rack unit or the G-string pedal. I'm leaning towards the pedal b/c I already have a Boss NS-2 that I planned on putting in the efx loop to cut down on the hum (which isn't too bad, but just for sound quality purposes) and using the ISP pedal inbetween my guitar and amp. That being said would there really be any advantages to the rack unit?
If you can find a Mesa Rectifier over-sized cab used, I'd highly recommend it...I tried out all the other mentioned with my 6505+ and while they were all good, they didn't have that punch that the over-sized cab gave off. All Mesa products have transferable warranties also so if you bought one new enough than it would still be under warranty.
Just forget learning that song and pick another band hahaha
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Ugh. but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth dude.

very amp day is supposed to be one of auditory orgasm not utter dismay and disappointment
screw trying to fix it I'd take it back and tell them to give you a new one.
Paul Waggoner of Between the Buried and Me definitely should be mentioned...I'm pretty sure he's sponsored by Ibanez as he uses S series most of the time. Caught me off guard that him and dusty were using PRS when I saw them at their DVD recording show, not sure if him/they endorse PRS now or not, but he definitely deserves a sig model.
^ I'm not too hot on crazy body styles but I wasn't away Schecter even sold custom shops in stores, I thought it was just they sold those to people who put in orders individually...maybe I should look into some more of their USA stuff.
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Oh yeah, it's DEFINITELY reduced access. But I don't see why you would use your index finger up there in the first place.

I don't but it's just the fact that I'm able to with that kind of access, know what I mean?
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The upper bout meets the neck at the 17th fret. I can reach the 24th fret on the high e with my ring finger, no problem. But my fingers are fairly long. I can message you a pic of my hand fretting up there if it will help.

I think that just confirmed my theory on single cuts b/c I can reach the 24th high e with my index finger easily and I have relatively small hands.
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Maybe a EX-400?

Saves you some money, EMGs, looks very good (I am guessing your into metal/rock from your guitar list)

Or the MH-400 looks nice for around the same price, any of the LTD 400s come around the same price and would suit you i think, just picking the shape/specs you prefer

If I get anything it would be either another Hellraiser in a different color or something very close in quality or nicer. I think the LTD 1000 series would be the lowest I would go as far as ESP's go. Hell I might even look into a used PRS and throw some EMGs in it.
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That's about right.

that's good to hear
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oh ok, no problem. how thin are the esp necks?

couldn't tell ya nobody in my city sells em...from what I've heard they are somewhere between Schecter and Ibanez, which if they're right sounds ideal to me.

EDIT: for all I know, I could hate their necks, but I guess I won't know until I try one out.
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yeah. i mean, the slsmg might have a thicker neck, but i haven't tried it... if there's an american-made version, it might be worth a look...

I actually played that exact guitar the other day and hated it. The neck felt paper thin, for some reason thin necks like that make my hand crap and I can't have that happen halfway through a solo on stage.
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yeah, it probably would. i'm struggling to think of a lot of other options, to be honest. there are probably some really obvious ones which I'm missing...

haha well me ruling out Ibanez and Jackson probably isn't helping either b/c a lot of people would suggest those.
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I love my eclipse, but keep in mind the different scale length as well. It will feel different.

I'd definitely look at the Horizon. (Wow, that sounded sort of deep. . .)

How's the fret access on it?...scale isn't that big of an issue b/c I still play my SE from time to time and it's shorter but I don't have any problems with it.
The 1500ish dollars I'd have to spend on an ESP would probably be the limit, but if it was for something quality like that I think it would be worth it.
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If you are giging.. get a pedal-board with a hard-case.

My thoughts exactly, I need to be able to put the top on, close it up, and not worry anything is going to get messed up when it's jammed in the trailer with all the other gear.
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Nice LP with a set of EMG'S?
You have a PRS-Tremonti with EMG'S so it should be fine?

It has the passive HZ pups in it so that doesn't work...pluss I got a new guitar for a reason b/c the SE just doesn't play even close to my Hellraiser.