^ haha I thought of that, don't get me wrong I love my Hellraiser but a Horizon would be a step up.

EDIT: I'm not too sure about singlecut style guitars though...I know I don't like how the higher fret access is on LPs, but I've never played and Eclipse so I'd have to judge that for myself. I generally like a body like my hellraiser b/c the high fret access makes sweeps a lot easier.
I don't want to build one myself b/c I need something with a case that I can close up when on the road. Also I was thinking of getting the ISP rack unit to put in the loop so I can set the threshold for each individual channel. As far as an OD goes, I wouldn't use it for anything but a volume boost, my amp has more than enough gain, and if I were to get one it would more than likely be a Maxon 808. As far as everything else goes, I'm lost.
I might be joining a band tours a plays a lot of shows so I most likely going to need a backup guitar in case something bad were to happen. I currently have a Schecter Hellraiser and I love it, but if I get something else I don't want something exactly the same. I was thinking about an ESP Horizon IINT or Eclipse II. I don't like trems so keep that in mind. I'm open to other suggestions though so post away. Disclaimer: I don't like really thin necks so go ahead and rule out Jackson or Ibanez.
ok guys so I have a boss noise suppressor and a morley bad horsie 2 and my birthday is coming up so I'm going to build up my effects chain. I'll be getting a pedal board too so any suggestions would be awesome, I need something that I can set up as fast as possible on stage so I guess a build in power supply would be what I'm after. What do you guys suggest for other pedals. I play metalcore so I don't need anything really crazy, just some stuff that could add to the atmosphere at certain points.

EDIT: rack units are a possibility too
Peavey 6505+, Mesa Rectifier 4x12 w/ V30' in profile
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Well, i think it might e obvious with the amp choices i gave, lol

But incase of a "No" I play metal. Mostly Metalcore and Doom Metal, but metal none the less.

And i would like to spend more time with them, but the only guitar center in ohio that has them both is 4 hours away... so yeah. Oh, and ill be in an Apartment house thingy, so not exactly a dorm. But playing in a Dorm would be awesomesauce.

I think i will flip a coin... lol.

I figured metal but I wanted to make sure...I play metalcore too and I couldn't be happier with my 6505. It's a very tight amp so triplets and things like that sound especially good. Oh and I also live in an apartment and I've never had any complaints or anything. Maybe I just got lucky with neighbors but sometimes I have the thing turned up to like 3-4 which is LOUD for a bedroom. Like I said before it breaks up really early so playing at lower volumes is no big deal either. I can get a good tone at probably about .5 on the post gain.

EDIT: oh and that Mesa 4x12 of yours (I'm assuming its a rectifier cab) will sound amazing with the 6505....that's exactly what I have
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Both to loud for a college room.

My neighbor in the dorms last year had a half stack and it didn't seem to bother anybody. It's not necessary to get a great tone all the time when you're playing. Plus the 6505 breaks up really fast, I get a good tone with mine at relatively low volumes.
What kind of music do you play? that would be the first place to start
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Damn it I want. =\

Anyone seen it yet? Is it worth it?

It's incredible I bought it the day it came out and have watched it over 10 times now...of course I should give the disclaimer that I was actually at the show so that makes it even better for me
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amon amarth, anyone?

they play in B-standard...OT anything by As I Lay Dying (except a few songs on the new album), Killswitch Engage, and when you get better (you could be really good right now I dunno) August Burns Red stuff can be challenging and really help with writing your own stuff.
If you like the C-1 I'd go with the hellraiser I love mine...You could also look at the LTD H-1000 series. If I'm not mistaken I think the bodies are actually the same thing and made in the same factory as the C-1's, but I could be mistaken. The main differences I can tell are just cosmetic type things.
Just get some lemon oil...I have some stuff called Dr Stringfellow I think...just wipe it down really good and then polish it with that, cleans well and looks great afterwards.
Pre Gain: 6-7
Low: 7
Mid: 5ish
High: 6.5
Post Gain: adjust to taste
Res: 7
Pres: 9

I know that looks scooped but its not, its a very middy amp, also the Presence is kinda weird I like it high cuz it brightens up the tone without loosing your ballsy tone.
^ +1 I have a 6505 with a Recto 4x12 and its tone sex for metal, especially the types you're talking about.

And to the guy that said more bands use Mesa, I'm going to have to disagree. Actually I've noticed a trend of a lot of bands using Mesa Triple Recs and 5150's in stereo. I think it's split right down the middle between the 2 amps.
You wont need to push the gain much past 6 depending on how loud you have the post turned up. If you're not getting insane amounts of gain something is wrong and you should get it looked at.
You might want to look into a used Peavey JSX also. I don't mean to clutter all your choices but buying a good amp is nothing to rush in to. The JSX would probably be even more versatile than the XXX as the other guy stated that 5150/6505's aren't the most versatile amps in the world, but are extremely good for metal.
Hell you could probably find a used PRS in that price range.
My advice is look around for a while for any of those used Peaveys and if you cant find any of those, then go for the Randall
You wont need the Metal Muff with any of those amps. I plugged mine into my 6505 just for kicks (I would never really use it through it), and it sounded horrible. It sounded a lot better through my old MG which defies all logic, but it is what it is.

EDIT: I would scratch the B52 off the list, they sound very thin in my opinion. They sound as if something was missing from the tone.
Selkies or White Walls by Between the Buried and Me
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JEM's always are unnecessary. They are worth about half their price. And if you already own a 550, then the idea of getting one is totally idiotic.

EDIT: even if you get it second hand at 1k: that still is overpriced, because its second hand.
Seriously, get something else second hand, for about 1K. There are better guitars than JEM's. You should try a music man for example.

I'm going to have to agree with him on the JEM, however I've never been a fan of Music Man, their bridges always seem to piss me off when I palm mute.
I tried out a ton of different guitars before I bought my Hellraiser (it's an 07 model too not coil split like the new ones) and I couldn't fine one in that price range that was better. The way the neck is set is perfect, its technically a set neck but it's set like a neck through which makes the higher frets very easy to access. When I bought mine the retail was around 1200 bucks, but I got it for 750 which was a steal at the time. Now they've improved it and it's cheaper, it don't see a better option unless you look at the LTD 1000 series which are another option to look at.
Maybe I'm just confusing myself...I just want something that can handle lower gain styles such as LOG and Metallica but add better cleans to that...I think I was over complicating things
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If you don't want a compressed quality to the tone then you don't want anything too hot or too full-on EQ wise, maybe a Dimarzio Norton with a Humbucker from Hell in the neck.

The more I think about it, the more I think that would be one amazing sounding guitar.

Ah I just realized I worded that kinda funny...what I meant by that was I was disappointed with was the lack of compression I have now.
Spider 3's do not take pedals well at sounds absolutely horrible
Whenever you do get pups, do yourself a favor and don't get the EMG HZs, they are seriously lacking, there's virtually no compression
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Im just gonna either go to buy new strings or order

But thanx for everyone that posted

just a note though, if you buy strings that thick you're prob going to want to get a couple extra springs for the trem b/c the tension will be a lot higher and will pull the trem up.
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Oh wait, Would Drop B work with light gauge strings ?

it'll work just not well...I use 12s where the G string is wound
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play in drop B i do that..

cheers, drop B is awesome
I guess I should refine my question a little bit...I think more what I'm looking for is something to deal with gain on say the level of Lamb of God or Metallica, and have really good cleans too. My main beef with the HZ I have in there now is the compression too so something that would fix that.
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Guitar = Copy of fender strat
and im trying to play psychosocial by slipknot

I'm thinking of buying heavier strings next time, these ones came with the guitar

Honestly dropping that low for one song isn't worth it IMO. Just drop it down to D, learn the song and ignore the tuning. You don't have to play along with it, though I know it's fun I do it quite often. If it's got a trem on it, dropping that low from standard will really mess stuff up, you prob wouldn't even be able to play it without action adjustments and stuff like that.
^ ooo that could be problem....what's the scale on your neck? Also you'll probably need to restring with a much heavier gauge, dropping that low could also cause some problems with the neck if it's not set up for that tuning. Are you trying to play a band's song or something?
^ yea a bass....and that's coming from a guy who plays in drop B
^ believe me my hellraiser is my go to guitar and I love the tone I get with the 81/85 set...I just figure if I have another guitar why not make it different, it would be pretty redundant to have 2 guitars with the same pickups, especially EMGs b/c they would sound almost identical.
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Have you looked into the ZW 85/81 pickup set?

I have that exact set in my Hellraiser, I'm looking for passive pups for my other guitar to give me another option for tone.
1. have no idea
2. depends on which model you're talking about they have plenty to choose from
Quote by Dave_Mc
who cares, they have a modern metal tone.

Sorta their tone has this twang in it that I guess fits their southern hard rock mold.
No budget...I forgot about Bareknuckles
So before I got my Hellraiser my Tremonti SE was my primary guitar, and as I got more into metal I decided to change the bridge pickup. In my ignorance I saw the EMG HZ and thought omg this is the answer to all my problems, now I know otherwise. Since I already have a guitar now with active EMGs, I want to change both the pups in my PRS to give me a different feel. I still want them to be high output, but I don't want a different guitar that sounds exactly the same. I was thinking along the lines of 59/JB, Evos or PRS Dragons. I'd like to have chrome covers for vanity reasons, but they are not necessary. I'm still going to be playing harder music, but I want a tone that's going to different from my Hellraiser. Good cleans would be a pluss too.
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save your money more, and get a better ESP, like an EC-500. dont get a POS cause you want it now.

+1 don't buy something too cheap, you'll end up getting a new guitar less than a year later like I did.