Just clarifying....Atreyu is not metal....can I get a 2nd? Aye, Aye, Aye....MOTION PASSED

On topic: I'd say either the Randall or the Bugera 6262. The VK doesn't have enough gain, and the B52 is one of the most overrated amps I've ever played in my life, it's lifeless.
I don't think a Metal section is really necessary. Though a lot of ppl on here are looking for something metal related, I think the reason it shows so much on the boards is b/c people are too lazy to use the searchbar. Almost everyday I see a thread with a title something like "6505 for metal?" or "VK or B52?". People beat these topics to death on here.
I have the string through model, and I love's like a fifth limb to me, I feel naked without it.
I ended up picking up the Bad Horsey 2, I'm having a lot of fun with it so far...thanks for the suggestions
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did you have to adjust the bias when you replaced the tubes?

edit: Between the Buried and Me rocks btw

Like the other guy said there's only a very small fine adjustment for the bias...but bob set me up with power tubes that would get me running as hot as it would go.
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Search at and 'The Ultimate Wah Thread'
But wah`s begin at $80, and some say the basic Dunlop Wah Pedal (GCB 95 isn`t it?)
is the best pedal ever, other say that it`s sucks major balls. so it`s your opinion.
My opinion: Don`t buy it. If you put wah in a lead solo liine then you can only hear in the background. Don`t expect that Metallica for 80 bucks.

I was thinking more in the 120-140 range...but that Metallica sound isn't what I'm looking for, that's basically what I meant by overboard.
^ yea problem with that is, they have them all hooked up to 15 watt MGs so it could be deceiving, and I'm not about to roll my halfstack into GC just to try out wah pedals
So GC sent me this nice little 25 dollar gift certificate, so I thought it would be a great time to add a wah pedal to my chain. I don't know much about wah so I was kinda looking for some advice as to which I should consider, keep in mind I'm probably going to go buy one in the next couple hours. I don't really want one that's going to go overboard, I'm looking for something to accent some lead lines. I'm not big into the shred style but more melodic stuff mixed in with sweeps. It has to be able to handle a lot of gain b/c I do play in a metalcore band. I was thinking maybe something by Morley b/c of the design where you don't have to hit a pot to activate/deactivate. Any thoughts?
I just replaced all mine with the hi-gain set. It really improved the sound, it breaks up more at lower volumes, is brighter, and sounds more full. I gave it a more saturated feel.
I just retubed mine with a full set of JJ's from Eurotubes. All my tubes were stock before that too and now it's opened up the tone a lot. It sounds a lot fuller and much smoother. I got the hi-gain set and they've made me really happy.
If you don't buy that I will hunt you down, find out who is selling it, and buy it myself
The cleans are great, but depending on what sort of metal you're playing it may not be "brutal" enough for u...I tried one out and it just didn't have enough gain for me.
^ no they're not necessarily the same song but they're intentionally similar. 2 will probably be first on the demo and 1 last, to kinda give it a full circle feel.
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I really like your style, sounds like you've got a great guitar sound going too. The only points I can see to be pedantic about are in untitled 1, there's quite a few spots where it sounds like a note is out of key or something, there are also a few of those in the bulwark spirts. Appart from that though it was great. Keep doign what your doing.

those notes you're talking about were just me messing up...I was just too lazy to rerecord them haha
I can't say enough about Mesa 2x12s...I bought the 4x12 Rectifier b/c I like the fuller sound it gives me, but the 2x12s I tried were nothing short of amazing, if you can get the cash for one, I highly recommend them.
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Sounds pretty sweet to me like you said all it needs is the rest of the band. I would try to get a clearer recoding though, i know your using a mp3 player mic but you should really look into getting riff works or something like that for recording.

Oh I know it's horrible...we're going to be going into the studio in about a month so I can't wait to hear everything from a 3rd person...I basically just recorded them so I could stay fresh with them when we're not at practice. I may have to look into that riff works thing though.
ooo ooo my is in my sig, and there are pics in my Profile.
Hey guys, I just did a couple really rough recordings of my guitar tracks for 3 of my band's songs. Keep in mind I messed up in a couple spots so it sounds a little sloppy and I recorded off of the internal mic in my Mp3 player so the mix doesn't do my eq justice. Oh also my NS-2 ran out of batteries so there's some noise at parts. Also this is just me, so the tracks for the other guitarist aren't there. The end of untitled 1 is my fav, but without the other guitarist it sounds kinda empty.

All things aside, take a listen and see what you thing. They are the 3 songs in my profile with "It Is Finshed" before them.
yea I use the 50ish dollar monster right doesn't twist up on me
^ yea he def uses a Marshall half stack, at least live he does. I dunno what he uses in the studio.
ER uses an SG with EMGs and a Marshall amp, not sure which one though. This is weird to see on here b/c I went to high school with half of those guys. Pretty cool I guess.
We know the H stands for Horizon, but it's not called the Horizon-1000 is it?

Wow didn't realize we were so nitpicky over here
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Horizon does not equal H-1000 mate. Horizon = ESP, H1000 = LTD.

That's what H stands for and were not talking about ESP here were talking about LTD. LTD =/= ESP as you like to say so often.
^ The same can be said about most brands except for maybe Schecter, but I'm sure that will come in the future.
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^with one difference:
horizon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> C1 (other price class too offcourse)

I meant the body style not anything else...don't even try to tell me that a Horizon 1000 is any different than a Hellraiser...they're almost identical
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Yeah they look a hell of a lot like schecters.

They look that way because LTDs and Schecters are made in the same factory. The Horizon series is almost identical to the C-1 series. They are just put together and set up in different places in the US.
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You know mate, PRS makes cheap guitars also. So there goes your whole point. The SE lines start at 499$.

Now what were you saying?

That's like calling a Squier a Fender, they're made in 2 completely different places. SEs in Korea (I think) and the actual PRS are handmade in the US.
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So you prefer a thick sticky neck with fingercuting fretwork over a relatively small fast silky smooth neck?
Ok, its your choice.

Ok first of all, hellraiser necks are not thick, maybe not paper thin like Jacksons but it's no LP. And where are you getting sticky? Have you ever even played one? I'm not the one bashing other people's guitars. I hate really thin necks for the same reason you love them, so you might just want to accept that fact.
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haha, most stupid remark ever. You are not telling me you prefer a shitty hellraiser above a USA jackson. You are not.

Yes I am, I hate all Jackson necks, and yes I've played plenty of USA Jacksons including the one you have. They just feel awkward to me. I'm not saying that my Hellraiser is necessarily better, I just like the way it plays better. The Hellraiser isn't my ideal guitar, it's just the best I could afford. If I had my way I'd have an ESP Horizon or EC II, but I don't have 1,500+ bucks to drop on a guitar right now, maybe in the future when I start making a little money from my band.
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uhh..because a 5150 doesnt get every metal tone?

Man's gotta point. I love mine for what I play, but if I'd prob look towards an ENGL for a death metal tone.
wow apparently there's a bunch of Jackson fanyboys on UG. No matter, I'd rather have my Hellraiser anyday.
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I like to use a little bigger and longer stainless screw from the hardware store. Sometimes you have to ream out the strap button for the screw. Never had one come loose again.

The problem with that is what if it comes out again? Eventually you'd just make the hole bigger and bigger.
^ prob guitar flips over the shoulder on stage. That would be my guess.
I've heard the Sanheiser(sp?) ones were basically top of the line. Maybe the Shure kit?
^ now that sounds a little better....any other ideas?
Is that how they fix them if you take it in to get repaired? Those all sound really unstable.

EDIT: Is anyone actually a tech that can shed some light?
So the hole for the screw for my strap button is stripped. It's gotten to the point to where the screw won't stay in at all anymore. I bought strap locks and the screw was bigger so it held for a while, but just came out again and made the hole bigger. Whats the best way to go about fixing this. I've heard the whole toothpick thing, but that sounds sketchy to me b/c I need these things to hold. I can't have the screw come out again on stage, b/c I go crazy.
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Probably because it's WAAAY too middy.

That's easily fixed, you have to scoop the mids on them a little. I get an amazing tone out of mine. It's ballsy as hell, turned up it could break someones face.
The settings I gave are brighter with just enough gain to be brutal but not too much to where single notes sound grainy. I sweep some in my songs so I can't have too much gain or they just sound like crap.

EDIT: as far as the OD goes, I dunno if it's really necessary for gain purposes, there's plenty on tap on the amp. I would suggest using it as a boost.
If you get greenbacks I'd suggest a cab with 2 of those and 2 V30s. I've heard bad things about 4 greenbacks with 6505s.