I am the mellow virgin, the raging anon, destined to help the government.
43- Why the hell would I want to turn into water?
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The M&Ms in my bowl were all brown... so I dumped them onstage and stormed off.

Last time I discovered brown M&Ms backstage we actually made the stage collapse.

OT: I've broken my high e so many times that I'm sorta used to playing without it now.
suspect the internet
I just watched Public Enemies yesterday and the song 10 Million Slaves by Otis Taylor fit in so well with that movie
Band: Hillbillys in a Haunted House
Album: Enough Time To Play
Single: Feeling Sensible
Right Now-Van Halen
Separate Ways-Journey
If you were a hooker you'd know, I'd be happy to paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....

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"If suddenly you were a guy, I'd be suddenly gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

Real first name: Andrew
Sex:Yes please ...........
Religion (or lack thereof): Catholic
Nationality: American
First vegetable that comes to mind: Potato
Favourite band: Van Halen
Favourite guitar player: EVH
Favourite guitar:Kramer Pacer
Favourite album: 5150
Best concert you've attended:
Tea or coffee: Neither
Ever been to Spain? No
Do you drink? I drink......Water
Do you smoke? no
Wacky Baccy? no
Ever taken a dump outside? No, but I have with my bathroom door to the outside open, and I live on a golf course so the golfers were staring at me.
What's the weather like there? Sunny
Favourite film: I dunno
Do you give money to hobos? No
Ever bungy jumped or skydived No
What present did you get for your mum's last birthday? Cant remember
Favourite Simpsons character: Dont watch that watch
Are you a virgin?
Record no. of faps in a day: 3
Favourite cheese: White American
Ever had a wet dream? Unfortunately
Most f*cked up thing you've ever witnessed: Two guys put a mouse in a blender(saw on /b/)
Favourite animal: Human
Do you live on the coast? Yes
Place you'd most like to visit (inb4 "Your mum's cooch"): Rome or L.A
Favourite author + book: Dunno
Any tattoos? Do you like them? Eventually
Can you lick your elbow? No
Last thing you bought: Picks
Worst injury you've had, or disease contracted: Can't remember
Clean, overdriven or distorted? Right between overdriven and distorted
Have you read LOTR? I read The Hobbit, does that count?
Ever broken someone's nose? Nah, I'm a pacifist...sometimes
Favourite passtime other than guitar and fapping: Reading
What's your dream job? Probably, like most on here, a lead guitar player in a somewhat successful touring band.
First thing you'd buy or do if you won the lottery: Some type of Kramer guitar
Ever jumped into the water from a large height? No
Ever been in a car accident? No
Flamethrower or rocket launcher? Flamethrower
And finally, what would you do if you woke up with a bare testicle stitched to the palm of your hand? Donate it to science.

In addition to the standard kid shows like Pokemon, I also watched Howard Stern Show
Mostly Native American, and then

French Canadian



That's how Ive always know it
Some songs from Forgetting Sarah Marshall were good(the Jason Segel and Russel Brand ones) and I quite enjoyed "Stu's Song" from the Hangover, but I cant think of any great orchestral ones right now besides the obvious ones.

"Who told you you could eat my cookies? Put that cookie down NOW!"
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I'm not gonna lie to you guys, my girlfriend's body is outstandingly similar to Susan Coffey's. I know I can't prove that to you (well, I can but won't), but trust me on this one. It's awesome.

Pics or GTFO
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Not win. Anything associated with that ****ing show automatically loses, hard.

There was one good part...


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i think i'm gonna stay away from marshall. my friend has a 100 mg and always complains about it. and says the distortion sucks.

MGs are the worst Marshall, not all of them are terrible. But I would recommend a good tube combo, like stated before. You can look on ebay and find a used Peavey 5150 or 6505, which as far as I know would be best within budget for what you play.
I'll give it a try- Battlefield 1942 theme
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Dreams-Van Halen

It managed to get Kanye West, Troll Face, Jackie Moon, Qui Gon Jin, Chazz Micheal Micheals, Drake and Josh, Barry Manilow, Micheal Jackson, and Boxxy among random others.
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Isn't this slash's 3rd signature LP now??

It's actually his 9th if you count both Gibson and Epiphone.
Don't forget about the new Bugera's as well, which are Matchless clones.
1956 Guild D-40 is my oldest
The end... of the world is here, everybody back in the pile of... Hedgetrimmers, 'cos i need to trim my... kitten's nose hairs, im afraid they have... Giant mutant alien lice in them that like to suck... Tears from the eyes of Mermaids, who are masters in the ancient art of... Giving hair cuts to men who...
go on rampant rampages because they lost the game due to...this weird thread that I don't understand because... TS touches himself at night. This is the French's fault because... je parles non francais. Je suis un noob por.... she's just a small town girl...Living in a lonely world...She took the midnight train going a-ny-where...Just a city boy...Born and raised in South Detro-o-ooit...He took the midnight train going anywhere...A singer in a smoky room...A smell of wine and cheap perfume...For a smile they can share the night...It goes on and on and on and on...Stangers waiting, up and down the boulevard...Their shadows, searching...Streetlights people, living just to find emotion...Hidin' somwhere. IN THE NIIIIIIGGGGHHHTTT!!!! *solo*...working hard to get my fill...Everybody WANTS A thriilll...Paying anything to roll the dice...Just one more time...Now, this is a story, all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down...and i'd like to take a minute...just sit right there...I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air...In West Philadelphia...born an' raised...on the playground where I spent most of my eggs are boiled, my donuts glazed... It was perfect, and so I decided....that this thread was hi-jacked from TS and is out of control...This fire is outta control...The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!...Someone, put out the fire! Before we the mash we so the monster...Cables in my rig. My amp choice varies by day like on a Monday I'll... touch myself. After touching myself i... EXPLODE and disappear from existance...Thus ending the narrative of this story for now and forever...but not yet because Im awkward, like an erection in a public place... Or a bad thread in the pit, but nonetheless, our protagonist struggles onwards towards...The depths of FOTB where...he will recieve a nipple gripple... after that...a wild snorlax appeared. he pulled out his ultra ball and..snorlax teleports.. to the seventh level of hell where he gets butt... raped violently by, gay, jewish midgets who just so happened to... have a deformed...Right ear which looks oddly like... Kramer from Seinfeld...and he was also a bit... of an ass who liked to... blow...Power Rangers from season....
I wonder if he was wearing Dickies.
I bake cake
Sounds like a striker,i.e not worth it, but I would need pics to tell

EDIT:It's a Striker, and definately not worth 399
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WHAAAT ? I live in Florida and I aint got no snow. Nothin but frost at most. Jacksonville almost got snow but not quite. Where are you?

Me too
Does it have to be brootal metal?
If not, then Kramer

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i still kind of like Mute, but its now infamous at my old high school for the ridiculousness of that first album (greatest tits...)

Anyway, my friend came up with the green flame
I dont have a job, but I'm still living with my parents, so i really dont have to provide. My dad makes around 120k a year, and my mom doesnt work, I'd have to say i'm living pretty comfortably, not rich, not poor.