I got my AA in general studies at 19, and then an AAS with a focus in radiology at 23. I took a year off in the AAS to relax because I was burnt out, and I got a certification in phlebotomy while I was on my year of sabbatical. When I went back to do clinicals in the CT department I was one of the only people in the hospital certified to put in IVs. I'm starting full time at an orthopedic clinic on Tuesday (super excited). At first I was going to go into Electrical Engineering but I was about to get married and that was a longer program than the radiography degree, so I swapped schools. Then I got broken up with, but I loved what I was doing with radiography, so I stuck with it. I love it, and there's a lot of room for growth within that field so it worked out for me.
My little brother got his AA at 20 and EMS certification at 21, and worked for a few months. Right now, he's in the Army and finishing up his AIT for radio repair dude.
I think that it really depends on what you want to do, depending on higher education. Most of the people who graduate from university now are getting degrees in womens studies and underwater basketweaving and can't find a job. They basically become highly educated baristas or burgerflippers.
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i don't

i feel like i remember both you and crazymike from the UG Minecraft server tho
was the city called Vatra? idr

Yeah I think so. They had a few servers that I was there for. I haven't played Minecraft in a while though.
I put my bra on one strap at a time.
These damn kids nowadays with their bookface and their tweeter.
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We all grew up and got social lives and jobs and shit

But shouldn't there be an influx of new(er) young punks who start out learning guitar and then wind up going on The Pit and lurking and posting and doing all the stuff we did like eight years ago before we grew up and got social lives and jobs and shit?
I'm not sure if it's the coffee or the cocaine I put in it, but generally something happens.
I remember when the Pit would have like 900+ people online, posting and lurking at any given time. What happened?
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Not like that you dork.

But seriously, don't send critics hate mail. Believe me they get enough of it, especially if they're shitty writers.

I fixed it for you.
I like my women bald, so I'm not really sure what to think.
I always hold the door open. Especially if they're more than thirty feet away.

Just to stare into their godless eyes as they slowly jog to the door I opened five minutes early and to know that I made a stranger just a little bit more uncomfortable.
Well, I guess I'll have to try to crack 500 over the weekend. I start a new job on Monday, and that should keep me pretty busy in addition to preventing my diarrhea of posting.
The last time I logged on was back in 2014. I'm kind of surprised mine is this high. It's been a long while since I did any shitposting on here.
No one ever really leaves The Pit. They just go on vacation for a few years until they inevitably wind up coming back.

MIKEDIT: What's up with this new IQ thing?
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I wish I was 21, I'm only 18 so I can't get a pistol

Do you live in one of the police states, or does your state allow private transfer of firearms?

18 SHOULD be old enough to carry a pistol. But I'm almost 21 at this point, and I'm going to get a CCWP as soon as I hit that magic number where all of a sudden I can buy guns and alcohol.
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That sounds like it could be fairly dangerous. lol


It's the ballistic party favors that usually kill people.
I picked up a box of 12 gauge lowbrass birdshot yesterday. I've been taking out the shot, and replacing it with confetti to surprise people at birthday parties.
You are ridden with aspergers. Avoid social situations, comrade!
Only Silly Country Would Dare To Launch Attack Against Only Rising Superpower In Middle East.

America is fat. Would be less fat, if ran around in woods. Culture has changed to remove self-accountability. I say: If you are fat, and do not like, then change. Am not fat. Will not be fat, because healthy. Many long runs in woods carrying 60kilo packs, and combat drills facilitate a healthy body. Most America does not have healthy body. Must change, otherwise coronary disease risk goes up in relation to how many burger is eat.

If I still feel like I'm on the verge of passing out after ten days, I'll call it quits. Mostly because by then, I'll have classes to care for. But if I feel like I'm getting into the cycle, I'll continue. At the very least, this could be an interesting experiment. I doubt it'll get to the point where I just up and die(though it very well could. In that case, you get an internet cookie of 'Told you so'. Kudos.). I messed up the morning naps, and I've been skipping the day nap (because today I was with friends, and the day before I was taking care of some yardwork for my grandparents, and couldn't find time to drop a 30 minute nap in there somewhere. Oh well. If you're going to mess up, might as well do it early, right?)

From here on, I'll be stricter with the regimen. Like one of the fine posters here said, I'm forcing my body to enter directly into REM sleep(protip, that's the one that's important.). By doing this, I'll be maximizing the time I spend in REM, as well as gaining six waking hours. If I make it through this week, then that would be very cool. If it works, then that would be even cooler. If it doesn't, then I'll just resume my normal sleep schedule, and within a week or so, I'll be back to normal. In the meantime, granola bars and fruit for after I just wake up, washed down with a nice cup of coffee. I'll have to be pretty strict with myself about caffeine intake. Usually I make a big pot, and drink that when I wake up, and I make several other pots throughout the day. Over these past few days alone, I've cut drastically into my caffeine intake. I should probably make a chart (For science), and in the meantime, I will continue adding to my sleep journal.

Next post in 1.5 hours.
I've got two hours until my next nap. So I've organized my closet, cleaned my room, and folded some towels.

The night times are the worst. The melatonin and internal clock make the nights pretty rough. I'm distracting myself by playing the riddle game with the girlfriend. She's about to go to sleep, so I guess I'll read for a little while before my next nap. Come morning, (and correct my biology if I'm wrong), the melatonin in the body is converted to serotonin. That's responsible for the 'feel good' of all nighters. So daytimes are nice. I'm not doing anything tomorrow, so I'll take the 4pm nap that I've been missing. Hopefully that will make the 10am wakeup easier. But I suppose that's up to trial and error. I'll just have to see what happens.
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Sleeping 30 minutes is not enough; it is likely only entering stage 1 and stage 2... (which doesn't achieve REM Sleep or dreams.) REM sleep can occur anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Only sleeping a half hour at a time will most likely neglect REM sleep and cause sleep deprivation.

The guy who came up with this sleep schedule reportedly stuck to it for two years with no ill effects. If I still feel unrested, then I can always increase the amount of nap time. It's a process. It can change.

As for you people saying I'll **** up my sleep schedule, how long does it take you to go back to sleeping in until noon after a semester in school where you have early classes? Sure, this is a little more complex than just moving the cycle up(I'm breaking it into fourparts), but the human brain is pretty resilient to sleep changes. It'll bounce back into homeostasis after a couple weeks of trying.
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lol, it'll never work....haha. Your body does what it wants

Oh ye of little faith.
I just woke up from my 10PM nap. I still feel fine. I don't think I got any sleep, because mom is in the next room over watching television and laughing. The harpy laugh. No biggy. The 4am naps are the ones I look forward to the most. It's quiet. The entire world is still. And when I wake up, it's like I'm in a cocoon that's shrieking because of an alarm. Then I work out to get the blood pumping. It reminds me of Hell Week. Hardly any sleep, and you're tricking your body into thinking it's a fight-or-flight situation by doing sudden workouts as soon as you wake up.
I'm making sure to eat light snacks after I wake up. Granola bars and fruit. Very little caffeine. I treat myself to some nicotine post-workout, which could have unintended consequences.

I'm a college student. I've been through many semesters of finals week, and so far, I feel more well-rested than I usually do when I'm staying up all night cramming, and then passing out after the final. This feels kind of healthy. I've got a haywire sleep schedule anyway, and there have been no documentation of this sleep cycle. And in true white dude fashion, I'm going to put on some rock music, take a nap, and then stay up all night internetting.

I'll update daily. Thanks for posting, guys.
Hello, comrades!

A link was sent to me recently by my good friend Sam that says... it's not only possible to be functional on two hours of sleep... But it's better for you than sleeping in that huge chunk of time where you lay there, easy prey for rapists and assassins. I've set a schedule for myself, made up of four naps. Each of which are thirty-minutes in duration, and take place six hours from each other. This schedule is called the 'Dymaxion Sleep Cycle', and it was invented by Buckminster Fuller, who reportedly kept this schedule for two years(or more). I haven't been able to find any documentation of this cycle, aside from hearsay and internet myth... So I am setting out to record my findings.

Below are the entries from my sleep journal so far. I'm on the end of day two. I've been very busy lately, and missed one of the naps on both days. So far, I'm not dead, and I'm only slightly groggy. I'm expecting it to get worse.
Day 1

It’s nearly twelve o clock. I think I fell asleep at four, immediately after my first nap, but I am not sure. Thankfully, I woke up after my second nap was supposed to be. Immediately following the first nap, I was tired. So tired that when I sat down to write this, I fell asleep. I was woke up around ten by my dad. Well, if you're going to make mistakes, might as well get them out of the way early, right? I’m hoping the adaption process isn’t too hard, but I’ve got a room that needs to be cleaned, some books to read, and Netflix that can distract me from the hallucinations and sleep deprivation. I'm guessing that's how the Marines make it through Hell Week. Stay busy, and that's what I'll do.
I did not sleep during the daytime. I just ‘woke up’ from my first nap since last night. I’m not sure if I slept or not. I’m not sure if I dreamt. I woke up, and my alarm was going off. Well. I’ve got six hours ahead of me. Nap time at four. Might as well make it four, which is six hours from my impromptu nap. For a twenty minute nap, I awoke feeling slightly refreshed. I’m still tired, of course. But I guess I can go back to sleep in a few hours!

Day 2

I'm tired. I'm sure this upcoming nap will be in no way refreshing. My head feels heavy, and my eyes seem to drift close of their own accord. I spent the last four hours mining out a dwarven underground castle to keep the sleep demons at bay. Oh man oh man, it's awesome. There's rafters and beams, and I should take snapshots to upload to the Facebook. When I awake from this powernap, I will add to the journal, and brew some coffee. My pot is an 8 scoop pot. I will add 10 scoops out of spite, and caffeinated glory. Weary days and sleepless nights are upon me. I can feel it. This is going to be awesome for my Medical Terminology class. Staying up for 22 hours a day. All that time I'll spend studying will be worth this initial week of fatigue and bleary-eyed early morning Minecrafting. And I'll even have a Dwarven Castle.

I just woke up. That nap was mildly refreshing. I don't feel as bad as I did, but nor do I feel as awake as I could. I suppose the only thing that will fix me is a big bowl of cereal, and an even bigger mug of coffee. I'll use the bathroom, and then get something to eat and drink. The cats seem surprised to see me. Well get used to it, you nappy pussies. I'm never going to sleep again. So far, the sleep deprivation is mild. No worse than it is when I go without sleeping for a day. I am fairly cold, which I'll chalk up to it being 56 degree outside.

I feel as well as I do when I first wake up. Head is mildly foggy. Strange thing while napping at 4am: My hands and feet started buzzing, and I felt like I was just a brain floating in space. My peaceful reverie was only shattered by the screeching of my alarm clock.
I took a shower, and made some coffee. I did a short workout routine after I woke up to bring myself to full wakefulness. I'm tired now, but I suppose I can hold on until 10am. I wonder if I will find myself counting the hours until I can take a nap after I've finished adjusting.
There's a whitelist now? Lame. How can I party hard with you guys when I can't get into the party?
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She's adorable-er in real life. I drank too many blueberry drink things and threw up all over her house. She's currently telling me it's okay, and cuddling with me. I am no longer drunk.
Note to self: Never get sick and lose tons of weight, and then decide drinking half a pack of the microbrews(lightweight tonight) is a good idea. She's being pretty supportive for me being a shitty boyfriend. I got drunk, and puked all over her house, and she still loves me. I lucked out.
She's pretty. I can't figure out this whole picture thing. Also, for anyone monitoring this thread for anything other than the potential hotness of my girlfriend(9/10, btw. She's awesome.)
We made it out of the gas station. After we got this damn belt on the truck, I went to her moms house. Currently drinking blueberry beer, and smoking at her moms house. Tonight turned into a pretty nice night. We fixed the squeaking in my truck, too. So now I'm just hanging out with her family, and looking at recipes. Love you, Pit. You kept us entertained through our hard times at the gas station. To that lowly Pitgoer who works at a gas station: I salute you. How'd your shift go?
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maybe? If you don't see me in Batman underwear, and not a lot else... Then it works!
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Did it work?
How do we upload pictures?
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This thread is entertaining in a very strange way.

Your face is entertaining in a very right way.

You guys want pictures of us waiting at a gas station?
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But you said he was bringing you tools.


Her popop is her grandpa. They just called. They were driving down the same strip of road, looking for a Foodfast. We're at a Foodmart. Similar names, different stations. Popop is pissed. We're still here, two or three hours later. Time is meaningless here. I just want to go back to her place and cook, and do relationship things. Like be supportive or whatever those feminists are yelling about. Maybe I'll slap her, usually that goes over well. But it has to be hard enough to get her to stop screaming.
Her dad is an Army Ranger training guy. He sounds cool. Shitty dad, but awesome soldier. He's got more medals on his vest than my grandpa does in his back.

Had sex in the road. Smoked. Today is shaping up to be a glorious birthday.

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have sex with her dad

But he's overseas right now, and they don't talk anymore.

Also, public sex is frowned upon. We're next to a sheriffs office We checked there first. Sex in a police car is still cool though.

Your move, Mr. Lawmaaaaaaan.
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Get a job and new vehicle, ya bum.


unlike grandma, may he rest in peace.
That dude on the keyboard makes me happy in my pants.

The gas station attendant lady is giving me the stinkeye. I guess public masturbation is still frowned upon in this town.
Hi Pit!

I have a story of triumph, betrayal and lust.
It all started about nineteen years ago, when Sierras mom decided to get knocked up. Giving to me, a wonderful girlfriend about eighteen years later. On this day, I decided I'm going to be a good boyfriend, and drive her in my dilapidated truck to her hometown, so she can visit with her family for her birthday. We made it about fifteen miles, when my truck began to make noises that are not the usual noises it's supposed to make(it usually makes a horrible screaming sound like all the demons in hell are loose, and they're glad to be out of my truck).
So we coasted until we hit this gas station, and we've been here for about an hour, waiting for Sierras Popop to bring me an alternator belt, and a toolbox, so I can get this show on the road and make her the happiest little almost-nineteen year old girl ever.

Entertain us, in our hovel of a gas station? We've got chickenwings, and lemonade.
I just want the diamonds I had in the store back. You capitalist pigs. First you undercut my prices, and then I come back and I've got no Diamonds, and no money.