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Im teaching my children how to build on minecraft. There will be more seli joining soon. 
Thanks for your imput but thats not what im asking, okay.
The JMP is already modded, thus its lost its value, wich allowed me to purchase it at the price i did. i enjoyed the sound of the axe fxII through the return on my AVT that i sold for this, but the AVT was just not loud enough to be played over drums unfortunately. I do not plan on purchasing more equipment and i enjoy the tone of the JMP for certain aspects, as it’s got a distinct tone to it that works well with my pedalboard. Sometimes i enjoy playing with backing tracks, wich i use to do by plugging an MP3 player into the return of the AVT. There are certain things i do with the Axe FX II such as soundscapping and getting oddball tones, but i would rather just create a return or line level input onto the amp itself so i do not have to have even more equipment.
Thank you for your suggestion though.
So I recently picked up a modded 1978 50 watt Marshal JMP MK2. The high imput on it works and it has a footswitch now in place of a speaker output to switch from clean to dirty, but the low level imput has been disabled. Is there any way to modify the Low Level imput as to make it a Line Level imput? My plans are to use an A/B switch and run an effects processor in it (axe fx ii) so i can switch between the tones of the amp and pull off soundscapping / oddball tones /amp sims with the fx processor, or just plug in a mp3 player to jam along with tracks.

If you have any advice on how to do this please shed some light.

Tl;DR : How do i change the low level imput to a line level passthrough on a 1978 Marshal JMP MK2
Xiaoxi You can buy these in the store? Like, so you mean I can stop going to the Boobie bar if I want more?!
Hey pit,
I turned 24 not that long ago so I tried out this local Jamaican Boobie Bar (the first boobie bar I've ever been in) that has these awesome Jamaican Beef Patties. Knowing the Pit has all walks of life, do people actually go to Jamaican Boobie Bars for the Boobies? Or does everyone go for the beef patties? They keep on bringing me back for more beef patties, and the more times I go, it seems like people just want the beef and don't care about the Boobies.
Masquirina haha how can i formulate my words to make things seem less scary? the people playing online don't have to download anything, just the person hosting the game (in this case it was me)
i guess mine is 20 :/
I feel like playing drawful with random members pit... and use to be an active member of the UG Minecraft thread, sooo I'm making this thread for finding / sharing games on it.

For those who don't know how to host this over the internet, you need to use streaming software to put it on twitch tv or youtube, and people draw in using a web browser on another device. On the other device (the one you're drawing and guessing on) you go to and enter the room code on the stream. That will allow you to draw on the stream. I'm going to keep this stream open for an hour minimum, and if theirs any regulars I'll try to host a game regularly lol.

For those who don't know, this is pretty much like pictionairy but the goal is to draw on your phone (or anything really) whatever the topic it gives you, then other players guess what it is. Then everyone guesses what the drawing is out of the real answer and everyone's guess.

The stream URL is (i couldn't get the url button to work) (edit oh sweet you can just play from here i guess)
Ill be playing as selibucaz for an hour starting now (6pm EST) but can keep the stream up for people who want to play longer.

Hope to see you in there (and i hope this Isn't breaking the rules somehow)
hi im a missing user
I know this is an old thread, but does anyone have any experience with it today, in the trump us?
you guys are my only friends i miss you
Never-mind, Some other admin decided to delete my warp apparently. Grrr Miscommunication is annoying .-.
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so we have 4 potential servers and no communication between everyone

sounds like ug mc is back in full force :^)

You guys are welcome to hop on and play with seli still .-.
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Hey, would any of you guys want to play on a survival server if I set it up? Just on a PC at home so nothing fancy, but I can keep it up pretty much 24/7 and performance should be fine.

And if so, any wishes for what type of map to set up, seed and stuff?

I'd occasionally come on and try not to build Seli stuff. I'm admin on a server i barley play on thats kinda lax with no tnt damage or fire spread tho, if you guys wanna hop on and have a UG reunion / make it the un-official UG server some time I wouldn't mind lol The server needs more activity anyways.

Owner wouldn't care if we built a UG village there.
server adress is

double edit* i set a warp point titled UG but i can change it's location anytime if you guys want
Guys I got my minecraft tattoo done, now I just gotta include Adam and rynnas to it. What skin should I use for them?!
some server was stupid enough to make me admin. Ive been on that occasionally when I'm not doing adult stuff. I guess they consider me as one of their top builders too. who would have thunk
I jumpped out of a plane in a penis suit once.

edit: on topic, free falling is very peaceful because your body does not distinguish the danger of being that high up when the ground is so far away.

double edit: heres proof
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See there's your problem right there.
Your sub conscience is trying to fix you.
Eat some bacon.

But pork made me feel sick even before I went veggie, and I usually dream of eating fallafels or curry, so I doubt it's that
One thing I left out is ironically I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian.
I don't know if this is normal or not, but here it goes..
Sometimes when I sleep at night I get into a position where I cutoff the blood flow to my arm (I think) and my hand goes numb, and I have a dream where I'm eating something very tasty (like a falafel or something) ; this results in me trying to eat my own hand in my sleep. I usually wake up because as I start to regain some slight feeling in my hand, and as I'm chewing it my hand starts to feel my teeth gnawing on it. Does anyone else in the pit have this issue? Is it normal?

Tl/dr: is waking up to yourself eating your own hand normal?
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I had an idea for a new server game and I need participants because I think this can be freaking awesome if done right.


here is the gist:
1. build maze!
2. trace floor of maze with evenly spaced sand blocks.
3. give player a diamond shovel
4. player has to navigate the maze and collect all the sand blocks before being tagged by an enemy
5. the player can step on pressure plates to release a random potion

now! here is where it can go one of three ways depending on what kind of game we want to do

1. we release a set amount of zombies into the map that the player will have to avoid

2. we plant a number of zombie spawners which will increase the number of enemies as time goes on (thus upping the difficulty)

3. we get a team of loyal UGMCers to act as the ghosts, and they will have to work together to tag the player, who is given a slight speed bump to give better odds against smarter enemies.

who's in?

I like this idea. If only I had free time .-.
Try to get it for 250.
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there she blows...

Screen shots time? :3

omg i miss this so much :/ we had such a perfect island.
no one uses the lolwut pear anymore.
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Yo, whasssup guyz? I been away doing a bunch of musicz and shit but Minecraft has a come a callin' again. You guys still have a server up I see? Whats the ip?

sorry dizzle :/ the server died (as well as a part of me inside)
I'm interested in the new server. I'll only be able to come on once a week tho and I'll refrain from building "seli"
if i pay you 30 bucks will you keep it open for another month? o.O

Edit: never-mind, can't justify it right now.
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That goes for everyone, apparently.

got on the server. no one was on. left :/
I miss you guys :/ I will be able to play more come fall tho ^-^
Dude, Guys, I found a plugin called splegg o.O and its awesome! its Spleefing, but like with a shovel that shoots eggs that destroy blocks.
I'm sorry guys, I have too much stuff going on and I'm going to have to drop out of the tournament.
sorry for any inconveniences this has caused.