i doubt it. but who knows maby their is.
Edit : Remember when Mat Heafy did a pop punk type joke band lmao
Yea, i like these new widget things, who else is on the same boat?
Poll up soon (when i figure out how to put one up)
Earthbound Is The ****!!!
he usually plays music in songs. and has some diversity with his music...? theirs really not a way to narrow it down.

Edit: oh sorry i dident see you had songs that you wanted to know about.
dude, leave now, and find people in other towns and stuff. be a lil more outgoing and find players in other towns.
Edit: i mean nearby towns and comunities and cities.
cough cough spam and wrong form.*reported*
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just be glad your dad didnt put his meat in ur gf

get our of your house if you see that person do that again and yell at the bitch. that is uddermost disrespect to leave **** from your pet in someone elses yard. its the same as if i were to drop my pants and **** in my neighbors yard.
yea, i dont drink, but my family does and this one time my grandma got ****faced and started stripping for my grandpa with the doors open. it was nasty. and another time she got ****faced and broke her noses in the bathroom at a country club for golfers. and another time she got drunk and my sister took her to a nelly concert... she flipped out, because just like me she dosent like rap or pop songs.
thats one of the many reasons why i dont drink or do drugs lol.


but thats just my opinion
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Wow. What an original thread. Nobody has ever done this before.

wow, what an original flamer, no one has flamed like that before
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Lol, your guitar shouldn't do that, Floyds are based on tension, you have to have them balanced between the tension of the springs and of the strings.

its slight and barley noiticeable and i do have it balnced, its just the extra kick of gravity seems like it will slightly detune when i tilt my guitar to my lap lol

Edit: nvmd it was my mind playing tricks on me
wow thats a good question thats gotta feel awkword tho ? and would your guitar be detuned if you had a floyd rose in a spacy inviorment is what i just thought of, cause i noiticed when i tilt my guitar with a floyd rose on it to sit on my lap the tuning slightly changes (not that mutch tho, just a lil flat)

Edit: my mind was playing tricks on me i think
yea they can lower your sperm count
Edit: because it can raise your balls temperature too high.
Double Edit: but its fine for chicks
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wats the action mean

distance between the fretboard and the strings

Edit: its not like riding a bike, if you stop for like 4 years you pretty mutch loose it all and will have to start over.
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If I were you I would practice a bit mang. Not to be taken offensively but running the songs at a slower tempo until you can play it smoothly helps. Gradually increase tempo until it's where you want it, and you can do it flawlessly. Keep going.


you have potential, but you should take it like tr3nt says
just buy a new speaker and plug it in how the old one was
what do you mean by bare pickups?
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Michael Jackson - Black or White

is that a question?

nope its a song
dude, you should contact the news!
dude i really wanna know how court goes, can you make a thread about it once your done?

edit: i mean i want to see how the judge handles it, cause it sounds like a funny case
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without Megan Fox, Transformers is a 2 and a half hour long GM commercial

Sigged... also +1 to that
just keep playing how you feel is more comfortable, their is no point to restring your guitar reverse to play a different way.
just keep on playing right handed, because that is what you said felt easier and more natural.
it only sucks if you dont like the tone your getting from it after experementing for a while
its because their no name brand. that dosent mean their bad tho

Edit: no name as in Not Gibson, Or Fender, or Dean or Ibenez, or Ernie Ball or ESP... ect. they basicly caint charge as much on their name because their newer
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As this is supposed to be a serious forum, a V neck is like a C shape but the middle of the back of the neck is shaped a bit deeper so it firs your hand better. I had this on one guitar and it was a dream to play. Well worth the extra cost.

thank you
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i googled it, got a dender american deluxe V-Neck Strat and i dont see a V in it.

yes, im trying to see what the back of the neck looks liek because thats where you can tell if it is a v neck or not, im trying to see a back picture
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V Neck... not flying v
Quote by chr15t0ph3r

i ment on a guitar not a shirt.
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its pretty self-explanatory.

yes, but is the v pointing in or outwords, and is it only at the heel?
What is a V- Neck and what does it look like? (a pic would be nice)

Edit, I mean on a guitar not a shirt...
Too bad i caint shop, or i would change the background.
its already bad enough
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Exactly what I was thinking. Do it.

Or this
Mighty Steak... ps i love mighty taco... i havent aten their in a while and i love that they serve logan berry with tacos. oh yea, how does that gold for tacos thing work?