Hey guys, ill be on all day after 4:30 Pacific time, sorry ive been disappeared haha im in the middle of moving
adam where are you?? >.> i want to know if my pvp map is do'able or not
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guys, i made a 4 player PVP HG map. anyone with power want to check it out and see if it meets the requirements for a Green light?? >.>

the map is ment to be played high in the sky, each island has a diffrent "class" and it balances with a mele tank, stealth-mage, pyro, and sumo class, each with weaknesses and benefits. the mage and pyro (both suited better for range) islands are not within jumping range, but the mele islands are within jumping range to the range ones. there is a "second chance" pit at the bottom, that seams like a sure fail, but might change the odds slightly if someones lucky.
I dig it, what program did you use to make this???

Theres the link, The drums and Bass were midi programmed by fender512 (through his/her GP tab found on this website) Than mixed by me.
Thanks guys!!! happy birthday to you too!!!
angusfan16 does sound like anus fan lol
Shit balls, and God ****ing ****
Guys Its Mrs"s Birthday!!!!! Wish Him Happy Birthday! <-Theres the link. Positive and Negative feedback is cool. Did all of it last night ^_^

Thanks for checking out ^u^
For sale : EMG 81TW and EMG 89 .
Wires included. Great active set, nice compressed tone for metal heads / metal core dudes. Split Coil, great for use as coil tap.

Minor cosmetic flaw on the 89, as seen in photo the EMG logo has mainly fallen off.

PM' me with a price and well negotiate.

I live in San Diego, by the way (In california, in the United States) and will only be selling to people from the US.
So, a while ago i posted about adding a killswitch to my guitar and switching from Active to Passive...

I finally did it ^_^
The original momentary switch i got was a little too big for the hole where my previous volume pot was (going to fix that later) but heres how it turned out ^_^

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I did this after work last night. The backing track i also recorded. Im bad at programing drums and im a bad bass player, so excuse those haha ^_^
Bone collector

Uhhh, Thanks guys, I still cant figure it out tho. I wish it was chicken run tho.
Does anyone know the name of the movie where there is a scene where a man gets stuck in some sort of tunnel or sewage tunnel and gets his face eaten by rats ?! Please help it's driving me nuts!!
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please rebreed when using my cows guys. thanks.
Quote by -MintSauce-
If you wire one pot to be both volume and tone, you'll end up adjusting both parameters when you turn it. I'm pretty sure they'll be okay for single controls (so you'd wire up one set of lugs, then ignore the other), but I'm not 100% on that and you'll probably have a middle position indent, which might be irritating.

ahh alright. thanks for the heads up. Pots are fairly inexpensive so i might just pick up a new pair if it bothers me.
yes those are the pots i have. is that bad?
Edit: also, can i still use it for a volume and a tone pot?
So, im deciding to make the switch from Active to passive in my guitar. I have a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, with a fixed bridge (TOM style, but strings fed body through.) I plan on putting in passive pickups, a killswitch, and one new volume and a new tone pot. I know i have to ground my Pups on the bridge somehow, not sure how to tho.

How would i go about with this (wiring diagram please if can >.<. The parts I have currently collected (with matching images) are..

2) 500K pots
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1) Momentary Switch

2) Passive Pickups
Quote by MakinLattes
It's an easy way to make a character look different. Change the color/shading and hairstyle.

Ahh, I never took that into account.
So, I noticed in quite a few Japanese media geared towards younger audiences they have characters have multiple forms and in these forms they gain a visible aura, with longer hair (for ex super sonic from Sonic The Hedgehog, super sajins {spelling?} from DBZ, dark saske {spelling?} from Naruto)

So my question is,
Is there some mythological thing / old story where these Japanese people are using to base the idea of a visible aura with growing longer hair relating to becoming more powerful?

If so, what is it based off of???
keep it normal pitch. the scale length is too short for you to lower the pitch.
I just built the coolest thing at spawn ^_^
Quote by SteveHouse
fellow-players requested

let's build something

shed: there's a lot of detail been added to this game since last I played

acacia is ugly as shit btw. stop building with it forever.

Ill build with you! lets build a mini town in the nether ^_^
Welcome to UG!!!!
I know how to build an end portal if you want to cheat...
I don't think anyones fought the dragon in this new map.
I was in a porno once, so I'm kind of rich.

It pays well in royalties.

In Response to an Iron Farm Being built on my lake, and the massive floating farm in the sky. I am Renaming Seli Lake to Seli_merica. Where everything is bigger and better.
Who here uses this daw for recording and collaborating? I just recently got it off of steam and thought it was a cool concept.

(basically a daw, but built around shooting ideas around from one computer to another)
Yo rynnas, Im borrowing 1 slime from your chest ( i think its your chest) ill pay you back asap! and if its not rynnas, than im borrowing one slime from your chest >.<
im making a floating cow farm, ill pay you back with 64 leather and beef?
What happend that got nathac banned?