So, i just bought a PylePro PPHP157AI 15-Inch 1400 watt PA for cheap so i can plug my DSP into it, and have a lot of headroom for cleans. I plug it in, and i get buzzy noise on my cleans, and my leads sound buzzy and crushed. I know its not my DSP, for when i run it through my monitors (M-Audio BX 5's) the thing sounds lush and clean and beautiful.

My question is, Will changing the speaker itself in a cheap PA to a more expensive speaker allow me to eliminate that buzz? If so, what is recommended?

Edit, just figured out the solution to my problem. I did not realize my unit's output is Line level, and not Mic level, even when using the XLR output on it.
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sorry bud

Hey guys, I'm new to San Diego, I live near PB, Im looking for people to jam with. I like a lot of Djent, Prog, Metal, Punk, Metalcore, Jazz and Fusion influenced music. I am 20, and looking for people to jam with. hit me up.
I jumped out of an aero plane in a penis costume. We have a user who is legitimately the smartest osstridge on earth.
guys, im hosting an event. im going to be 20,000 blocks above spawn and im not going to log on untill there are quite a few users on. I will be fully equipped with snowballs. There will be a big snowball war around spawn for this event. Once you guys choose a time i will log on.

Edit* the snowball war starts as soon as i hit the ground, dispelling snowballs everywhere!
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Nothing since gigantic water wall.

North of spawn you say Ryn ? I'll go take a look for sure.

its okay, im calming all the blocks above 400 in the map.

They shall be mine!
25 / 47 on my part
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you d id what to selis buildings again? same principle applies fkhead

i have no clue what happend to my home. it looks the same.
Maby if you were to jump out of an airplane in a penis costume it would help.
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he will understand, weve all been there

thank you for the support, i need it so much right now in my current situation!
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Attention whoring is bad but trying to get every bit of attainable attention for having jumped out of an aeroplane in a penis costume is sort of justifiable I guess.

in that case i shall provide even more proofs with a video o.O
So my boss just found out i jumped out of an airplane in a penis costume. Im not sure how to convince him that it is a totally normal and professional thing to do. Any advice guys?

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Bestest Vegetarian user award yea

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I win best ostrich award

Let me ride you to the UG Award ceremony.
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Number one Vegitarian maybe, Friend.

Top Vegetarian in the pit.
Hey all of you UG'ers, Im coming out right now and calling you all out! I KNOW IM WINNING THE AWARD SO BACK OFF AND STOP TRYING

Other than that i love you all and I'm just going to let you all fight it out. So enjoy!
I have Internet again now, time for me to put my touch onto the server again ^_^
(Invalid img) (Invalid img)

Those are the views of my home addition on the texture pack that Im using.
I the great Seli has added a new addition to my evil lai.. er um I mean house. >.> Lots of Qheeellll factoring in.
I was in it. Its mainly doing a bunch of 4 part choral writing.
hey guys, when you get a chance, can you put me back into survival mode? adventure mode is no fun.
I was was not an op to begin with? and Im still building how I want to build.
Dude, it doesn't hurt anyone at all and its on my land, so take off you freaking hoser!
now has fast internet, builds dungeon partially >.>
i sense something big
wow guys! looks like i won a makeover to my home.
I thank the cast of Extreme makeover minecraft home edition, Rynnas, Mrs and Colonel. Thanks guys for making such beautiful renditions to my home ranch! -._.-
Seli Update:
so, i figured out why my mine craft wont work. I can connect to the server via my hot spot on my phone, but if i use the wifi of the USAF they don't let me on the server. Once i get my own internet i shall be back on mine crafting more.
is the server down, or was i like /bant from it? o.O
seli update... i need to buy interweb. i haz computer now tho ^_^ i logged on from food court. my place has no more cows :/
Hey guys!!! I just graduated from bmt!! Ill be back on in a week probably :p
This is probably going to be my last post on here for a while. I shall see you all in 8.5 weeks. Im trusting Mrs to the keys to my house, as i will be gone. Bye Guys!
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EDIT: lol @ how you gave us your real name, retard

I thought it was already clear that my username is my name spelt backwards? Hahaha

please help me guys. i have an overpopulation at the farm