^^^^ One of those is connected to spawn... Underground. This time i under ground ****ed the map ^_^
seli rail is up! ^_^ allows you to go from seli place to spawn, but not back yet o.O
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Okay now man don't get butthurt because we removed your railway, we would have removed it if anyone had made it, it's not because YOU made it but because of the way it looked.

And as for this wool thing, don't make stuff above other peoples stuff.

im not butthurt, but you missed when it sad "Ban Penis" lol. i knew it was going to get removed anyways ^_^
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"creation" is a pretty strong word.

would masterpiece be more appropriate???
New Seli-creation better and BIGGERthan balloon ^_^ yay for making server pretty.
Thanks for the birthday present ryn ^_^ giving Seli 3 stacks of tnt is really a smart idea ^____^ anyways, i take my test friday so expect me to be on a lot more after friday ^_^
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Minecraft on Xbox 360 is getting enchanting next update.

my library is ready.

Do us all a favor... and throw your xbox out the window, so you can join our server and play with us the server likes new peoples o.O
Can anyone fix it so i can go back on o.O
wellp, i cant get on. Internal server error every time i try to get on. is it doing this for anyone else?
I got an idea...
SkyBlock Pvp world, using the skyblock plugin, but, everyones island is about 50 meters away from each other. Using the resources provided in the chest (melon seeds, 2 blocks of ice, one bucket of lava, ect...), and the one Oak tree provided on your island, you must wage war on the players near by o.O.
Short lived one day or so PVP event? ehh ehh?
Oh the llamma fourm is gone tho :/
Forum of the band is still here. Still havent gotten sent their yet. havent signed on in a long time also haha, welcome back dude!
this is near my moms house actually. :/ but yet its still very, very, funny
haha, i actually have an old picture i scanned onto my computer of him at a birthday party i had when i was in like 6th grade haha do you keep in touch with him regularly? cause if so i think it would be freaking hularious if you showed him it lmao ill Pm' if you want? haha
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Yes and yeah lol Eric was the one i met on UNO, he was cool even though i kicked him out a shit load but he was real cool after i settled down, yea i dont like it either but imma try and get em to come up to NMI and play.

ahh, thats cool, its really surprising when you log in to UG and the front page of forum things theirs a topic about someone you went to middle school with haha.
yeah, i went to school with eric, im not into their stuff that much tho. (eric their singer) your talking about the buffalo hxc style band right?

there that better? lol
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That is a God damn coincidence.

Yeah, im sigging him
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Is buffalo a kind of chicken?

OT, I have never heard of that drink. Is it orange just and cherry limeade?

haha, good joke, but no, its like a non carbonated Buffalo / Ontario drink. hard to explain the flavor without using generic "A" words like "Addicting" and "Amazing"
So, i just moved to San Diego about a month ago from Buffalo New York. Their is no Logan Berry (drink) anywhere near by me, and i was just wondering, Pit, Do you drink Logan Berry Ever?
ive been on the waiting list for about a month or 2 now. high price. check out their website.
UG has to go through licensing first (-.-) Good job tho bro! ( i never heard of them haha)
saw him in buffalo with animals as leaders, intronaut, dead letter circus, last chance to reason, and some crazy good local band called In the Presence of Enemies. He was killer!
wrong spot to post. move it to support your band (even tho their not yours)
i only use ultimate guitar to stalk people from lame ass small towns that are in ontario canada and think that their awesome.
treat it like a job dude, you do it up untill you get enough money to record your own stuff, with the gear you want.
i must say im a lil jealous haha . good job on the choice tho!
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Musician's Friend...

their owned by guitarcenter dude.
I love to eat at this hot dog stand called Reids in Lockport NY (im vegetarian tho, so i get milk shakes and fries and onion rings when im there, or grilled cheeses) and everything (except for the milk shakes) i like to get with sauce on it (its like LeFrois Sauce, but better!). So, pit, i was wondering, Do you have any good recipies with Lefrois sauce (im moving out of state, and will not be able to eat at Reids anymore, but i want to experiment with cooking with the sauce.)

Dude, U-G isn't hungry for money, their actually hurting for money, due to rising costs for them to license and legally give us free tabs. Also, with a rising interest in music, more and more people are using this site every day, witch amounts to a rising band-witch price. Without things like this, the owner of U-G would have to work a separate job from the website, and slowly U-G would deteriorate away in a sense.