i thought it was quite funny haha. but i have no problem with it either.
phasing - slight echo effect.
to be honest, i think squires have a better quality than epiphones, but their are a lot of very nice les paul mockups out their. (like the dean evo special for ex, i got one as my second guitar ever, and i enjoy it better than my buddys les paul studio. )
Thank you, that helped a ton, and answered everything that i was wondering.
So, im entering college soon, and i know i need to keep my finger nails healthy and strong for Classical Guitar Studies, but I am vegan, and end up breaking my nails octagonally ( maybe due to the lack of protein in my diet, and the absence of gelatin, but im working on increasing protein) Do any of you U'G'ers know any products to induce healthy nail growth and strength, or any good supplements to take to increase nail growth and strength? ( i dont want to fail the class due to poor nail health)
i dig this a lot. im glad this type of music is on a rise, kind of reminds me of chimp spanner or periphery a bit.
dont put lemon oil on an ebony fretboard, it can ruin it. just let the die dry like the person said above
use your line out or slave out, and it would be ideal to use a cab simulation program on your cpu. For the actual load going to the cab though im not to sure if you could use a hot-plate for it instead though.
its called putting orange tape on it to see it in the dark.... mod haha
not happening in america.
oh, well now you have me curious. what is it? haha
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First, I wouldn't recommended doing it because odds are, you won't like it in the end and secondly, you can't play virtuoso.

also, virtuoso isn't a style, its a way to describe how good someone is at an instrument, just kinda trying to politely explain what davidswiger probubly means
i feel ashamed to be american now i looked at super malt and thought OMG WHAT IS THAT?!?!?! and than i realized, its a non american drink
you have two threads on this man... come on!
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I would suggest not worrying about an attenuator.

I second this motion.
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and before the amp not after. im not retarded

Well an attenuator goes after the amp.

Edit. Heres a link to help you with the idea of attenuators.
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also why not use the pod as an attenuator? it seems to make sense

Your pod will light on fire. Seriously it can fry out and light on fire.
eh, the timings a lil off, you might want to work on that. also its a lil choppy. keep on working on it though, and youll get it
Also, You are going to want to Comp It in the style of the song.
D- is d minor. D-/G is D minor with a g in the bass.
... lmfao really?!?!?!
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I go to California a lot, expect lots of new things, like a salty air, bad drivers, clouds in the mornings and a fairly open skyline, minus LA. The roads are also heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. Almost all cars are computer controlled and your airplane will probably land on a small airstrip, much smaller than you would find in New York because they use magnets to slow the planes down. They also have magnet powered wind turbines, magnet powered cars (the magnets make it so they don't crash into each other) hover boards, because the sidewalks are magnets, and there are magnet trains. Also be weary of the floating buildings, those have magnets on them so that they float so that people can walk under them if they aren't wearing magnet shoes, so if your shoes have magnets avoid these buildings.

Wait... are you being serious? California sounds a lot more scarier to me than i thought before.
So, im a person from New York, and pretty soon im going to be traveling to California to look at colleges, but from what ive heard California is like 5 years ahead in technology than New York is, so i was wondering
A.) is this really the case
B.) what should i expect, so i dont get all freaked out from the "Time Warp Effect" everyone tells me about when i hear stories about California, or the western half of the us in general. Thanks.
theirs a youtube thread...
(dont worry tho, im not reporting you, im just informing you.)
its your bridge. I had the same problem on my dean once, so i had to change the bridge. it works fine now. sence your using a fender style bridge tho, im sure you can change that specific string holder in the bridge to keep it from snapping. are their any nicks in the bridge where the string goes through on the bridge? because thats probably the problem lol
first i misread it as 90.000 usd (as in the way me and my buddies list 90 grand) and i was like Woah.... than i realised it was only 90 usd and i said "Tuner Pedal" lol
The brave little toaster ruined my childhood.
i can work either way. if you switch the key your soloing in according to the chord it makes a different effect tho (and is more difficult to do, but sounds better imo) or you can change your mode's key based on the chord if your more advanced in theory. (a lot of jazz players do this and so do some more advanced metal players , and proggy people.)
i like it alot, sounds like it could be proggy too lol
Or you can have your guitar shipped via fedex, ect.
As soon as i read the title, being a hispanic, i was just like "Oh hell no!" and felt violated, than i saw you were looking to buy a strat and i was like Ohhhhh ok lmao. The difference is like comparing an epiphone to a gibson, the american is gunna have nicer quality than the mexican.
You have two accounts on UG. JoeFlacco, and Syrah Palen, that a huge no no. *reported*
your best bet is using one pick per string, all hammer on's and pull offs where possible , so basicly what he said above, sweeping.
With precision on such greatness of a recipe he cant be high.
I have a Radio Shack MD-1160 keyboard, with midi function capabilities. Iv'e used it before to switch effects on a guitar effects processor with midi capabilities before, but i was wondering if i its possible to take the next step with that and to take it apart, and make it into a massive pedal system for switching midi effects (it has 62 keys i believe and Iv'e tested using them all to switch effects) . Has anyone done this before to a midi keyboard, and how hard would it be for someone who's an amateur at building gear?
its alright, its just gunna give you different tonal qualities ( i like to think of it as a more tubular sound), but its good to be able to pick near the bridge, and away from the bridge for some tonal control.