it will work, just make sure your using your line out / headphone out / slave out (whatever is on your amp) and not your speaker out.
Diversify your musical horizon as much as possible, and it will unlock different parts of your brains musical ability.
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America is becoming more and more communist every second that Obama is president.

... i think your a little bit confused on what communism is. pfffttt

Edit. but on topic. this is still a little upsetting... where will i get my answers to my homework if this happens? haha
90% thoguht Pacific ocean is on the east coast, and i also forgot about the representatives of the state ha ha
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Youre about a decade late and probably too old. Those were cool back when I was in 5th grade and still going through puberty.

hey man, im only 2 years behind you lol and ive owned a few pairs when i was in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade lol

Edit : misread your post lol
Ive looked all over for these, and i caint find them. im looking for a place i can buy thoes cargo pants, that have zippers on the pantleg, that causes the pantleg to detach and turn into shorts. does anyone know any sight i can buy them from?

Memphis guitar co' a co' that yamaha use to own. they got sued by gibson tho, and they no longer exist.
what does that headstock say? just curious, so i could look a lil further into it.
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Don't go Bon Scott on us!

You just fell asleep on your toilet

No, like i stand up, and black out and will hit my head agianst something (idk what cause the one time i woke up with a red mark and a small bruise on the side of my head) after taking a crap ocationly.
I have passed out before a few times from taking a crap, but i dont do any drugs or alcohol , and while passed out have replayed scenes from my early childhood in my head and vision, does that count as a similar story?
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hell i live in south dakota, it always smells like shit around here
i love getting out of classes for stupid shit like that though

High Five lol
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oh sorry, i read it as that you were in your second year in Jr. High
sorry about that

i'm a junior too

and yeah thats wierd
but at our homecoming we have WTF? do they really expect us to play on inflateables? (but we totally do )

Dude i know exactly how you feel, i got out of like 4 classes today because of the petting zoo lol. but the whole school smelled like a pile of farm crap.
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how old are you?
you can only be about 12...
whats the age limit on UG?

well not the age limit but you know what i mean

im 17 and a jr. in high school
Im a Jr. and In High School (11th grade), ( my second year at this new school i go to ) and we just had a petting zoo (with cows, and horses and llamas, and a pecock and a dog, and rabbits... ect... ). Im confused as all hell why we did. Its A Public School. Has any other pit members had anything odd like this happen while in high school?
Any song from the real book.

Edit: Read the whole thing about Viridian by Between The Buried and Me, and the thing about more that style, and i am now apologizing for posting without reading. My bad.
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Thanks for taking this serious.
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black people can't get sunburned

im puerto rican... and my guitar can experience effects from the sun, this is about my guitar, not my skin remember.

also, to the person who put up the umbrella, very funny, but i mean is their actually anything to put onto the guitar to protect it from the sun. like a sun-lotion for guitars or something, or like a bright baggy thing to keep my guitar from experiencing unwanted hear, and uv damages.
So, i have a dark guitar, (the paint is dark and so is the wood on the fretboard) , say i wanted to play my guitar in a place with alot of sun exposure (lets just say a sunny beach, or parking lot) is their anything i can put on my guitar to protect it from the sun? like a sun cover, or something?

Edit. The part where i said Say i wanted to, means Yes, I actually plan on playing with it in a sunny area, such as a beach.

edit: i have two active humbuckers, that are black if that is any use of information to anyone.
Well. i just created a group for s'more lovers. Looking for mods lol
I have just received information that s'mores (the campfire snack consisting of 1 marshmallow, a piece of chocolate, and graham crackers) are pretty much not heard of from places outside the United States and Canada. I have also heard that graham crackers are practically unheard of outside the two. Is this true?
this kids a genus.
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I like the PRS's, go for it if you have the cash. Also take a look at the Schecter C-1 and Hellraiser series, they play and sound great, and the tone will only improve with some Bareknuckles in there.


i have the c1 hellraiser, and added a 18 volt mod to it (i built my own 18 volt battery by the way) and it has a really nice full sound (with the 18 volts pumping through it)
hes just filling in for studio work, this dosent mean he will be part of the band, but this catches my attention, and i might have to buy the next a7x album just to hear this lol
So, i was wondering, if i take 2 12 volt batteries ( i have an emg 89/81tw setup, and their max voltage supply is is 27) and house them in where my 9 volt usually goes, (giving them 24 volts) would this be similar to the 18 volt mod, and give me more headroom on cleans, or would i have to through in a resistor to get just the 18 volts?
a cheep volume pedal will affect your tone , and throw your signal into a more dirty sound, or mouddy, its just how well it can be used without affecting your tone.
... dont tell anyone your serial number or else someone can claim it is theirs and when you go to re-sell / some one reads this they can claim it as a stolen good. (it appears you have listed your seriel number)

Edit,: if you hit the edit part you can remove that number.
Double edit not the MG777 but the other one.
odds are your cable
put a little bit of weight on it to slow down the motor
Edit* like the guy above me said, thats the best idea.
sounds like the first inversion of a c major triad to me
i like the one of the dude on the cow
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pffft just ignore her

i was just about to say that. also , your about 14 im guessing, so your not going to know where your going yet in life lol.
think of it as using crutches, it just helps you in thoes situations, but if you work for a while without anchoring, than go back to it, youll probubly be able to do things faster
Im looking for a wig to own that is long enough to headbang in but i dont know where to buy wigs at, so pit, where can you buy wigs at?
if slayer was called pony, or carebear, i think raining blood would still be amazing lol
test them bolth out. test the action on them, and play each string on each fret to check for string buzz, also check the tone. oh and floyd roses are a pain in the butt, but if you like to keep a guitar in one tuning are worth it.
also check the tone, and intonation ( does the 12th harmonic, 12th fret, and open match up to the same note?)
from their i think you should be able to decide.
im surprised these bloody prats dident get kicked out. (trying to work on typing like a british... did i do good lol) But still, your right, no one touches a guitarists material without their permission, that pisses me off. Glad that everything went through good tho.
Economy picking, because than you have bolth in the same package.
i think it sounds cool
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Just trying to prove that my friend is an idiot here, when you capitalize the first letter of a word after a full stop. Like this for example, do you hold the shift key in or hit caps lock, then the letter and caps lock again?

poll in a second

... its personal preference dude, that dosent make anyone more of an idiot... even tho it takes more time and energy to use caps lock lol.
And for the record i use shift lol.