tune your 6th string to C#, 5th to F#, 4th to B 3rd to E , second to G# and your 1st to C#.
Edit*** My bad I revered order.
Double edit, or for simpler terms just tune a whole step down.
Triple edit, the dude below me is right, a step and a half down, cause if it was just a whole step down than you would be in D standard, not Db standard lol
whens it spose to launch?
Paul Gilbert and his ass sweeps lol.
wow... sounds nothing like the sat's lol, sounds like actually fun, but yea, i think blinkfan is on the right page.
So a teen in my area faked his own death on a webcam. what is the criminal charge for it? (yes i know its a stupid thing to do and is not protected under the first amendment as it is an obscene speech/ action i just dont know what the actual charge is for it.) Is it like a charge for endangering the welfare of others or something?
I tried search-bar, and couldn't find anything, if you find a thread like this, i will delete this one.

As a guitarist in a small community, i find the hardest time trying to find people to jam with, and i am lucky i have moved around a lot (2008 i went to 4 schools, only found people at 2 schools tho) but it is a small number of people i know, and have jammed with, so im wondering, how do you find people to jam with?
how about vincent gomez... lol
Edit: after watching this, id say this is a pretty badass bebop version of the tune lol.
Why did buckethead leave your band... wait thats guns n roses... hmm... have you ever met buckethead! oh and do any of you have asthma!(cause weezer get it HA HA!) (i dont like the band tho, im just tyring to give some ideas)
The Band is an awsome band. they use to back up bob dylan.
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Where you're from people won't understand you are a rip off is what you mean...

ok, lets go with that one. but that still dosent answer my question.
i read that thinking wow... what a ****... than i read it was by The Onion...
you pick too hard overall.
Edit. i read it wrong... sorry i dont know whats wrong.
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I am having problem with this questions...

6% of the elderly men are tall (2.0 feet). Yet, their middle-aged offsprings, 15% of them are the same height (2.0 feet). What is wrong with the conclusion from these data that being tall is bad for longevity?

its not saying that their dieing before the other peoples.
Edit its also not saying when they reached that height.
well they do have a Cracker Festival every year so some people might miss interpret that and think its a bunch of white supremacists ass holes trying to be all honkieish and stuff, when its really to celebrate good films.
yes and if you tweek the settings right it would sound fine.
raise your strap lol. (im lauging cause when i first started i tried playing with my guitar super low thinking it would make me better)
looks like to me a no name, also listing your serial number makes it easy for people to claim it was theirs and it was stolen.(assuming they would know what type of guitar it is)
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750 AUD = 677 USD

So not that different

it is tho cause the hell-raiser is obviously used lol. (just pointing out, not trying to be a jerk, so peace)
no, it is a reflection to who i really am
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And if there were no aliens, there wouldn't be anyone doubting their existence.

If there was no Easter bunny, I couldn't tell you he wasn't real.

If there were no unicorns...

T.T ...... dude you rock lol
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If there was no God, there would be no Atheists.
If Christianity was false, there would be no Cults

that makes no sense at all. Theirs plenty other religions besides Christianity, and their were many more before Judaism (the root of christianity), and the majority before than were polytheistic.
maby fake instruments? thats my best guess. or their just uber ritch and dont like their current guitars / have replacement ones. or their usuing cheep guitars lol thats all i can think of
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thanks, might end up being that. My teacher seems to think that papers like that are too boring though, and might give me a lower grade

also talk about how denser woods make different sounds than more dense woods, oh and steel body acoustic guitars, how their louder than normal acoustic guitars, have an odd tone, and were used in orchestras! lol (sorry got a bit to excited )
9v has a nominal output of 9 volts, and they have acid in them (Unless rechargable) AA are 1.5 volts, same as above with acid. in my calculator i have a TI83 Graphing calculator i use AAA batteries, and those give off a nominal output of 1.5 volts. on my computer, i have a really ****ing awesome rechargeable battery, and i dont know the nominal output, but i like it lol.
^^^ yes what he said about the 1/4 jack. but the only problem is it wount sound the same, because of the speakers tone makes the amp sound different.
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You will look like a dicktard and/or rip off.

where im from people dont know who dom jolly is, or what trigger happy tv is, or what world shut your mouth is, because neither of those are popular american shows/ celebrities, so yes i will look like a dicktard probably, but not so much as a rip-off to most american peoples, but i plan on having it as a collectors item.
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It appears as though threadstarter is looking for a phone like the phones depicted in the two pictures included in his post. He would like to know where he could make this purchase, perhaps retailers or specific brands that make this product.

Thank you for making this clear to people who dont see the point.
Hello pit. I am looking for a giant phone, or bluetooth like the one that Dom Jolly uses in trigger happy tv. So i was wondering if the pit knows any Model names of phones or bluetooths that work and are that big. (the bluetooth oviously looks like i could make tho, just seeing tho if theirs any model names of ones I can find somewhere. ) (oh i also used searchbar and couldent find answers, so thus I am turning to the pit )

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No offense, but if you are by no means a good guitarist, why are you in a band?

No offence, but why do you have to ask sutch a rude question thats off toppic

on toppic
i suggest you learn the major scales, some metal songs from bands you like that sound a bit easier, than the modes, and ease your way into harder stuff.
... why do they want you to get skinny jeans...
he means photoshop. please dont reply stupid comments like " Wal mart and stuff"
... you got hit by a hummer? (on toppic i like mesa's a lot, personally i would go with one of the roadster or the roadking series.) Edit whups dident seen that you wanted non pricy at first.
one time i thought i saw a demon in my microwave... the funny thing is im athiest tho lol
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Is "handy" what all the hip kids call cell phones these days?

Just Australians.

Edit: on topic, i would say W890i
The sex change operation was sucessful.