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Cameras can now magically create 3 foot tall balls of fire?

Wow. I really am getting old. I need to keep up with new technology more.

no but they capture light diffrent than the human eye. its kinda like taking a picture of the sun, or a camp fire the sun, or the fire looks bigger in a camera.
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i said photoshop, not find out what happens next.... lol
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I don't think a giant flame coming from a propane tank in a shed is "really safe."

the camera made it look that way.
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Does he realize that what he is doing could easily blow up to pieces and destroy a good bit of the house he is in?


Darwin was right.

No... thats a propane heater, it just looks like its on fire on camera. it really is safe and its a shed lol.
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ok so my best friend is the guitarist of our band Waiting For Expiration and, well he is so arrogant he knows nothing really about playing guitar and tomes or anything, i was hoping if you could help me tell him this cause he is really annoying the rest of the band. i am the bassist and i have been playing guitar half as long as he has and i have already passed him on so many levels he thinks so is soo amazing when he just is good he needs to really brush up. i need help bad...

thank you,

Dont you mean ignorant...?
my dad once worked security. he said Bob Dylan would always have the same response if someone was dumb enough to ask to try his guitar. Dumb Person- "Can i try your guitar?"
Bob Dylan- "Can I F*ck Your Wife?"
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I always hear about how Guitar Center employees are always like crazy about getting you to buy Line 6 Spiders or Marshall MG's or the like, but when I went to my local GC in Pennsylvania the employees were actually really nice and didn't pressure me at all to buy anything, is this out of the ordinary?

no, actually the last time i went the employee encourged me not to buy a mg, and told me line 6 basically sounds like synthetic **** lol. they were no pressure to me too.
call customer support if you have the number is what i suggest. im sorry if i am being so blunt.
Edit: after seeing your amp type I'm guessing a bad power-tube.
no. it should be find. happens to everyone sometimes. just plug it in and play it and if it still plays... than its fine.
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lol ok would you say it would be to big or small to fit? or give me the long answer :p

sorry i was taking a lil while to type off the long answer lol :P i forgot to change what i was typing to say hold on im typing the long answer, lol but it might fit on, its just highly unlikley it would fit perfect. you can order a new neck for your guitar tho ithink
short answer... most likely not... when guitars are made, the neck is applied to the body afterwords, to make sure the neck works completely correct (ex so theirs not strings uneven on the fretboard , or so their not hanging off the side of the fretboard on the guitar at any points, so their straight)
oh god..... that is insainly awsome. im thinking of saving up for a prs like that, or just a esp like that (with custom specs)
tho im not a big fan of the floyd rose. i have an edge II pro, and im not a big fan of it, is a real floyd any better? (if youve ever had exsperince with any other dual trem systems)
i used search bar for you lol it apears tho it increases or decreaces a dotted note value tho
get a thd hot plate, so you can still keep your amp, and have the tone of it cranked without it being loud, and without having to buy a new amp.
looks like it. nice catch

Edit. Better yet, go with the guy below me.
add a lil cream or milk and melt it onto soft grahm crackers, than let slow dry. or make cake balls (balls of cake with chocolate coating.)
well if its from fatiuge like you said its most likely going to go away when you build whatever muscle your now using to keep your arm how you have it. so most likeley
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It's not all about the scales you use though.

You have to learn the techniques they use in metal - I don't play metal, but say for instance, for the spanish feel you say you can do, I'm assuming you'd use a lot of hammer-ons and pull offs, right?
Because that's what really gives it the feel.

Learn some playing techniques which are commonly used in metal, and apply those to your solos.

Yes i forgot about feel also. its mostly based on feel.
use diatonic scales. like the major, or minor, or the modes, or harmonic, or melodic... ect. also studie some metal solos and arpegios and stuff.
depends on your bridge. is it tremlo acessable, or is it just stright out fixed
yea, plus even tho disney is in a bad direction it dosent matter, cause young kids like that stuff. when i was 11 i thought i was a gangster lol.
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her dady and mickey already got dibs

and crabs.
I'm just waiting for Disney to try and make an "alternative/indie" band.

arent all of disneys bands "alternative/indie"

how about a metal dysney band for a change?
it sounds like to me your wrist positining is odd. it seams like you might be straining your writs. try putting your thumb sideways across the back of the neck. i usualy dont pay atention to that tho and i ll keep my hand how it feels the most comfortable for me, and thats usualy changes based on the styles im doing.

Edit: Also try playing with your guitar a little higher if your playing low, and relax your arms

Double edit:
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If you have your guitar too low it can cause pain i your wrist .
Maybe you just have to get used to it , some people have different techniques .

damn you beat me to the lowness.
a 6 string dosent have a high e...
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I's 01:15, I'm slightly drunk and a i just had an idea. On facebook, there is a button underneath peoples status' which lets you "like" it. I thought that it may be a good idea to have a button like this for posts in the forums. ie, somebody makes a very funny comment, you could click the like button or thumb it up.

find how its most comfortable for you, also try out different types of pics.
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its a with time thing. check out some paul gilbert exercises. he has phrases that help build your inside/outside picking alternate/economy picking and string skips practice those at a SLOW tempo and build up. Once you can nail paul gilberts licks at tempo picking will be second nature

also this.

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be an optimist retard

Nice bashing... and not helping at all. *reported*
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Just use iChat. It's already installed, faster, and automatically connects to AIM anyway.

+ 1 and screen sharing ftw! lol
well... alot of bassits solo. and alot of bassists like to make better bass lines. and alot bassist like to learn theroy. oh, and some bassist actuly write killer bass lines that devolope into killer songs

plus its not required.
cause the thread starter was being a pussy . (no just kidding) its because the thread was answered towards the beginning with the "everyone experiences this" post.

Edit : your technically double posting i think. pop through and read the rules, and you might be able to find out early on and delete before some mod gives you a warning or something.
Yea, so i found a add about a month ago for those, in my guitar world September 2009 Mag (yeah it sounds early but walmart had it.) and i hit up their website and they said they would begin selling to the public again by now (they recently changed it to half way through August or something), so who has tried one of these and does it work as well as they advertise it?
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If they are I hope the person hiding in the bushes with the camera is raped violently. Those kids don't need the media on them their whole life.

i know what you mean. but blanket is a hularious name for a kid LMAO
its feedback... its perfectly normal
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lol noob

or kid who actually has a life, you go to edit than physically remove message, unless you posted it you cant delete it
use some soldering iron. actully no that will run your guitar. but is it acoustic, or electric?
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I didn't know it was that bad.

that makes 66% more
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thanks guys, I know I seem like an idiot for not doing that first. lol

no its cool, pretty mutch every guitarist has done this before. (not all asking on the internet first tho, like i asked a guitar shop dude lol)