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hey all, can you recommend some gear for me (amps, foot pedals, the whole shebang)? I'm gonna try to start a band soon and really don't have a clue as to what to buy

the band will be a cross between Capital Lights ( and Silverstein ( yeah I know unique mix. so basically Post Hardcore Pop. hmm....

I don't want to spend over $1000 at the moment, but yeah I would like some recommendations. I'm sorry if I seem like an idiot but I know nothing about gear except that a practice amp won't cut it.

i really dont like that type of music, but i think you should try out some amps at a nearby shop ( make shure they can be louder than a drum, an average 100 watt combo amp will do.) and try to see if the amp comes with a footswitch that changes from clean to distorted, cause im guessing your gunna want to do that. thats what i would do if i were you, but im not so you can decide for yourself lol
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That's a classical acoustic. The kind you use nylon strings on. No offense, but in it's condition, I wouldn't expect you to get anything for it at a pawn shop, or anywhere else.

+1 it appears like that too me also .
manfred mans earth band. im a more metal guy but blinded by the light is just so epic.
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There are a lot of norms in our society that don't make sense, having "bad words" is one of them.

Words can't be bad, they're just words. Words can only be used to convey ideas, and it's the idea or the context that can be offensive, in which case any word can be used offensively. I think it's mostly the older generations that have it set in there minds since childhood that swear words sound dirty or offensive.

People should check out the video of Frank Zappa on Crossfire back in the 80's, it's a great video, Frank just owns a bunch of morons who want to push censorship of music on the country.

i am watching that right now. you know what your talking about, so i crown you as thread king (or queen), and thread winer lol.
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because there meaning is held, to be used in situations of extreme.

a gentleman does not swear. you sir are a vulgar discombobulation

lol okay mr censorship edit, yes i see sarcasm (if your using it)
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geometric proofs are damn hard

yeah they are
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If they weren't so crass they wouldn't hold much meaning, would they?

??? i dont know what you ment but it seams your not getting the joke?
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For the same reason that the sky is blue.

Light scattering? i dont think so lol

edit... darn it you changed your answer.
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For the same reason that the Earth is round, TS.

Cause of gravitational forces? still dont think so lol.
so in summer school today (yeah i failed geometric proofs so im in for that, laugh it up if you want, or just see how pointless geometric proofs are) so anyways i told a fellow classmate that i wasn't bull****ting her on a question with a ridicules answer, and my teacher got pissed at me, so im wondering why are swear words offensive to people? i find them as everyday words.
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no there no wrting anywhere

lol, it sounds nice for the 2 seconds it stays in tune

it is a classical guitar

are you using nylon strings? cause using normal acoustic strings can ruin it.
it looks like a classical guitar to me not an acoustic
oh cool mascot than.
what the hecks up with the lil yellow guy staring at us on the homepage... its freaking me out mannn.
2 words.... Conch Fritters.
light saber... no jm lightsabers caint look cool like swords can with cool deigns... but if you put bateries in a sword, and made holes in the middle that house led lights... it could look like a sword with that esp with the lights where the fretmarkers are at.
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Mine says dead..

wow, i would neaver imagne one to say dead... ok so Dead, in a coma, alive, and pacemaker.
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Alka Seltzer

did i spell that right?

i think a c instead of a s idk tho.
XD angry old people? or angry birds?
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mine says alive.

oh ok that makes 3 so far, in a coma, alive and pacemaker
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I'm usually a pacemaker. I think its the highest, because I haven't seen it go over 120.

oh ok, so im guessing its just in a coma and pacemaker are the only stages thats a lil funny.
What are the stages of it? (ive always been in a coma.)
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Granted but I steal it.

I wish I had a dollar.

Granted, but its highly flammable and if it even sees the sun it will combust.
I wish i had a waffle right now.
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that's acctually a very good drawing all that it needs is a creepy sounding title

yea it is very good. i dont care what the title is tho. it would work really nice tho, as in i like it a lot. plus you did say it is only a rough copy so it will work i bet.
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When the action is ridiculously high towards the bridge and ridiculously low towards the nut, you need to take off the neck and put something underneath it to raise it in the right way so you get a more even action.

k thanks
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yea pretty much. depending on which direction you consider *forward*

thank you spelling nazi
what is shiming a neck? just tilting it more foreword?
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I bought these for your sarcasm detector...

Edit: Oh sorry missed first part of your post...

Which I see you edited.

lmao thanks i needed that.
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It's because blacks were the ONLY people who were EVER enslaved

Well, unless you were being sarcastic...
no they wernt. hebrews were before. and many whites also during wars. and some greeks and some romans and ect...

EDIT: i see what you posted, and your right they all have lol.
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What do you mean? That every body should have equal opportunity?

well sort of. i mean it should be decided who is rite for college based on score instead of race. bad score, you have less opportunity. if your aisian, black, white, or hispanic it shouldent be any difference.
Edit: i also believe in stereotypical identification. like say your describing a person, and he is clearly a certain race, you can describe people like that. {Eg. Hey who is bobby? "oh hes that mexican dude over their."}
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Some minorities get better advantages to getting in so that colleges/universities look better for having a more diverse poulation. All in all, it's utter garbage. People should be admitted to college based on brains, not the color of their skin. Sorry, but that's actually anti-racist.

Im Puerto Rican and i couldent agree any more .
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Still in the box

dosent look it to me XD
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New Metal... Pop... Altr. Rock, all same **** .

oh ok, well either way they still suck anyways lol
linkin park arent new metal... their like some pop stuff or something. either way they still suck.
well i would say... you have accomplished nothing. (no music or anything in here)
Edit^^ ok now i see that... but im not into that music so i can not rate fairly. so ill just say... good job l l
l l
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I found out this icon and that the llama forum was closed ages ago. I don't really surf the forums except for EG..

And I studied.

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Why not just improve sex education. It is a complete joke in the UK. They teach it at a much too low age group.

this. (im american tho.)
i dont like Communist... and this sounds like a bad idea... but it also sounds like a Communist government would never pass any law like that, or any other type of govt.. would.
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That's all I have at the moment.

win in my opinion
Or you could use D locrean.
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I also think Dm is your best choice. It could be C7 (Bb is lowered 7th) but its definately not in E.

I agree with this guy.
Id say D minor. because your starting with d and it has all of the accidentals of D Minor