people don't want to know how you actually feel from my experience. when people ask you how your day is ect, its usually just formality and they get freaked out if you actually tell them. i used to work as a cashier and i would test this here and there and ive found for me thats the usual outcome. telling people how you feel signals instability which is something most people avoid. being edgy and saying it how it is can be fun now and again though. im pretty unstable though, so take what ive said here with a gain of salt
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And literally derailing trains. R.I.P.

ayy lmao
good to see you have your bases covered
Kensai, dude was a legend at derailing threads.
im triggered
this topic is so boring zzz
^ that dude is so annoying
i think your points are valid. a song is a song, even if its one you aren't used too.
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it was tough, because chopping the intro in half or something sounded weak to me and if i did that using it as a hook instead of chorus it would've had to much dicking around. thats why i went for breaks over another part all together. as for the drums i agree with too much cymbal, but i got lazy. in the end the drums will be changed by my drummer to something far better. if you want to hear a song with better bass lines, check out my track i4. its still on the main page of this forum, just scroll down. this style is hard to render good bass lines without going into pretentious post rock stuff. it has it's pitfalls as a genre, like any, its supposed to be fast and at full throttle all the time. i think most of the problems you may have with the song come with those issues you'd have with any other song in this genre. even thrice had to go into a progressive direction and eventually leave the style behind due to the lack of dynamics. thanks for the critique. ill keep some of it in mind when the vocals are added this month and such.
New Song Idea, will post a recording when i have a chance to record.


A midi version with fake pianos. theres a section where the pianos freak out and make a weird clack sound. Its not a serious version of the song, so my apathy for the issue stops me from fixing it.

sorry double post on mobile/crappy storm internet delete please
sorry double post on mobile/crappy storm internet delete please
So I took some photos of Vero beach post storm. Here's one picture I made of the damage I found driving around at about 4 today.
BladeSlingerits calculated
I'll post pictures of the happenings provided I survive
I'm right in the hurricane's path. Down here visiting my mom... I'm one hour north of west palm beach in a town called vero beach. In 2004 vero got slammed lol. I'm not going to lie I'm a little bit scared. We couldn't evacuate for a number of silly reasons that were out of my control. If I had my own car I would've been long gone by now
does a ghost town need a mayor? by all means though, its all yours dude. you are the most dedicated person left in this forum.
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Hey, maybe Hillary is packing heat! Exercising her 2nd Amendment rights!
her body guards are!
id pay to see ali debate shapiro, that would be hilarious.
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Am I the only one who thinks Trump's Purple Heart comment was funny and not a big deal at all

no, but he's literally hitler so everything he does is evil
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hahahaha yes
yeah the old regulars did like bad music and were tools, ill give you that.
I just use it to organize thoughts. it won't sound 100% like your song, but it will help you see the bigger picture.

a song i posted recently, you can listen to the rough demo of it in my bandcamp link below. i used guitar pro 5 to compose the whole thing in regular midi
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I like it. A solid piece of music. The only thing I really can say is Matt speaks the truth, the song is screaming out for a few rhythmic variances. Especially when that riff on guitar 1 repeats itself in the verse.

With that said, nice dynamic vocals would sort that out a treat. So take what I said with a pinch of ... salt.

I'm feeling salty after that sly pun
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He was talking about technical ability and I was talking about technical proficiency. Was Robert Johnson a great guitarist? Yes. Was he a talented songwriter? Yes. Was he highly technically proficient? No. Are the guys from Killswitch great musicians? Not particularly. Are they talented songwriters? No. Are they highly technically proficient? Not in their recorded music anyway, and metalcore musicians are not known for holding back in terms of their technical ability, even if it is fairly dull. As opposed to many black metal guitarists that are very technically skilled but just don't show it. Are there technically skilled metalcore bands? Sure. Is Killswitch one of them? Not particularly.

I'm not saying that technical skill does or doesn't make your music any better or worse. Someone said that the guys from Killswitch are technically skilled:

And I disagreed with that.

I don't like this band at all, never have, or will I. That said, it's going a bit far to say that they are terrible song writers. They've made it this far if not on their ability to play, put on a good show, be tight, any other level of quality if not for the songs they've written. I don't like their songs, but some people do. It's completely subjective in that regard.
Yeah the new saosin is pretty bad, they had their chance to be awesome. to be fair though, if saosins self titled debut album was the best they could do, i don't blame anthony for leaving in the first place. i don't even want to talk about the following album, only keeping secrets was good. all in all, really only nostalgia gets people out to see saosin w/ green in it. justin left the band too, hes not on the new record, don't know how thats going to work live. not my problem though. that's my opinion take it or leave it.
Calm down Touche Amore
Its definitely decent, I would add some variation to the rhythms you have in some of the parts. Some real moments of brilliance taking Me back to the days of Thursday with the shared guitar duties. More of that would be cool. If you like it as it is, be happy its good. If it were my song id try to expand on the ideas you've created and make the song really pop. Have a good one dude!
ok so it is acoustic, so i understand from a song writing standpoint its hard to really give diversity without vocals. If you have a vocal melody I would add it. if you did that, almost all of my "critiques" would be null and void.

It didn't hold my attention really, but thats not really negative feedback honestly, it's not my style of music. If i get a hold of my brother i'll have him check it out, he likes those bands you mentioned; i'm a hardcore guy inside and out.

musically nothing was off, it all fit correctly. i would do a bit of panning in the track to see how it would all work together in a real recording. it might open up some more ways to present the ideas you have for the track. possibly hand off some the melodies from guitar to a piano(rhodes , grand, ect..) to spice it up and give it a different feel.

take it easy dude.
glad to hear it lol, didnt know they died
posting this for fun. check it out.

edit: Recorded it. it's not perfect, don't really care.
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If Trump wasn't a buffoonish asshole with no foreign policy knowledge and idiotic immigration views, I would probably support him. He is the least conservative Republican the GOP has nominated since at least Nixon.

Nominating Cruz would have been much worse.

what is wrong with his views on that? his intentions are for the best of the country, and a smart person is flexible. he feels strongly about "radical" moves in those areas, but he's never stated he can't be reasoned with. what is "idiotic" about that?
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I think it translates to "thief" or "sloppy"

clam down please, this is a family friendly forum.
literally disgusting, you should feel bad
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No, Republican budget cuts to the State Department did. Interesting how they never mention that.

yeah just shift the blame, it's easier that way. what's accountability even worth anyways?
movies lack substance, i like a good 25 episode series.
if you loved USA 2016, you'll love NAU 2020. just vote clinton and she'll take care of the rest.